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Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece

These are comments from people who saw the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative's first traveling quilt exhibit about Alzheimer's called "Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece."

Shelburne Museum
Shelburne, VT
May-October, 2010

An amazing exhibit by and for the courageous people in our world.
I hope I never forget how this exhibit made me feel.
I want to thank everyone for making these beautiful quilts and sharing their stories. I care for my grandmother who has Alzheimer's. Some days I feel so alone and angry, so it is nice to know my family and I aren't alone.
This exhibit helped me to understand Alzheimer's like no newspaper article or textbook article could. I'm also reminded of how the arts are so integral and necessary in our lives. Thank you to those who have shared their experiences through this medium.
This is such a touching and meaningful exhibit -- using beauty and creativity to express the deep emotions Alzheimer's brings forth in family and friends.
I am here with my 86-year-old mom and this exhibit inspires me to make the most of our time together and talk about the old days more. And have fun with her.
It’s therapeutic to share these experiences. Talking, expressing and sharing stories helps humans cope. Thank you to all the quilters for sharing their stories with us in this profoundly creative way.
So much loss and heartache and healing and stitching together are here in this exhibit. Thank you for it. My mom has Alzheimer’s.
A magnificent exhibit—so very moving! There is a common thread I relate to both in my professional (RN) and personal life—mother, bro-in-law—Thank you!
I was deeply touched by the quilt exhibit. The writings accompanying the quilts were quite meaningful. Caring for my mother who suffered from memory loss was challenging. This exhibit is a gift to all of us to help understand this illness.
My Mom has Alzheimer’s and I find that facing the realities of it are often easy to push aside with the “help” of daily obligations. Thank you all for helping me to open up more (and even smile a little) to the changes this disease brings—through your beautiful art.
Beautiful exhibit. Thank you. It has touched our family – my mother-in-law who was always so intelligent. My husband lives with the fear that he will be a victim one day.
This show made me realize how tenuous memory is and how intrinsic it is to our identity. It made me realize how important it is to leave something behind for people you love.
It’s really hard to be a caregiver. I’ve been doing it for 6 yrs. The quilt of the bleeding heart really touched my soul and made me cry. God Bless Caregivers and those who are suffering.
I lost my Mom to Alzheimer’s in March of this year. The quilt with the pictures of the same woman fading away more in each square was the one I most closely identified with. When my mom finally died, I was sad, but I really lost her years before. Thanks for this wonderful exhibit. It helped.
Beautiful idea! I am young, only 13 years old and I come from Italy (so forgive my mistakes) and I love traveling, looking at picture, drawings, films, photos…. And what is life worth if we do not remember it? All the experience, and hopes, emotions, places and faces disappear with Alzheimer, what is left? Is it a thought or a memory of a distant memory? Is there a peace without any memory of your life or a troubled Black Hole? We have to make every moment count and do not think too much at the future because you never know when it will all disappear.

What a beautiful way to express the sadness and loss of Alzheimer’s – I lost my mother to it over 20 years ago and will always miss her.

Trilogy at Vistancia
Peoria, AZ
January 8-10, 2010

Excellent — very moving, touching and such beautiful art and craft work.

Thank you! This exhibit has blessed my spirit. I am thankful to God for allowing me to visit, pray, and reflect on this dreadful disease.
Roz Mason

I really did love the quilt showing and I am glad for being a part of it and my group. Thank you.
Kathy McMillan

Lovely, touching, obviously by folks who have “been there”.
Evon Laubenstein

This was such a very good show. Something that I would like to attend on a more regular basis.

Thank God for patient care givers. God did not tell us that we would understand His decisions. He has given us a charge to help Alzheimer’s patients. I have a renewed commitment to give what I can. Quilts were a story of love.

Really enjoyed the exhibit. What creativity and emotion! Thank you!

Every quilt depicted each story of a person who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Beautifully crafted and very honorably for their loved one.

Absolutely wonderful! Thank you. As I moved through the exhibit I grew sadder and sadder, yet lifted by the love shown by the quilters.
Mary Lou W.
Cincinnati, OH
This is a good thing! I hope it makes those who could create a cure try harder.

Trilogy at Vistancia
Peoria, AZ
January 8-10, 2010

Excellent! Thank you.

Wonderful. Truly enjoyed the display.


Thank you! The exhibit was heart wrenching yet heart warming. Having lost three to this horrible disease, it is my worst fear as well. The feelings were so vividly displayed in each piece.
Linda Davis
Phoenix, AZ
Absolutely wonderful. Several stories brought tears. I feel for all who suffer. This is a wonderful display in tribute to those who suffer.

Beautiful and inspiring, as well as humorous comments about people’s loved ones.

Just great and so true. Relived many days spent with my father as he struggled with Alzheimer’s and prayed for help before it strikes again.

It was a most remarkable trip through life and what can be our future — thank you!

This was an amazing display and very touching — thank you!

I read every one and could identify with many of the stories.

Such an amazing display of emotion — the artistry of the quilters is spectacular!

Felician Village
Manitowoc, WI
November 13-14, 2009

The exhibit was comforting as well as emotional. I have lost my mother, three aunts and two sisters currently have this disease. It has helped to see how others have coped with the long goodbye.
Nancy Just

I think this helped the quilters work through their grief.
Ruth M. Sicker
Manitowoc, WI
Very beautiful.
Cecilia Mourer

Helped to understand better. Thank you —
C. Laurent
Two Rivers, WI
Very moving.
Judy Ranh

This show was very hard to see. It was so hard because it makes it so real. I am not sure if it makes it easier or harder to know that so many other families are going through the same thing we are. I don’t like to think about what is coming, but I know my time with my dad is short or already gone. I just wish I could make it better for my mom.
Angela Sindelar
Manitowoc, WI
Beautiful exhibit. Wish it was here longer.

Very nice show. Great meaningful interpretations. Sad but wonderful.

Fantastic show. Wonderful talent, ideas and quilting. So much thought put into each quilt.

The quilt display was beautiful and the reasons for their design were so moving. It was very meaningful to me as I identified with so many of their concerns and experiences.
Phyllis Bremer
Manitowoc, WI
The quilt show was enjoyable and very well thought out. It is amazing how each person quilted their experience.
Lois Struck

Thanks to the people who used their talent to explain the progression of Alzheimer’s.
Audrey Laurent
Two Rivers, WI
Thank you for bringing more awareness of this dreadful disease. We are in the midst of the battle and feel the pain of others. Thanks, it was beautifully done.
Lin VanKoevering

Moravian Manor
Lititz, PA
October 29-31, 2009

I enjoyed the many ideas shared by the different families who have felt the pain, loss and work load of care to their loved ones.
Ruth S. Martin
Lititz, PA
Very interesting and true.
Wanda Martin
Lititz, PA
What a beautiful, emotional exhibit. Very touching and telling. Sad stories. Very expressive!
Ethel Keller
Lititz, PA
Beautiful, moving and informative. Incredible love and insight expressed with awesome imagination and skill. Helps one understand the struggles.
Nancy Tichenor
Philadelphia, PA
It’s hard to comprehend the back story of each quilt — so much sorrow and love exhibited. A wonderful display of art and love.

It was interesting to read the depth of feeling toward the family member afflicted that was transferred to the marvelous quilts.

There are no words that I can say — amazing work.

Wonderful pieces of work that just says everything, the feelings, thoughts and confusion of life to come.

The exhibit is a great interpretation of Alzheimer’s disease. The imagination, creativity and the intricate work is beyond words.
Jeanette Cooper
Lititz, PA
Though each person faced similar challenges, the variety and creativity is amazing, moving and educational. A wonderful exhibit!

Wow — so inspiring — lots to think about.
Nancy Spencer
Lititz, PA
Beautiful but sad. A beautiful memorial to a loved one.
Jack Bonham
Lititz, PA
Very moving and touching. Working with people who have Alzheimer’s I thought I knew pretty much about the disease. After looking at the exhibit I realize I know very little.

A very moving journey through the exhibit and through the lives and loves of many people.
Tom and Emily Nicholas
Lititz, PA
A very moving experience! Not only the quilts but the explanations are beautifully done.
Jane Gray Smith

A new dimension — remarkable! I was impressed.
Matthew M. Shook, Jr.

The quilts were awe-inspiring and gave a good feeling of plight of patients and love of caregivers.

Thank you for this exhibit. Not only is it beautiful to look at the skills, but it brings to our awareness of the disease. Also, we can now appreciate the work and time of the caregiver.

Quilts are fascinating and creative. Thank you.

It was a privilege to view the quilts in this exhibit. The stories are so poignant — particularly since we have had Alzheimer’s sufferers in our family. Thank you!

The power of these images is that it captures the feelings and experiences we have in dealing with our loved ones. This work is a healing part of our grieving for those we love who are going into the darkness of Alzheimer’s.
Velma Magill

The time and effort you took to share your thoughts on this terrible disease was heartwarming.

This display is beautiful! The feelings of the designer comes through clearly. Though not having close contact with Alzheimer’s, I understand their hurts. Though not having close contact with Alzheimer’s, I understand their hurts. Great job with the quilts.

I am overwhelmed with sadness even though many images are beautiful. My Dad has dementia and as difficult as it is watching him decline, after reading these stories, I am grateful for my Dad’s abilities and condition.

This display is very interesting. I appreciated all the artwork that depicted so well the journey as a caregiver of someone with dementia. The stories and care tips were helpful for all caregivers.
Mount Joy, PA
As a nurse who has worked with Alzheimer’s residents, I see so many of my dear residents in your quilts. I thank you for sharing your stories, your joys and your pain. You are touching so many people with your art. God bless you all!

An outstanding and inspirational exhibition. Thank you for bringing this to Moravian Manor.
Harriett K Shuman

Wow! Beautifully written stories!

Very impressive and moving.
Herb and Sevel Myers

Made me cry! So many ways to express the emotions of this disease!

