VQA-03 Colonial Ladies

VQA-03 Colonial Ladies
79" x 77"
The applique girls and their umbrellas are quite nice and in good condition with a little hole here and there. The sashing strips are a little odd in many don't visually reach all the way to the corners of the blocks. Still, the quilting lines and high contrast makes the center of the quilt quite charming.

Things fall apart in the border, literally perhaps. The border is an uneven mishmash of widths and lengths, a crooked smile in fabric. Scantily quilted it has not aged well. There are numerous lumps and bumps along the entire edge of the quilt from batting that has pulled apart and shifted. The quilt is badly frayed at the edges.

Save this quilt from itself. Rescue the girls. Give the quilt a "border-ectomy" and reclaim the border fabric to give it your own personal finishing touch.

This quilt earned $75 for the AAQI.