Barb Vlack

Vlack, Barb
Barb Vlack (St. Charles, IL)

Barb Vlack has a graduate degree in speech pathology. "I did what the guy in the “King’s Speech” did for the king."

She retired from speech pathology after the birth of her children when the introduction of computers to design quilts became a fascinating part of her family life. She eventually turned a passion for quiltmaking into a second career.

Barb is internationally known for her work with The Electric Quilt Company through the Internet and her travels, and was invited to do a three-week teaching tour in Japan in 1999. Patchwork Quilt Tsushin, one of the major quilting magazines of Japan, published her column about quilt designing and the computer in 1998-1999.

Barb has written three books for The Electric Quilt Company to supplement their manuals: Too Much Fun (1997), EQ4 Magic (1999), and EQ6 Quilt Design (2003).
Barbara Vlack