Appreciated all the interpretations of dear parents and friends — absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for your many hours of love.
Helen Beaker
Lititz, PA
Having lived through dementia with four family members, the stories are so familiar. I pray for a cure so others don’t have to go through this dreadful disease.
Jennifer Funck
Petersburg, PA
Outstanding in the artistic communication and the written communication. An excellent variety of well-known quilters and ordinary? (hardly) quilters.

I’ve never seen such remarkable quilts. Every minute spent seeing them was very worthwhile. Just beautiful!!
Marion R. Weaver
Lititz, PA
We loved each and every one of the quilts. Very heartfelt.
Betty and son David Marcorelle
Lititz, PA
Wow! The quilts are amazing and the stories that go with each quilt really illuminate the tragic background of the progression of Alzheimer’s. God bless the quilters and those they left behind.

Amazing quilts and stories. It affected me immensely! I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Linda Harvey
Dandisville, PA
Witnessing my mother’s decline and descent into Alzheimer’s made me appreciate the beautiful quilts, especially the “Ballerina”.
Kathy Myers

My neighbor suffered from Alzheimer’s and was such a lovely lady despite her illness. I hope there is a cure soon.

Thought provoking and impressive by virtue of their creativity. Some go into your mind and make one think of his/her future!!!

Susquehanna Valley Chorale
Lewisburg, PA
October 2-4, 2009

The stories are powerful, yet painful. They bring my Mother back home. She would look out the window at the center and see red geraniums and think they were a dead Hereford calf on our farm.
Barbara Allison
Winfield, PA
Sad, the stories are so sad. The families and lives fractured and lost. Seeing these beautiful, creative, inspired quilts brings back memories of when my mother-in-law lived with us and her “dementia” … a similar tale to those told here.
Barbara Woodson
Lewisburg, PA
Beautiful, well-spoken, heartfelt. Thank you.
Chris Stratton

I read every story, and loved how the artists represented their stories visually in the quilts. I cried and laughed, and even felt a bit of the pain. Thank you for sharing your lives and the lives of your loved ones.

Having lost my mother Christmas Day 2008, this exhibit has provided an opportunity for me to continue the grieving process and indirectly share the sadness that dementia/Alzheimer’s bring to families. The artists have shared their sadness and grief but also stitched a great deal of hope into their work. Thank you.
Patricia Bucher
Lewisburg, PA
What a great way to express some of the emotional aspects associated with Alzheimer’s Disease. Even though my dad has been gone for 20 years, tears still come. Thanks for this effort.
Deb Chubb
Sunbury, PA
I am fortunate that no one in my family has been touched by this terrible disease. The exhibit has me crying. It’s a disease that everyone is terrified of. The quilts were beautiful and heart breaking.
Leanna Winters

I just lost my mom last month and reading this exhibit is so hard for me. I did not think I could have gotten through this. But when I got to Ami Simms I laughed so hard it helped me get through this. What a wonderful show. Keep it circulating through the US.
Kim Hunter
Jersey Shore, PA
This was a very powerful display. It brought the emotional side of Alzheimer’s to light and how it affects everyone. Thank you for a fantastic show.
Patty Winters
Williamsport, PA
What an amazing display to bring us awareness. Having lost my mom this year, it was hard to get through. Through much sadness, memories give great joy.
Chris Marchese
Williamsport, PA
The anguish these quilts represent is palpable. I had tears in my eyes more than once as I walked through the display.
Jusi Jessick
Shamukin Dam, PA

Upper Cumberland Quilt Festival
Algood, TN
September 17-19, 2009

I was the site coordinator for 8 hours. During that time, I had five different women have to sit down at a chair we provided. They could not finish reading the stories. One woman came by who was sobbing. I gave her Kleenex and a big hug. At least half the folks who came by commented on the beauty of the quilts and the sadness they felt. I heard some laughing when they read the story about Ami’s Mom, the humorous part. We sold many books because the persons could not bear to read the stories there.
Barbara Tolleson
Cookeville, TN
We had positive comments about the Alzheimer’s exhibit from almost everyone who came through the exhibit. Many people became very emotional when viewing the quilts. I have been an Alzheimer’s support group facilitator for more than 23 years, and it was evident to me that each quilter had real experience with the pain of Alzheimer’s disease. I tried each day to view all the quilts and emotion overcame me each time. I finally was able to see all the quilts several times, and I purchased the book to read the stories. The quality of the craftsmanship was excellent, and the sensitivity of the quilters was touching and refreshing. I felt that most people who came to the festival came with a purpose to see the Forgetting Piece by Piece exhibit. I know that others felt as I did that I could have spent hours looking at that one exhibit.
Melinda Bilbrey

All I can say is wow … I was so touched by the stories of each quilt, and how they gave us another glimpse into the lives of families that suffer from this disease. During the quilt festival I saw several different types of emotions. People would be brought to tears, moments of silence, some had questions, and some did not say a word. These emotions are the same ones that caregivers have while taking care of their loved ones. So many people said thank you to the volunteers and the association for offering something this special to them.

Mountain Top Quilters
Prescott, AZ
August 13-16, 2009

Very Powerful.
Joan Ryan (Adult Care Service)

This is a beautiful, heart-wrenching show — one I wish my niece in Iowa could see.

Fabulous display! Such creative expression for similar experiences. Also very cathartic.

Very touching — a great display of quilts and the thought they perceive to the creator.

A very emotional and thought-provoking exhibit.

Beautiful and so real. Thanks to all the artists.

Each quilt is so uniquely artistic! I was overwhelmed.

Sad and comforting at the same time. Memories …

Bless you all for all you have done —

A very moving exhibit. It made me realize that I must (and will) return to my volunteer project for hospice.

Exquisite words and poignant from those who know well the ravages of the disease. But from calamity also comes beauty!

Very moving and meaningful. Amazing depth of emotion expressed through the quilts. I believe that art will save the world.

How the quilts progress, from 1 to 52 is very well done.

The educational aspect of the signs taught me so much about this disease.

It brings back so many memories of my dad.

My Mom died of Alzheimer’s. I thought I was through crying. I have so much more crying to do.

This exhibit is one of the most touching experiences I’ve ever felt. It should be on everyone’s bucket list.

‘What if I forget I loved you?’ struck my soul. This would be my deepest fear.

The show brought back memories of my mom’s Alzheimer’s humor.

It takes courage to see this show.

Maine Quilts
Augusta, ME
July 24-26, 2009

A million thank-yous for tonight's talk. When I walked through the quilts this a.m. I could not help from crying. Seeing explanations were a great help when I could read them through my tears. Thank you for the tissue.
Wiscasset, ME
"Jackie’s Chocolate Quilt” — it’s amazing and made me cry!
A wonderful, much needed show. My father had Alzheimer’s and the secret is to keep a sense of humor and play along with their mind. It can be frustrating but it does work.
Pat Doane
The quilts are all so incredibly powerful! Many reminded me of my mother’s final years and the memories deeply moved me.
My mother-in-law was the most accomplished person I have ever known. She could “do it” all and very well. This is year six of her dementia and she can no longer feed herself. My father-in-law sits and holds her hand as he mourns the loss of his wife. This exhibit says it all. Thank you.

Very heart moving! Strange to look at a quilt and cry. Hope to find a cure!
Elizabeth Ralston
North Adams, MA
Stunning and moving — many thanks.

An inspiring exhibit for caregivers. A loving tribute to all with Alzheimer’s — amazing stories.
It’s very moving.
Sandra Young
Albion, ME
This is a moving exhibit — I had not been aware how many people in a single family might be victims of Alzheimer’s … the craftsmanship and art shown is a marvelous tribute to the patients and caregivers.
Amazing! There are no words.

Very moving exhibit! It has helped me realize how devastating Alzheimer’s is. We must work toward a cure.
Don Sibley
Gorham, ME
Beautiful exhibit! Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease. Research is the answer to work toward a cure. My sister has Alzheimer’s and is in a nursing home because of it.
This is a wonderful exhibit. The beauty of the quilts contrasts so strongly with the sadness of the stories. My heart goes out to all of you!
I was moved to tears. Thank you.
As a hospice volunteer I was very touched by this exhibit. Thank you so very much for sharing it with the community.
Unbelievable emotions depicted in these quilts …
Mary Ann F
Manchester, ME
They made me cry. I couldn’t read any more of the stories. Thank you.
H. Bradford Bath, ME
This was such a beautiful memoir of the parents and friends shared by the quilters. It was very sad for me and I shed tears, thinking of my aunt who had to finally give in to this disease! Thanks for sharing your memories.
This is an amazing sharing of the pain of the disease and love that transcends. There is so far to go to fight this unspeakable thief.
This was very impressive — good work, Ami!
This show gives a beautiful and terrifying glimpse into the suffering of the loved one/caregivers as the person with Alzheimer’s gradually becomes lost. I am seeing my daughter-in-law now going through this experience with her mother.
Very nice, very caring letters which helped the quilts inspire the ones who made them.
Mae Ellis-Crain
Bandon, OR
Thank you for bringing my Mom’s memory back to me.
M Hellma
I volunteered at the exhibit for three shifts — I cried the third, fourth, fifth time I read some of the same statements — so true, sorrowful, beautiful, honest. The skill, imagination and caring of the artists for their friends and family members is amazing.
The quilts and messages were wonderful.

Thank you for this amazing exhibit — for sharing your private lives, your laughter and your tears in a beautiful, memorable way. It was an honor to view the exhibit in person.
Suanne Singer
Farmingdale, ME
Not a dry eye around. Especially loved the red caregiver quilt. My mom passed about seven years ago. Now I remember more of the good than her illness.
Memories of my mother-in-law “Toni Miriam Doble Cary” who died of Alzheimer’s last year.
These quilts moved me as no previous show has ever moved me — I think we all think about dying — but the fear of a living death — of the thought, “What if I can’t remember I loved you?” is beyond that.
Lynn Wasilewski
Topsham, ME
I really enjoyed the display. I have a husband that is midrange. I have to laugh at some of the same situations I have already been through.
This is wonderful — seen before, have book. Very inspirational.

