Stewart, Daphne (43/43)

Daphne Stewart
Sunnyside, WA   USA

Statement: Having read quite a few $1,000 pledge statements, I come to the conclusion that my pledge motive is the most selfish of them all. I make small auction quilts just for the fun of it.

All my adult life, I have been a volunteer. Whether it was transcribing or teaching Braille, working in the computer lab at our local school, knitting baby booties for the hospital - whatever! I have only done what was interesting to me and fun to do. The whole process of making quilts for the Alzheimer's auction - designing, drafting, sewing, quilting, even registering them - is near the top of the list for 'enjoyable' for me. There is quite a bit of satisfaction in it, too.

Our family has not had anyone diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I give thanks for that. My heart goes out to those who are watching a loved one fade away. I pray for blessings on them and for all the caregivers involved.

Total raised so far: $2,179.48