Wick, Diane (9/9)

Diane H. Wick
Huntsville, AL   USA

Statement: I was so moved by the positive response of the people attending the exhibits and the enthusiasm of the AAQI volunteers there that I decided that I would like to participate in the $1000 promise. I have decided that this year I will do all I can to support AAQI: I have rented 2 tops for the next exhibit and am collecting names for them, have completed 2 quilts which have sold, and now intend to make several more so that I can send them in as well.

My mother and my sister both died with Alzheimers. There is so little we can do health-wise to avoid it, but there IS something we can do to help promote the search for a cure and better understanding. Thank you for providing this opportunity.

Total raised so far: $640.67