Very powerful — and emotional.
This exhibit is extremely difficult to see. My wife was diagnosed last year with early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The many quilts all touch a raw nerve in me, and I know many in my wife. It is a very difficult, confusing time for our family. I guess it does help to see so many representations of what Alzheimer’s disease is. So many cause me to tear up. Thanks, though.
Mike Morcom
Orono, ME
My mom is starting down this road and it is becoming increasingly difficult for her, but also for me and my sister who are watching a woman once described as a “pistol” become someone we don’t know — dependent and fearful. Sometimes I wish it could just end for her …
Very moving and thought provoking. Thanks for having tissues.
Wonderful quilts and stories.
Maine people are such a pleasant bunch. You’ve made us feel so welcome! Thank you.
Rhode Island
Very moving. So personal. Thank you for sharing.
Donna P Johnson
This was quite an exhibit! The stories and the art were moving!
Karin Draper
Touching sentiments, beautiful work. Second time seeing (here and before in Vermont Quilt Festival). Bought book.
The quilts make me cry.
Wonderful! So emotional!
Heartrending. Excellent exhibit.
Wonderful exhibit.
Amazing quilts — very touching. Evelyn Charles
Rome, ME
Amazing quilts. It touched my heart to see this display, and could almost feel their pain.
Brilliant — moving. Draws to our attention that quilting is more than an art but is a passion and an integral part of the quilters’ lives. The stories rival the art for expression and beauty. This is the most powerful exhibit of quilts I have ever seen in my life. I saw it in Vermont in ’08 and cried all the way through.
Totally glad I saw your quilts. My parents are gone. It was heart wrenching. Thank you.
Pam Marlin
Brewer, ME
This was very hard to look at but I’m so glad you are doing this. Thank you.
Pam Nourse Abbot, ME
The quilts are breathtaking. Thank you.
Donna Smith
Hermon, ME
Thanks for bringing exhibit. Very moving and I realize how far we’ve come and still to go.
The exhibit was more than touching it was so on track. I was a caregiver of an Alzheimer’s patient and it tore me to pieces to watch her go to pieces day by day. I pray for a cure beyond anything else.
Thank you! This is an amazing display of thoughts, feelings. Some made me very sad. I lost my mom 25 years ago and I still miss her. Some made me happy to see how folks had remembered.
Jan Tardiff
Topsham, ME
"A Porsche Problem” — thank you for a touching funny reminder of those days with dementia —
I had to stop reading the stories — they were so heartfelt. I only hope it never happens …
These quilts are so touching! They make me cry.
June Burtt
Hermon, ME
Wonderful!! Very moving exhibit.
Very moving.
Helps with the people in my life.
The Alzheimer’s exhibit aisles are busier than most other aisles — how significant!
Ruth Slaydea
Maine and North Carolina
It gave me chills! An important topic that, although painful, needs to be “out there” for all to see.
Speechless, moving, emotional.
Thank you. They represent the heartache of all that suffer the loss of a loved one
Awesome — most amazing stories. It made me hug my mom today.
As the daughter of an aging mother and a nurse at a nursing home, this exhibit brought me to tears! Thank you.
Having lost four family members to Alzheimer’s, this exhibit brings back all the emotions we experienced watching them fade and pass. Very insightful quilting.
This is it — the pain of losing someone we love. So moving! Thank you for saying this for us.
The quilt exhibit is wonderful! So pleased you have the book and the CD available.
Janice Osgood
Orono, ME
Such beauty and so much sadness. Thank you, artists, for making this so real.
JoAnn Haslan
The quilts are so beautiful!
Pauline Hahn
The quilts are great.
Marlene Brooks
This blew me away! What a way to note the struggle of caring for a once vital parent/grandparent.
Candy Nagle
Millburg, MA
What amazing designs!
Merrilee and Lucy Ericson
Yarmouth, ME
Thank you for understanding — it’s so hard to explain to someone who has not seen it firsthand.

These quilts and stories were so moving. The creativity was amazing.
I have cared for many with Alzheimer’s and have witnessed the impact of the losses during the various stages and the grief involved. The exhibit bears witness well.
Brunswick, ME
I am touched beyond words, having tried to help my father in his last years as he became increasingly confused, although (thankfully) never to the point where we could no longer communicate. Thank you.
What an amazing exhibit! Thank you so much for sharing your memories and the paths that you have traveled. Bless you all.
Awesome exhibit. Mom passed away from the disease and this brings back so many memories it brings tears to my eyes.
This touched my heart. I wish there were more people involved.
Roseann Ricketra
Very moving display. Love it.
Carol Page
Ripley, ME
Touching — I could have cried. Loved it.
Very heartfelt. This disease touches many lives. Let’s hope we find a cure. The quilts speak for all Alzheimer’s patients.
Wonderful quilt exhibit. Alzheimer’s affects all of us, in some way, at some time. “There but for the grace of God go I.”
Faith Hall
Denmark, ME/Port Charlotte, FL
A wonderful exhibit! Let us not forget the wonderful part of their lives even though the years of disease are so hard!
It was very painful, very moving.
Martha Bate
Wayne, ME
It was an amazing exhibit.
I am so touched. My mother is living with Alzheimer’s now — at the edge of not knowing us. I will share the CD and book with my Alzheimer’s support group, my sisters, my children, and the hospice workers with whom I work.
Linda Hopkins
Yarmouth, ME
When I first saw this exhibit at Vermont Quilt Festival, I was so moved. To cry at a quilt show, but I wasn’t the only one. The stories are so moving. Now to have it in Maine. Thank you, Ami, for all you’ve done.

It’s really terribly sad when you see sweet, little, old ladies trying to beat each other up.
M Gagliardi
Oakland, ME
Thank you for wonderful insight into a frightening disease.
A very touching exhibit. Thanks for putting it together.
Cathy Marsh
Kittery, ME
Touches the heart —

Very moving.

I noticed that people were moving through the exhibit very quietly. The quilts truly touched the hearts of everyone.

“Dear Diary” by Kathy Konsier … “Confusion” by Elsie Campbell … “Nevelyn” by Linda Huff … “Underlying Current” by Ami Simms … This is the one that spoke to me most, yet all three others, along with this one gave me a “sense,” which is the first step to understanding. These four captured in picture and a tactile sense the agony these families face. Thank you for making this display possible.
Jeanne Wright
Windham, ME
The exhibit is so emotional as I have or have had so many friends are so afflicted. More power to those having to deal with it.
This exhibit leaves me speechless. Such a gift to everyone.

Stunning! A terrific wake-up call and inspiration. Thank you. The quotations, especially, are memorable — and heart-breaking.
Janet Alexander
Portland, ME
Beautiful exhibit — poignant and oh so true!
I really liked the quilt “A story of a man and his family” —
Kaci Manderson
I really liked the quilt “Dear Diary”.
Sharon Tanton
This exhibit was very emotional for me because my mom is in a nursing home now and slowly deteriorating with Alzheimer’s … a terrible disease.
A beautiful exhibit, but disturbing and emotional since I am beginning to deal with a mother in early stages. Many pieces of the puzzle are missing …

Good Shepherd United Methodist Church of the North
Roscommon, MI
June 26-July 2, 2009

Beautiful quilting techniques. I was given the book and loved seeing the quilts for real!
Lois Dunn
Roscommon, MI
Enjoyed entire exhibit —
Fred Baltershell
Roscommon, MI
Beautiful quilts! The exhibit was so meaningful —
Carol Silverman
Roscommon, MI
This was a tremendous presentation of this disease. Thank you for everything I’ve learned through all the exhibits. God must be blessing you tremendously for helping all of us.

It hurts so much, but must be known. It was important to see this wonderful exhibit.

This is a great display. Thank you.

Very impressive and thought provoking.

Very nice. Helpful to know more.

My heart, mind, and being are touched by the articulateness of these devoted artists. Research — get busy!
Virginia Britton
Farmington Hills, MI
In 2002 my mother Sibyl Walton died after a 10 year struggle with Alzheimer’s. She was a quilter, too. I can finally mourn and remember the dear, caring mother she was.
Cheryl Code

Very touching and emotional display. Thank you for this opportunity.
Carolyn Balard

Beautiful display.

Beautiful, interesting, and educational.


The quilts are all beautiful and very touching.

Quilts illustrate the intense frustration of both victim and caregivers and family. Exhibit is a marvelous tribute to those victimized by a truly vicious, wicked disease.
Annette and George Crukovich
Prudenville, MI
Enjoyed the creative exhibition and some of the funny ones eased the memory of caring for ill loved ones — doesn’t always have to be Alzheimer’s!
Barbara Drewe
Roscommon, MI
A wonderful memory reminder of sadness yet love. Well worth the drive.
Donna Cottrell
Gaylord, MI
Wonderful, thoughtful exhibit.

Outstanding, creative, emotional. Worth seeing many times.

It is very beautiful and helps people understand what Alzheimer’s is like and all about. Thank you for doing this.


Very interesting and thought provoking.
Toby Cheney
Huntington Woods, MI
Great collection of the variety of views and impacts of Alzheimer’s, both what I’ve already experienced and will soon experience.
Teri Cline

I truly enjoy. Very emotional, so talented — Maybe I could do something like this.
Bill and Laurene Elwell
Houghton Lake, MI
Well worth a Saturday afternoon —

Tender, touching, loving.
Loren B

Just beautiful and inspirational.
N Solomon

Frieda Sinlar

Very touching and beautiful.
Carolyn Word

What a wonderful way to use your talents and interests to help others as well as yourselves heal, understand, question … move forward.

Heartbreaking, educational and beautiful. Your quilts tell your story well!

