Sefton, Julie

Sefton, Julie
Julie Sefton (Bartlett, TN)

Julie is a legal assistant as well as a passionate quilter. She has actively been making quilts since 2004, Julieís quilts have won local/regional awards: two were semifinalists at AQS Nashville 2008, and two are included in Tonya Ricucciís book, (December 2010).

Inspiration for Julieís work comes from nature, life in general, and her motherís Alzheimer's journey. Julieís "signature style" features joyfully scrappy, liberated, eclectic, and often original designs with words and bright colors. She is an active blogger.

Julie is a wife (35 years and counting) and the mother of two adult sons and an amazing daughter-in-law.
Julie Sefton