Carter, Denise Rhea (41/43)

Denise Rhea Carter
Gloucester,VA   USA

Statement: Ami visited our guild, River Country Quilters of Gloucester, Virginia, and after sharing her wonderful quilts, talked about Alzheimer's. At the same time my daughter started her first job as an RN in a convalescent center and one of her first patients was the mom of one of my high school friends. She suffered from Alzheimer’s and within the month was gone. Since then I have heard stories from so many about this horrible disease.

I love to quilt, I love to experiment and I love to try new techniques. Priority Quilts give me the platform to do what I love and the potential to help people, something else I love! While working on a Priority Quilt at a retreat, my friend Sherry Whitford, issued a challenge “I’m going to do the $1,000 challenge and you should too.” I agreed. Let’s find the answer and end Alzheimer’s.

Total raised so far: $1,930.58