Such talent and thoughtfulness went into these quilts. The PAIN is so evident.

Beautiful quilts and messages. Great show —

It was an honor to be a part of this quilt show. Beautiful —

The stories were very moving.

What a nice experience, seeing the exquisite works of art.

Great show!
Donald Touros and Evelyn Touros
Roscommon, MI
A quilt is worth a thousand memories.
Rebecca Locia
Roscommon, MI

Birmingham Quilters' Guild
Birmingham, AL
June 20-21, 2009

Thank you for sharing — Alzheimer’s is in our prayers for a cure!
Kathy Miggins

Wonderful exhibit! Thank you.
Katie Valentine
International Falls, MN
This was a great exhibit. I really loved the stories but as sad as some were there is still a great light for families going through the same.

This is a wonderful exhibition. Touching, terrifying. May there be hope one day for a cure.

I’ve enjoyed this exhibition — it made me cry. Fortunately I have no one with this dreadful disease except one friend. I HOPE THEY FIND A CURE SOON.

So very touching — have a history of Alzheimer’s in family —

Minnesota Quilters Guild Show
Duluth, MN
June 9-14, 2009

This exhibit is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty and the education. Stunning.
Jeanne LaMoore
Jordan, MN
Thank you for sharing these beautiful quilts … the artistry of each one is an amazing view into the world of Alzheimer’s.
BJ Wilson
Cromwell, MN
Seeing leads to feeling deeply — sorrow first and … then hope for love is strengthened — appreciation of the lives we live.
Madonna Ohse
Duluth, MN
Amazing, emotional exhibit. Such beautiful renditions of sorrowful feeling of Alzheimer’s. Kudos to the quilt designers.
Lois K
Andover, MN
Very touching — pulls at the heart strings —
Mary Frankle
Beaufort, NC
Moving — sad, tragic. Beautiful heartfelt work on the quilts.
Gail Mooers
Minneapolis, MN
What an amazing variation in expression in relating the multi-faceted tragedy that is Alzheimer’s. I especially loved the more hopeful bright ones. I would have come to this quilt show just for this exhibit. It was moving, inspiring education, and comforting.
Renee Trunt
Grand Rapids, MN
Very moving. The symbolism and accurate attention to symptoms is great. Including facts about the disease is a great way to educate. Thank you for bringing this exhibit to Duluth.

Thank you for sharing both the beauty and sadness.
Millie J Davies
Birmingham, AL

Crystal Coast Quilters' Guild Show
Morehead City, NC
May 15-16, 2009

The show was very beautiful and helpful. It shows they are not alone.
It has only been in the years since the death of my mother that I have realized the horror of these 10 years of her steady decline due to dementia. I am still processing the loss. I regret that I did not have support available to me as a caregiver. It is so important that Alzheimer’s Association work toward education and support for those like me.
Patricia Guirmo
Emerald Isle, NC
I felt that I have been with my mother today, reliving her struggle with Alzheimer’s. This exhibit needs to be shared with all who suffer, whether the patient or the caregiver, family members, etc. My mom died December 2007. I miss her, but today — she walked and talked to me during this visit.
Faye Vester Dozier
Greenville, NC
Absolutely awesome exhibit. It reinforces just how fragile our minds and lives are and reminds us to make the most of our lives together.

It made me cry, it made me laugh. It brought back memories of Aunt Poe, a wonderful lady. To think I might someday end up like that scares me, but this exhibit gives me hope that someone will love me through it.
Kitty Butler
Morehead City, NC
Loved the quilts. A wonderful experience.
Carol Stens
Totally amazing!
Peggy Clover

This is the second time I’ve been fortunate enough to view the exhibit; it’s as beautiful, powerful, and poignantly moving as the first!
Greenville, NC
I really enjoyed the quilt show. I lost my grandmother and best friend to dementia in November. This released a lot of feelings for me. Thanks.

Both the ideas and the craftsmanship are excellent. Thanks for sharing this wonderful work.
What a blessing! These quilts are about life and I am honored to have viewed them and remembered.

This was a very moving experience. I cried all the way through it, but enjoyed it immensely.
Jo Grill
What a wonderful way to honor these beautiful people and their caregivers. I watched my Grandmother fall into the grips of this horrible disease. And the toll it took on her caregiver, my mother.
Dawn Davis
These quilts tell what may be coming to my Mother — “Helen the Great”. It saddens me for the loved ones and families that are living through it now. I shall add them all to my prayer list. Very touched.

I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to view these quilts and read the stories.

Although I saw this exhibit at the NQA show several years ago, it still is an emotional journey.
It was very moving. I liked it a lot.
J Berkonpas
Rockford, MI
Very emotional and great expression.
Sandra Lampley
My Mother passed into HEAVEN in April 2009 after 16 years of stroke/dementia, etc. Life was tough. It was my Mother’s body but she was completely changed. Before she died, she was childlike. There was one wall-hanging that truly described us. Thank you for caring for others.
Faye Childers
Awesome! What a great journey — too close to home!
Kirsta Meadows
Jacksonville, NC
A very moving exhibit and appropriate since we all have someone who has Alzheimer’s disease.
B Sturdevant
Emerald Isle, NC
Most interesting. Reading the notes is very moving. Wonderful exhibit.
Sad — but beautiful!
Delores and Neil Swartz
Avon, NC
Amazing — heart rendering — brings back memories of a dear, vibrant cousin lost to this disease.
Kathy Kelly
Emerald Isle, NC
Very touching exhibit. Amazing how each artist brings out a different element.
Jennie Hodge
Williston, NC
You can’t see these without it bringing up so many emotions — it brings it all back to me. Wonderful pieces, though.
Bunny Jake
Erie, PA
Moving and informational! Each personal story was a tribute. Thank you for this moving exhibit!
Linda Re
New Bern, NC

Hands Across The Valley Quilt Show
Amherst, MA
March 20-22, 2009

This exhibit is extraordinary. We were truly honored to have had the pleasure of hosting it at our show. Thank you most sincerely.
Gloria Fox
Amherst, MA
AWESOME! HEALING! VERY touching. Thank you for introducing this display.
Deana James
Huntington, MA
It was very beautiful.

So glad to see this — thank you.
Edith Allison

Beautiful, moving quilts —

Terribly emotional exhibit with incredible work.
Patricia Davies
Felding Hills, MA
The work is wonderful and this is great for the family.

Artistic quality of exhibit is remarkable. Artist’s expressions are statements of the life struggle we all face with aging. We do not want to be a burden to those we love. We hope those we love will show compassion if we are.

The Village Quilt Shoppe
Lake Orion, MI
February 18-22, 2009

Very beautiful! Wonderful how artists give thoughts of the loved ones.
Arlene Shell
Waterford, MI
Wow. Great artistic and methodology to transfer memories to a lasting impression.

Thank you for the inspiration!

Wonderful quilts. Very therapeutic — love them.

Beautiful and beautifully displayed.

Thank you.

Laughter and tears.

Inspiring — wonderful way to express the wide range of emotions experienced by those close to this.

Beautiful! Wonderful — sad, hopeful, satisfying. Thanks, Ami.☺

So nice — but so sad.

Haunting, insightful, painful, loving, hopeful — many emotions experienced in this beautiful display.

Thank you! This was overwhelming. Such beauty, sadness …

A very moving experience! Thank everyone for sharing their emotions in their quilts. The key is RESEARCH.

Brings back many memories. A long and frightening road to travel.
Nancy Sremnice

Beautiful and moving exhibit.

Absolutely incredible, touching and beautiful! Thank you!

Thank you — beautiful expressions of a terrible disease.

The exhibit was certainly worth the ride — so many beautiful stories of love.

Poignant expressions of love and loss — it is a privilege to see such vibrant expressions in honor of the ‘disappeared’.
Sarah Bush
Troy, MI
Thank you! My mother had severe dementia the last couple years of her life. She was placed in a nursing home a year too soon. I am grateful she lived where she was safe and I could be by her side.

A very sensitive journey of life with the effects of Alzheimer’s.

Heart felt experience — very moving. Beautiful.

Very moving … a beautiful exhibit!

Thank you — for expressing what’s in so many of our hearts.

They were all beautiful! There were so many pieces and wonderful ideas!
Katy Taylor

They are sad but beautiful. It is so sad that people have the sickness.

Mother died with Alzheimer’s. Beautiful quilts but so sad.

It is a very beautiful show and to spend time reading and understanding how much dedication to their loved ones.

Enjoyed the show. Outstanding. Very moving.

Very emotional and touched home with me (aunts, uncles). Please have again!!

Wonderful show — very emotional. Enjoyed —
Davisburg, MI
It is a wonderful way to remember their loved ones. Enjoyed the exhibit.

Ami — thank you for putting together such a wonderful, moving display.

Beautiful, heartfelt …

I think it would be better if the memory letters were lowered for easier reading. P.S. The quilts are beautiful.

The display is beautiful and the quilting is a work of art.

Ami — I am sorry that I didn’t get the chance to meet you. I am just amazed at the artistry and poetry of these quilts. I’m certain that the tears are flowing, or being choked back for anyone witnessing them. Thank you for doing this.

Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show
Oklahoma City, OK
January 8-10, 2009

I particularly liked the stories behind the quilts and the added facts about the disease. I learned a lot.
Carol Talmon
Enid, OK
What can I say? I saw my mother’s descent into the black hole in so many of these quilts. It is so hard to become your mother’s “mother.” Many of the quilts echoed my own fears of being the next victim.
Phyllis Hughes
Oklahoma City, OK
Made me cry.
J. McLemore
Oxford, KS
It is very interesting to see each interpretation of this disease.
Sue Roy
Newkirk, OK
Thought provoking — just amazing work.
Patty Bravo
Fort Worth, TX

Golden Opportunity Event (Peninsula United Methodist Homes)
University of Delaware
October 27-19 2008

The quilts are beautiful.
Barbara Becker

I appreciate the work and the love of these ladies — please find a cure!

