Trinity Valley Quilters Guild (Fort Worth, TX)

Trinity Valley Quilters Guild (Fort Worth, TX)
Our Trinity Valley Quilters Guild here in Fort Worth, TX has accepted the challenge to make Priority Alzheimer's Quilts to exhibit at our annual guild show in September, 2008. This is our Challenge to the membership. After our show, we'll donate these to the AAQI for to be auctioned or sold to make others aware of Alzheimer's and to help find a cure.

I'm the chairperson for this project and we announced it to the guild last month. (January 2008) I received seven small quilts at our monthly meeting today. Our goal is for each and every guild member to make at least one Priority: Alzheimer's Quilt. Our membership is more than 300 quilters.

Our theme is "For the Love of Quilting."

Best Regards,
Mary Kirwin