VQA-31 Sixteen Patch with Triple Sashing

VQA-31  Sixteen Patch with Triple Sashing
75" x 64"
This quilt is SO soft. It's easy on the eyes and invites a snuggle. It is in very good condition although there are places here and there where the hand quilting has come out. There are a few small seam splits that could easily be repaired. The binding is in good shape for the age of the quilt.

Perhaps the light pink patches started out white, but then the darker pink fabric bled. (The fabric on the back looks darker pink under the quilting.) The blue may have bled in some areas of the border also. Regardless, this is an appealing quilt. The design is strong, the piecing is good, and it is nicely quilted throughout.

This is a quilt you just want to hug.

This quilt earned $125 for the AAQI.

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