Very impressed by the personal stories and the caring of family and friends.

I was moved and impressed. Such a sad disease. Also very hard on the families.

Such a shame this wonderful display will only be here for one day.

How touching and beautiful the Alzheimer’s quilts are!

A juxtaposition of beauty and sadness.

Sadness, tears, love.

The quilts remind us of the fragility of life and the importance of living life as energetically as we can so that our old age is vividly colored. Thank you for the exhibit.

The display is incredible. It certainly makes one more aware of the impact this has on everyone.

The display was awesome. Such insight, thought, and beautiful work.

It is the perfect way for people to understand the full experience of both the victim and the care giver. Awesome. Thank you.
D. Collins
Wilmington, DE
I look forward to the day when this disease no longer exists — and the suffering of the caretakers and the cared for ends.

Outstanding, really enjoyed!

What an inspirational display of quilts!

Very beautiful, inspiring, sad.

How beautiful! Thank you for this gift.
Wilmington, DE
It’s emotional and so beautiful! How sad and how moving — we must find a cure.
Carolyn Shelly
Wilmington, DE
Phenomenal! Raw emotions so beautifully expressed; pain, agony, joy of what once was known. Incredible ability to graphically portray the raw emotions. Thank you. It was a privilege to view.

Unbelievably beautiful! The love is seen in every quilt.

Just amazing. Beautiful.

What a touching wonderful exhibit. Beautiful. Thank you.

Beautiful work. Very touching display.
M. Speaks

Fabulously inspired art!

Such depth, really beautiful — thank you.

Every single quilt is just beautiful! Lovely.

Beautiful work.


They’re beautiful. I want to go home and do something like this for my dad who has Alzheimer’s now. Thank you.

Beautiful — rich art — thank you.

Wonderful display — very touching and meaningful.

Very touching — how would I design a quilt? I, too, was an Alzheimer’s caregiver.

Flying Geese Quilt Guild
Bel Air, MD
October 17-19 2008

From John Landbeck to his wife Jennilyn who brought the exhibit to Bel Air: Being there, helping you set up last night and this morning, I could feel those emotions. The love, the heartache, the loss, the mourning. The only other place I have felt that kind of unifying humanity of joined sorrow was at Arlington Cemetery. What an amazing show, I am so happy for you and how well it turned out, that our family got to be a little part of this great thing you did! --John
This is a stunning and moving exhibit which is an example of how art can make an important statement. The quilts are beautiful and with the quilter’s commentaries really convey the fact that Alzheimer’s disease affects us all.

The quilts bring back so many memories of my Mom as she battled the disease. How inspiring. They are all so beautiful.
Marge Zembro
Joppa, MD
The presentation certainly opened up my mind to the disease. It almost makes me afraid of what is to come. Ms. Simms expressed her feelings so extraordinary and the emotions created in me were felt.
Barbara Melfa
Fallston, MD
What a moving exhibit! I miss my Dad, who died of Alzheimer’s.
MaryAnn McCauley
Havre de Grace, MD
Very moving exhibit.

These quilts are awesome!

Thank you for this exhibit. It helped me put some of my feelings and fears into perspective and be able to express them instead of keeping them inside.

So touching. Thank you for the pieces of so many lives.

The exhibit meant a lot to me in knowing what my great-grandma was going through — why she couldn’t understand my name.

Just great; like a museum. An apt, visually artistic depiction of the disease and how it affects families.

The quilts are so moving! Thank you!
L. Elkin
Bel Air, MD
The quilts are very moving. They show the sadness and anguish that both care givers and those with Alzheimer’s share. My Aunt Gladys was an amazing seamstress. She died from Alzheimer’s.

I assist families through Alzheimer’s as I am a Hospice RN. What a moving tribute. Would love to share this exhibit with families that are suffering.

It was a wonderful exhibit that needs to be shared so that this disease is kept in the forefront of research. More needs to be done so that progress is made!
Mary Vrany
Baltimore, MD
Very impressive. Quilts are imbued with all the sadness of the disease.

I loved looking at all the quilts. They made me cry.

Ami — what a gift — the tears sometimes made it difficult to read the passages. I so much appreciate the lives shared here through these quilts.

The quilts were super awesome and extremely touching.

Excellent display — very important to share all the information we can with the world. Moving, touching, heart breaking, and heart warming.
Didi Salvatierra
Bel Air, MD
“Leaving us” is spectacularly apt. I thank the quilting guild guide Diana for explaining that confusion begins with a fading and falling apart. “Compass Rose” all the way to “The Porsche Person”, this is a fabulous show.

Thank you so much for the time and talents that visually expressed all of my emotions about this vile disease. It has hit my family hard and this touched my heart.
Sue Harrow
Bel Air, MD
Thank you so much! I can not tell you how much this meant to my Mom, cousin, and me. Thank you again.
Lisa Granadeo

Ami — to see the book come alive, no words can express. Nor can tears. To put memories in “painting with material” keeps everything alive and in perspective.
Cheryl Petro
Upper Mulboro, MD
I thought all the explanations of how people were affected were very interesting.
Sandy Mitchell

Very worthwhile display. Wonderfully unique quilts that share a common story.

Such special people to make up for the memories lost.

This quilt exhibit was very moving. Thank you.

What an inspiration — could not stop reading the journeys of all involved. Thanks for sharing.

Excellent memories on quilts — tribute to family.

Beautiful work for a worthy cause.

If you weren’t moved by this exhibit, you are dead inside. Both my Dad’s mom and my mom had Alzheimer’s, so I know the pain.
Donna Robinson

Very moving — I was so touched by the personal stories of the quilters and their families. Brought tears to my heart.
M. M. Yohe
Aberdeen, MD
This was the second time I had seen the quilts and I was even more moved. Thanks.
Joppa, MD

Red River Quilters
Shreveport, LA
October 2-5, 2008

These pieces are moving and having a grandmother with this disease, I feel really moved by the quilts. Most especially the ones missing pieces, since this disease runs in my family. I hope they find a cure before I’m my grandmother’s age.
Melanie M. Sven
Clover, TX
Really moving.
Jessica Guillory
Shreveport, LA
Very moving.
Genie Burkhelter
Haughton, LA
Halfway through, I didn’t want to continue on. It was so depressing.
Dorene Deuleuff
Princeton, LA
Thanks so much for the exhibit to alert others of what Alzheimer’s might do. My aunt suffered from this for about two decades before her death in 2005.

Very meaningful and heartfelt!!

Beautiful. Very moving.
Pat Chambless
Prescott, AR
Very beautiful and meaningful work.
Johnette Collumill
Friendship, LA
This is a wonderful exhibit.
Linda Wilburn
Sarepta, LA
A very moving exhibit.
Dianne Edwards
Sarepta, LA
These quilts seem to truly represent the stages of this disease. It was moving to see the creativity, love and care for people suffering.

This is the most touching and awesome display I have seen.
Kim Dawn
Shreveport, LA
The quilt work told so many stories. How great of persons that told their stories with quilts for their loved ones.
Patricia Kulbeth
Wilmar, AZ
Very moving, touching, honest exhibit! Well worth taking the time to see.

It’s amazing — wonderful!
Neluyne Burls
Shreveport, LA
This was a beautiful, sentimental show.
Kristi Shutz
Monroe, LA
The exhibit is incredible. Very moving.

The exhibit is really wonderful for the families are so caring. Several people I love have it and it is the saddest disease I know of.
Linda Noel

The exhibit was very moving.

Very moving! Thank you! The honesty and love bring healing of grief.

Very moving.
Mike Moodt
Harven Heights, TX
The best exhibit in years. Very Moving.
K. R.

It was moving. People around me crying — very well done.

Great work! Thanks for bringing such a thoughtful collection of images.

Very heart rending. Quilts made from the heart. May there be a cure soon.

I was moved to tears looking at the quilts.
Norma Whetstone
Bossier, LA
Moving exhibit of Alzheimer’s heartbreak.

We recently lost my Aunt Jo to this disease. She was always the joy of any gathering. She won a baking contest and flew to Washington, DC, to present the pie to President Eisenhower. She taught me silly stories. She is watching over us now and has no pain. Thanks for the great show.

Michigan Quilt Network — 2008 Showcase
Lansing, MI
September 11-14, 2008

Amazing and beautiful interpretations of such a devastating diagnosis. Thanks for putting it into art so beautifully and for sharing it with us. God Bless.

Most wonderful, touching and sad!

The quilts are lovely — carefully thought out and sad.

This is the most beautiful and touching exhibit of loving tributes to patients and caregivers — I cried, then blessed the artists. Thank you.

Awesome exhibit. It brought so many tears! I think every one of us have been touched by a loved one with Alzheimer’s.
Sheila Snyder
Dexter, MI
These quilts are unbelievable.
Okemos, MI
With each quilt I could feel the human history experienced in each stitch.

Such talent and every design and comment is so heartfelt. My dad was diagnosed and I watched him “disappear” — He was my dad and I thought he would get better.
Martha Catermo
East Lansing, MI
This is so meaningful!!
Becky Kopicko

Very inspiring. I was moved!
Cathy Newhouse
Spring Arbor, MI
Beautiful — as a nurse and daughter — it hit a chord. Many thanks!

Great — stories are very touching. Loved it.

It was very nicely done, especially the face of the women.

A difficult subject handled wonderfully through sewing. Bravo!
Carolyn Warfield
Great Lakes Quilters’ Network
It’s amazing what people’s imagination can do. And the quilts are fantastic.

Wonderful quilts. Very emotional journey.

Thank you for this display. The exhibit touches me personally.
Lona Leach

Thank you for bringing Alzheimer’s awareness into the quilt world. It affects us all.

Very emotional. Very good. Enjoyed exhibit.

So very emotional and also very beautiful. Thank you for having such a poignant display. If we haven’t been touched by this disease yet, we may be in the future. It was very disturbing also; we need to be disturbed and act to get more involved to get more research.

