Stringtown Quilters (Florence, KY)

Stringtown Quilters (Florence, KY)
In April 2006, the Stringtown Quilters of Florence, KY voted to participate in the Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts project naming Neda Wilmhoff as their chairperson. They have about 70 members from all over the Northern Kentucky and Indiana and have done many community projects over the years.

Neda says, "I became in charge of the project, cheering the group on, and trying to get them to pay attention to the rules."

When the quilts were completed and turned in they were hung on a clothesline for all the members to admire. Viewer's Choice awards were given to (left to right in photo above) Linda Whittenburg, 1st place; Rose Blakely, 3rd place; Susan Ward, 2nd place; and Cathy Schmitz, 4th place.

The First Pace Winner was given a picnic basket with pie fabric, Beebe's note cards, mini quilt kit, batting and other goodies. The other winners got some really nice sewing boxes with fabric, and various notions, note cards, etc. Everyone was very happy with all the goodies. (No doubt!)

Eighteen quilters participated making a total of 31 quilts! Three people made three quilts each: Deanna Balderson, Jane Taylor, and Susan Ward.

To help raise awareness locally, six of the Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts with an enlargement of the AAQI logo, web address and explanation of the project were placed on display at St. Luke Hospital in Florence, KY. Much positive feedback was received.

"Many of the quiltmakers made the comment that they really enjoyed the challenge of working on the Priority Quilts," said Neda. "I still have some quilt ideas I want to make and will continue to mention that Priority Quilts and the fundraising is an ongoing need and I will have some priority envelopes ready and waiting."