Elaine K. Stone-Arthur

Stone-Arthur, Elaine K.
Elaine K. Stone-Arthur (Alexandria, VA)

Elaine is an art quilter. She has been quilting since the day in 1992, shortly after moving to Ohio, when she entered the cross stitch/quilt shop in Fairborn, Ohio and saw a Santa Claus quilt on the wall and fell in love with it —so much so that she bought the book, Snowbound, by Red Wagon. The problem, she discovered in her hotel room, was that the pattern was written in Greek, well “quilting.” As a result, Elaine took several classes, to learn the language of “quilting.”

Elaine won an honorable mention for "Floating," a quilt she designed in Electric Quilt (EQ) and made for "Do You EQ?" The contest was sponsored by Quilter's Newsletter and Electric Quilt. Her quilt was displayed at the International Quilt Festivals in both Houston and Chicago. Elaine was a participant in the 2007 Journal Quilt Project which was exhibited at the 2007 International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX. In addition, Elaine has had quilts displayed at quilt shows Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Costa Rica.

The quilt Elaine donated to the Priority: Alzheimer's Quilt project began as a stay at home challenge to make Alzheimer’s quilts while others were at the 2008 Houston Quilt Show.

Elaine loves to design quilts in EQ and mostly hand piece, and while she machine quilts small art pieces herself, she has her larger quilts, quilted by a longarmer. She likes to make art quilts and is always taking photographs that she might be able to turn into a quilt.