I love the Red Heart Quilt and the story tells it all. God Bless Caretaker.

Awesome!! Take your time and read the maker’s comments.

Very moving exhibit. I went back twice. Some of these were hard to view, because they really provoke an emotional response — which they should do!

Wonderful quilts. All the caring shows. Wonderful exhibit!

Spectacular! Moving! Heartfelt!

Very Moving! Too familiar and oh, so true. Bought the CD as I knew I could not read them. I was so happy to be able to view them!
Ms. Meppelink
I found the exhibit very moving and emotional.

Beautiful art. Depressing - very emotional.You need to show some of the quilts that you are selling.
Jane Raker
Jonesville, MI
WOW! This exhibit was inspiring and heart wrenching! Thank you!

I recently lost a friend through this dreaded disease. The quilts really touched my heart.

Incredible exhibit! Having lost my mother to Alzheimer's years before she actually died, I could identify with these works of arts. Amazing creativity!
Jeanne Glad
Wixom, MI

These quilts are so beautiful - God is awesome! Bless all of you in all you do for others.
Fran Mart
Lansing, MI
This collection is exceptional. I could not read about them all, very emotional. This is wonderful.
Ana Mastroianni
Dearborn, MI
I found the exhibit so very touching. It brought tears to my eyes.

The exhibit was very moving. My mom has been suffering for many years now.
What a wonderful expression of life and loss for loved ones. You can feel the love and pain in each quilt.
Ms. Neubecker

Just beautiful! And so heartfelt.
Every quilt expresses the heart of the person with the illness and the heart of the families who took/take care of them. So personalized.
Beth Lienhart
Williamston, MI
Amazing interpretations of feelings and use of textiles. Beautiful!
Janet Swift
Davison, MI
Very moving as well as educational. Thanks for all you do!!
Pam Feldkamp
Troy, MI
You do beautiful work for the world.
Maggie Carey
Lake George, MI
The "Porshe" quilt was my favorite because it had a humorous aspect. I found the whole experience extremely emotional and painful, but very wonderful at the same time.
Very moving show. Many are very powerful for me. What hit me the most is the heart draining out, that feeling of losing someone. And the statement "Why is my mother always arguing with me and why do I always argue back?" That hit home.
Chris Worland

"These are very touching" was said with tears in her eyes as she patted herself.
Very nice and good.
A wonderful exhibit. Very creative and meaningful.
Clark andrews,br> Shelby Twp, MI
Very real, for those who have gone through this experience firstt hand.
Michele Nicholson
Fennville, MI
The quilts are a heart wrenching expression of love for friends and relatives. Outstanding display.
Eloise Franke
Bronson, MI
Awesome attribute!
Mary Jones
Manchester, MI
A very moving, tearful, heartfelt exhibit!
Polly Matheson
St. Johns, MI
Many expressions of feelings that I also have. Thank You!
Pat Fox-Paseka
St. Johns, MI
Very touching exhibit. I often felt like crying. The last quilt I viewed was the bouquet — it seemed so appropriate.
Marilyn Nolker
Lansing, MI
Very moving — great exhibit.
Caren E. Marten

H. Vickerman
Romulus, MI
Absolutely loved the exhibit. Very moving.
Carole Rasmussen

Moving exhibit — easy to relate when dealing with parents’ illness also.

The emotions these quilts evoke are intense. For some, I am sure it was a form of mourning, a way to work through the pain. Thank you all for sharing.

Thank you so much — my dad has Alzheimer’s in California and the quilts reminded me that there is a story for each person. God bless and keep up the great work —

Thanks so much for allowing us to show your wonderful exhibit. It was a great addition to our show!

I thought it was breathtaking. Puzzling memory.
Pat Kuhn
Bay City, MI
Do not miss this show!


Very powerful! Moving.
Bobbie Vruggink
Wyoming, MI
I love the heart quilt by Liz Kettle. It said exactly how I felt as a caregiver for my mother-in-law for five years.

The quilts are very moving — my dad put my mom in the nursing home a few months ago. She hasn’t known us for a couple of years — I can identify with the authors of these quilts.

The exhibit is awe-inspiring. One of the most moving I have ever seen.

Truly appreciated the narrative with the quilts. My father had Alzheimer’s and so much I read was in our life before he died. Hard to read the touching sentiments without tears.

Very powerful.
Kalamazoo, MI

Greencroft Goshen Retirement Community
Goshen, IN
September 4-6, 2008

Wonderful art based on pitiful situations.
Anna Mary Stalter
Goshen, IN
Terrific display shows how negatives were turned into positives!
Miriam Charles
Goshen, IN
Unbelievable — awesome — powerful — emotional — full of beauty. One cannot leave this display without being moved.
Rebecca Tommeks
Goshen, IN
Such displays of beauty and love shown in these quilts. God bless each quilter for taking time to make these for us to experience.
Ethel Stutzmann
Goshen, IN
Thanks to all the artists who gave of themselves in this display. We are so glad to have had so many quilts here in Goshen. As always I am sorry so many have not had a chance to see them! We hope and pray Alzheimer’s will soon have a cure.
Florann White
Goshen, IN
Thanks to all who contributed to this exhibit. I’ve worked with Alzheimer’s residents for years and found this very moving. Thank you so much.
Goshen, IN
A wonderful exhibit of great compassion. My husband was afflicted with this disease. We had a good life even with the challenges. I hope this exhibit will help many people.
Esther Showalter Deal
Goshen, IN
I had no idea this quilt display would be so wonderful! I should have allowed more time to absorb all the stories that explain them! There’s quite a bit of dementia on my mother’s side of the family, and it does become a concern! Thank you, thank you, for both the quilts and the explanations!
Gladys Mease
Goshen, IN
Profound, intense, emotional … wow … these quilts are fabulous, they allow us a moment of connection shared with others walking this unwanted and frustrating journey.
Tammie Miller
Goshen, IN
The quilts are beautiful, telling of the love of families and heartache due to Alzheimer’s. I was awed.
Ruth Vega
Goshen, IN
A sad sad exhibit — thanks for bringing it to Goshen.
Martine Packegode
Goshen, IN
These were fabulous.
Thelma Gibson

These quilts are beyond description. They are amazing. The provocative, profound and raw emotions displayed in fabric touched me to the core of my being. Thanks for your willingness to share such personal feelings.
Tammie Miller
Goshen, IN
Very impressive. Impossible to take it all in at one time.
Velma Shaul

Outstanding work and thoughts.

Very impressive and thought provoking —

Amazing — beautiful. All the different aspects of Alzheimer’s and its effects and emotions — what a wonderful project.
Delia Waits
Goshen, IN

I’m an RN who has worked in an Alzheimer's unit and attended many seminars. These quilts would have been sufficient. Amazing and tear forming.
Ruth Brown

Moving — Inspiring! Thank you! Thank you

My Mother was a client at the Homestead for 5 yrs. All of your quilts were absolutely amazing and each one brought something to mind of my 12 years of caring for my Mother. … #4 brought me to tears and I actually thought to myself, “I can’t do this.” But, I did continue — Oh wow, I’m so glad I did! … #31 Remembering the caregivers is so-o-o important — thank you! ... #40 My Mother loved to sing and even at the end could ‘remember’ the words to many of our favorite hymns. … #46 Forever Flowers — I loved this one because we get involved in the process and the bad times we forget to be positive and focus on the good, joy, love and life of the person affected. … #50 What a way to start ending the exhibition. It made me laugh — “early onset at 90”? … #52 Again, honoring the caregiver. So you see, I started with a cry and ended with a laugh! Praise God and Thank You!
Mrs. Sara H, Kyle
Goshen, IN
Beautiful and wonderful, so great to know what people can do. Thank you to all the artists

The quilts tell a story, deep in my heart and mind it speaks — Wonderful to see this.

What a beautiful way to depict the tremendous sadness of Alzheimer’s dreaded decline. Thank you for such a fantastic display.

This was a wonderful way for those dealing with this illness to express their feelings through art and share their frustrations and hopes with everyone. May God hold you in His hand as you take this journey

This is a very creative display. Thank you.
Pat McKinney
Goshen, IN

West Virginia Quilters, Inc.
Morgantown, WV
July 17-19, 2008

A wonderful way to make a statement about this disease that robs our families. Thank you for a memorable show.
Sandy Sonderman
Gassoway, WV
Very, very impressive!
Betty Loyd
Everything was so beautiful and touching. Makes you want to go home and make one. You are doing a good job. Keep up the hard work.
I wanted to cry at all the pain displayed. The quilts are beautiful, but so sad.
Ami, your show touched my soul and brought back many memories of the last years with my mother. God bless you.
Carol Jones
Hedgesville, WV
My mother embroidered a whole cloth quilt (queen size) 1 year and 1 month prior to her death caused by Alzheimer’s disease and complications. She didn’t remember doing it a month after it being machine quilted. This quilt has been voted Viewer’s Choice at a regional quilt show.
Jane Coleman
Brush Valley, PA
Thank you so much for organizing this project. It brought comfort to many people and gave others the opportunity to learn more about Alzheimer’s. Of course, I thought of my own mother, who had Alzheimer’s.
My mother had dementia and sundowner each time she was hospitalized. These quilts are so beautiful.
Saya Bobick
Morgantown, WV
It made me cry; it made me laugh.
Linda Banter
Pinch, WV
I liked this setup. It gave me more privacy, had more time to reflect. Very moving.
Yes, the display is great. The quilts express my own heart and soul. Thank you for bringing this show here. Thank you, Ami, for creating it.
Very touching and poignant. Some brought tears to my eyes.
Janice Packard
Frederick, MD
Excellent display and out pouring to a very frustrating condition. It is hard to read all the notes but very beneficial. We are all touched by this in some form. Excellent! Therapeutic!
Heart-healing! Touching! Moving!

Cleveland, OH
May 29-June 1, 2008

I was very overwhelmed by all the information. I never knew (until I read quit #5) why my grandmother was always agitated. Quilt #7 was very touching.
Sheray Harrison
E. Cleveland, OH
An extraordinary show! I wish more people could see it. Ruth Thompson
Cleveland, OH
Powerful, creative, sad, moving.
Nancy Roy
Cleveland, OH
Beautiful quilts!
Thank you,
Pam Gleison
I thought that this was the best show of information that I have received on Alzheimer’s and I have been a nurse for 30+ years.
Helen Mitchell
Cleveland, OH
I am so glad that I was able to bring the exhibit to Cleveland. Ever since I saw it in Florida it was my passion and desire to touch people’s lives. The experience I had by myself in the early morning was incredible. It was like the people inside the quilts were in the room. I especially liked “Dear Diary.” I feel a love for that daughter and I don’t even know her. Everyone has a best friend named Kathy. I have had several in my life.
Rosanne Bryan
Concord, OH
This exhibit was so heart-filled, it made me cry, because my stepmother has Alzheimer’s and is slowly forgetting piece by piece. The exhibit reached out to you and made you understand the heartbreak, and loss of the family. Please continue to show this artwork across the world. The art really showed the pain and suffering of the family, and it touches your heart, and mind, and it makes you want to reach out and make it all better.
Oh so powerful! What better way to portray the unraveling threads of the person’s mind with Alzheimer’s disease. I feel privileged to have seen this exhibit.
Darlene Strong
Painesville, OH
Beautiful but very sad. It touches my heart.
Marji Edguer
Cleveland Heights, OH

Countryside Christian Community
Annville, PA
May 16-18, 2008

This display was very powerful. I haven’t talked with anyone who wasn’t moved by it.
Judy Brookin
Madison, WI
This was powerful! I have not experienced such emotion since attending the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.
Paula Hay Ford
Oshkosh, WI
What a wonderful display. Such emotions from joy to despair. Thanks for helping to open our eyes to this terrible disease.
Amazing – the ideas people came up with! It probably takes experiencing the disease—glad we could come.
Mary S. Martin
Annville, PA
Great – I’m impressed.
John Graybill
This was a really interesting show, and every quilt was different.
Pat Rentschler
Having been a caregiver, the quilts touched my heart and my memory. The one titled “Tears of” actually brought me tears, some sad, some happy.
Carol Brennor
This was wonderful. I was never so affected by a quilt show as I was by this.
Very beautiful – I enjoyed it very much.
Joann Bohr
Annville, PA
Different – used imagination!
Berry Boauch
Annville, PA
Very interesting and informative. Enjoyed seeing the exhibit.
Mary and Miriam Weaver
Just incredible! Truly gets you thinking exactly what it means to have a close friend or family member go through this disease. How beautiful all the quilts are! I am so glad I was able to view and am making a purchase!
Joan Shrefler
Annville, PA
They are beautiful. My great grandfather had Alzheimer’s.
Wonderful, beautiful exhibit that came about through tears and heartache. Thank you for sharing these quilts with all of us.
This is the most moving, touching display – Art depicting a devastating, horrible disease yet showing strength, faith, humor, anguish, love and commitment of both carefiver(s) and patient. Thank you for a wonderful exhibit. God bless this project.
Karen H. Trovinger
Myerstour, PA
Profoundly interesting. Every quilter conveys their message in the quilt extremely well.
This was amazing. We will pray for a cure.
“Sundown” just took my eye; it is so beautiful. It gives you hope when you see the beauty of the sunset behind, and what joy God has for us. I’m glad we could see all the effort and expression the people shared. They were all heart-touching, and God bless everyone.
This exhibit is a gift of the heart to all who grieve as we watch friends or family slowly disintegrate. Thank you for sharing.
Bonnie Butler,
Fairfield, PA
This form of art comes from their hearts. Sad it sometimes takes a bad situation to bring it out. The Lord will someday remedy this.
Barry and Kay
Wariansute, PA
“Alzheimer’s Thief” really hit me of what it really does to you, and how it is so horrible to the family.
“Violets for Irene” was very outstanding and really took a lot of work. It was incredible.
It was very nice. Beautiful quilts — it was a lot nicer than I expected. Diana Leitsel Lebanon, PA
Extremely moving. Emotionally overwhelming and extremely educational. Fabulous!
Debbie Bertolet
Lebanon, PA
Impressive – The handiwork is exquisite; the insight of the artists about the disease is impressive. Thanks for sharing this exhibit throughout the country.
Very impressive. I am struck by some of the similar themes and yet different perspectives.
It was very interesting. Sarah R. Hearn
Lebanon, PA
Very interesting – thanks for doing this.
Erma Weaver
Jonestown, PA
Thanks for doing this; it was very interesting.
Pamela S. Lartz
They expressed their feelings in a very unique way. Thank you for letting us see your work.
Paul and Chirie Graby
The exhibit was emotionally moving.
Anne Ritter
Reading, PA
Inspiring, emotional, educational – haunting!
M. Russell
Camp Hill, PA
Very impressive – makes one think!
Ruth Osterburg
Womelsdorf, PA
Very moving.
Claudia Lawrence
Lebanon, PA
Being the caregiver for my mother who at age 84 was diagnosed with AD, this was an emotional exhibit to look at and a blessing as well. Bless all who helped put it together.
What a wonderful evolution of creative spirits and minds paying tribute to the many creative folks who were changed moment by moment, and day by day, and week by week, and on.
C. Stickter
Lebanon, PA
An inspiration to all who did these beautiful quilts. Working with people who had the disease was very rewarding to me as a Christian. The difficulty and sadness gives us new meaning to what we need to do in the name of Jesus our Savior — to put others before ourselves as much as we can. God bless them all.
What a great exhibit — and excellent quilting. My favorite is Ami’s.
Pauline Charles
Annville, PA
A quilt exhibit that talked to me more than any I have ever viewed! It was difficult to read the stories but a necessity so as not to miss anything. Thanks ever so much for sharing this wonderful display.
Jo Garvin
Elizabethtown, PA

It's A Stitch Quilt Show
Jackson, WI
May 4-5, 2008

I so much appreciate what I’ve seen today. My mother had Alzheimer’s. The artists depicted so well what my mother and our family experienced.
My mom passed away in January 2003 with Alzheimer’s. She was a great mom and her memory lives on with four daughters, 11 grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren. Thanks for the GREAT exhibit and talk.
Word cannot express how moving your talk and the quilts were. Tears in my eyes…
Dianne McCann
Grafton, WI
This has been a great show — the stories are incredible as are the quilts. Thank you!
Thank you so much, Ami, for being here with the special exhibit.
Great quilts — so much feeling in them.
Thank you so much. Working with Alzheimer’s made this more important.
Kris Lindsay
GREAT SHOW!!! Tells real truths we should all be aware of.
R. Martin
Awesome! A little difficult to read about — a lot to think about.
Great show — touched my heart in many ways.
I was vending for two days and listened to your story every time you spoke and I also looked at the quilts. Made me realize we are going through this right now with my mother-in-law; she is fading so fast.
Nan Gozzonato
More help than I can put into words, from someone who is walking that same path.

Best of The Valley
Tulare, CA
April 18-19, 2008

My husband and I went to the Best of the Valley Quilt Show in Tulare, CA two weeks ago. (Yes! I DID say my "husband" went, too! Actually, he asked what I wanted to do for our anniversary and I said I wanted to go to the quilt show and he said okay. What a great guy, huh?) Your AAQI Quilts were displayed there and we were fortunate to see them. I can't tell you how moved we were by the quilts. Each one told a story of a life touched by Alzheimer's and I read every one of them. Many of them brought tears to my eyes. Everyone should see the quilts — the message they portray is the stark reality of this horrid disease and speaks not only of what becomes of the person struggling with it, but of the loved ones left 'behind.'

Besides the sheer beauty of the AAQI quilts, the reason we were so touched is because we are dealing with a loved one who has Alzheimer's. My dear mother-in-law was diagnosed with dementia about 10 months ago and we see the slippery slope she is on increasing. Yes, she does remember our faces, but not always our names. The only 'home' she remembers is her childhood home. Most of her huge artistic accomplishments live only in our memories now and she is surprised to find out that she once created beautiful costumes for stage plays and directed huge dance productions. She also was a talented quilter.

The AAQI quilts spoke to us and helped us realize that we're not alone in our sense of loss. Others have walked this road and understand how it feels to deal with the day-to-day reality of a disease that, as of yet, has no cure. Thank you for putting this initiative together and the work you do to help fund research. When I can get a small quilt or two together for your auctions I'll be happy to help. I just wanted to let you know that lives are being touched by the traveling quilts and that your work is appreciated.

Jill Hessler Bakersfield, CA
Effective graphic communication of what one must experience with Alzheimer's. Great outreach.
It is wonderful that this display is here. My mother-in-law died of this horrible disease. I was also a convalescent hospital administrator for 26+ years.
Shirley Ockey
Hanford, CA
I've had the book since its publication. It's GREAT to see the actual quilts hanging.
Very moving display.
Pat Premo
Camp Nelson, CA
Thank you, Ami! It helps to share the experience with others who can express their pain and confusion in their artistic talents.
Great show — very touching.
Thanks for sharing this — it's a wonderful ministry to broken hearts.
Very inspiring and heart breaking!
Too much! I've seen this exhibit three times, and still get overwhelmed. I've yet to make it all the way through the quilts. POWERFUL!
Wonderful "memory lane" — so much emotion so creatively expressed.
Jessi Ellis
Clovis, CA
Bless the good hearts of the quilters — very good.
Sangers, CA
Very moving exhibit! Mary S. Leavitt
Porterville, CA
Words can't say what the quilts say! Wonderful!

The Meth-Wick Community
Cedar Rapids, IA
March 14-15, 2008

I thought I had worked through my grief of losing my Alzheimer stricken father six years ago. Today my tears flowed again less than five minutes after I started to view the Quilt Initiative [Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece] at Meth-Wick Community here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Since Dad's death, I turned to volunteering with the Alzheimer's Association. I was so excited to learn of the Quilt Initiative coming to our city because I was already familiar with your website, thanks to a sister-in-law who quilts and sent me your link a couple years ago. I collect quilt wall hangings, large and small, to display in our breakfast nook and on the sofit in my kitchen. The monthly auction has become another source of supply for my collection. Not surprisingly, I gladly volunteered to "man" the association's booth at the exhibit for a couple hours today (Saturday).

Before I began my "shift," I walked through the quilts. I admired the originality of the designs, the craftsmanship, the textures, the emotions that flowed from the pieces and their stories. Sometimes I could control my tears, other times it was hard to keep from sobbing as memories of taking care of Dad came back to me.

A familiar voice called my name and I turned to see a couple friends who had come to see the show. The wife gave me a much needed hug and I calmed down. I could go on, like I had so many years earlier.

After my time at the Alzheimer's booth, I walked through the show again, in reverse order from the first time. While admiring "What If I Can't Remember That I Loved You?", I thought I heard the elderly woman next to me sniff. I asked her if she was crying. "Yes, but I forgot to put tissue in my purse." I grabbed a tissue from a nearby box and offered it to her. I listened to her story of her husband, who has this wicked disease. I didn't know her to give her a hug, but I rubbed her back a little, and passed on the gift of understanding that only one caregiver can give to another.

Thank you so much for sharing yours and others' talent for quilting these pieces of emotion and art. But more importantly, thank you for your gift of creativity in dreaming up this show to reach out to others, to publicize this dread disease, and to generate research funds. I learned from Dad that if something good can come of something bad, then all is not lost. In your grief for your mother, you have made something good.
Anne Kennedy Salamon
Just awesome and so true. Many of the writings brought back memories of Mom.
Percy Caviness
Cedar Rapids, IA
Totally awesome — Totally telling! Thank you. Muriel Owen
Cedar Rapids, IA
Very impressive! Lots of emotion. Makes us really think.
Dora M. Nooktgeboren
So striking — the quilts, the stories, and the facts and statistics printed under each.
Glenda Dixn and Gaye Roberts (twins)
Cedar Rapids, IA
Thank you. The quilts are all fabulous and the stories help explain them and relay the situations all were involved in during their living through Alzheimer's effects.
Pat Houar
Cedar Rapids, IA
Thank you. It speaks for so many people who have experienced this.
Thank you, a beautiful and touching exhibit.
Pat Advey
Marian, IA
WOW! Thanks for making the effort to do this.
Jane S.
What a wonderful experience! Each of the four walks I took around the exhibit I felt a peace and release of guilt I have carried since we released my husband into the care of a qualified institution. I know all is going well and we are happy looking forward to a future when we can be together in a place of infinite joy.
Malinda Gay Krizan
Cedar Rapids, IA
Remarkable show! Combination of excellent workmanship, conceptual authenticity and profound meaning leads to a moving experience for the viewer.
Judy Kash
Cedar Rapids, IA
Wow! Amazing quilters and stories — everyone should see this. Amazing! My mother has Alzheimer's and I have taken care of her for eight years now. I am a quilter and this was really inspiring and true-to-life stories.
Marcella M. Sharp
My husband had Alzheimer's and died in Dec. of 2000. Many changes are happening in research and treatment of this horrible disease. Quilting during the time of caregiving was a release for me. The stories well describe the emotions caregivers' experience. Thank you all for sharing your words and creative talents.
Jean E. Tanner
Marion, IA
My grandfather had Alzheimer's. His two daughters, one of them my mother, has it also. It is very close to my heart. Mom is still alive buy unable to care for herself so is in a nursing home. I hope that funding can be increased so we can cure this horrible disease.
Carol Crane
Cedar Rapids, IA
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to view these quilts in this wonderful Meth-Wick setting. The quilts and their narratives were heart-wrenching. What a truly wonderful thing you have done bringing this to Iowa.
Gene and Nancy Tychsen (Robin Middorf's parents)

American Association of Homes & Services for the Aging (AAHSA) Annual Meeting
Orlando, FL
October 20-24, 2007

Thank you so much for your gift of sharing, and your commitment to helping those experiencing Alzheimer's --- both for the financial help to find a cure, but more for the way of helping the pain and the love find a truly artistic expression worthy of the people who have been "lost" in the grips of the disease.
Colleen Bloom
American Association of Homes & Services for the Aging (AAHSA)
I love what you have brought together here. What an outstanding, moving exhibit. I have worked with people with this horrible disease for 17 years and have experienced with my residents most of what is shared on the quilts. God bless you for putting it together.
Steve Merrill
Oklahoma Methodist Manor
Tulsa, OK
The highlight of the convention — words are not necessary to explore the world of Alzheimer's. The quilts tell the whole story.
Jane Rosenthal
Very touching — Inspires me to continue caring for those who are afflicted by this disease.
Muriel Van Oordt
The art work and talent are awe inspiring. To read the accompanying stories, along with the quilts, makes me cry and reflect.
Rebecca Brandon
Thank you so much! What an inspiration!
What a magnificent testimony — labors of love. God bless you and be with you as you help others "tell/sew their stories.
Sue Bucher
So beautiful. Reminds me of the French film, "Remember The Beautiful Things," about a young woman with Alzheimer's. Very touching.
Brown and purple quilt — unbelievable! Wonderful craftsmanship!
The puzzle pieces moved me, also the tribute to a man and his family.
Wonderful exhibition, full of joy and tears, for life embraces all emotions.
Seanta Clark
Thank you for sharing your creativity and caring.
Audrey Stein
Wonderful — some sad stories, but we know there's hope.
Kathryn Witta
Thank you for sharing this wonderful work!
Pattye L. Sawyer
Great show!
Cheri Crist
More than qulits, these are beautiful expressions of your hearts.
I have heard from everyone how moving and beautiful this show is! I had to see it for myself.
Stunning, beautiful…
Judy Brown & David Ward
Wonderful quilts —

An amazing art display! Love the diversity of the images/stories.
Beautiful display.
Carol Foster
Great display — wonderful!
Carolyn Madeira
Outstanding show!
Frank Byrd
Beautifully done!
Bert C.
The most profound experience of the conference.
Debra Zehr
The ballerina quilt touched my core! Perfect!
Missing puzzle piece quilt — wow! So realistic.
Linda C.
Powerful. Thank you!
Janice Cambron
Absolutely gorgeous.
Stunningly good!
Roger Stevens
Touching — Inspiring!
Marsha Bell
Tears in my eyes!!
Connie deAngelo
Very touching qulits. Great job!
Sue P.
A big eye opener. Everyone should see it.
Heart wrenching. Lovely!
Maria Smith
Judi H.
Touching and beautiful. Great job! Excellent stories. Thank you,
T. Schmidt
This exhibit is beautiful, so touching. Thanks for helping to find a cure by using a special talent to do this.
This is a great show of passion and talent.
Touching and very moving. Thank you.
Rachel Zellers
Touching and so moving. Thanks.
Carol Benner
Beautiful and disturbing, tears in my eyes as I think about my wife's mother and fear the possibility of my wife having Alzheimer's.
Wonderful, ballerina!
Glad I dropped by!
Very moving, incredible stories!
This is such a beautiful project! So happy you shared this with us at our conference.
Marsha Green
Thank you for sharing your art I such a profound way! J. Boyd
A rare opportunity to share in the lives of those touched by Alzheimer's.
It breaks my heart and gives me hope.
Beautiful work, beautiful message.
Jim Binnicker
Very moving. Beautiful.
Very important work — well done and incisive.
Sun City, AZ
Beautiful, touching, aching — brought back memories of my mother's illness and all the pain and love.
Sun City, AZ
Two thumbs up! Excellent!
Your display brought emotions I did not realize I had. Your time and detail makes the pieces of your display impact even the most unemotional of viewers.
Liz Harbison
Wonderful, wonderful!
Barbara Hood
Touched, deeply moved. Thank you!
B. Abbot
Wonderful — thanks! Enjoyed the interpretation
C. Ernst
Just exquisite and SO moving!
Beautiful expressions.
Pam Guigli
Museum quality, very moving.
The very worse disease ever, well-represented here.
B. Diane Wade
Amazingly beautiful — so very moving.
Very touched. Beautiful.
Janet L.
Very personal, moving. Thanks to all that bared their souls.
Kris Perrone
Very moving and beautiful.
Wonderful exhibit; so very moving!
Jim Johnson
Beautiful and too close to home
Judy Royalty
Beautiful and touching.
Loraine Deisinger
Judy Braun
Kathe Yerkes
Nancy Lengerich
Inspiring; touching!
Mary Ann Evans
Mary Klein
Thank you!
Angie Smith
This is a "must see."
This is magnificent art and a moving way to get in touch with how Alzheimer's impacts all of our lives.
One of the most touching displays I've ever seen.
What an amazing gift! Thank you!
Steve Dickie
Very powerful and moving.
John O'Connor
This is wonderful for grandmothers and granddaughters! Through Kathleen's eyes…
Karen G.
My wife is 56 years old. She has this disease. This exhibit brought tears to my eyes. It was very moving.
Thank you,
Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful quilts with their unique designs and stories.
Too many memories for me — thanks for the catharsis.
I cried and laughed, cried and laughed. Thank you,
Dawn Lucido
Wonderful exhibit!
Inspiring — awesome…thanks for sharing such personal thoughts.
Powerful, difficult, heart-touching…
Unbelievably moving! Strength…hope…
Rochelle Upfal
Very moving — personal and compassionate.
Very passionate — love the quilts!
Absolutely beautiful, artistic, moving, powerful, touching…
Great art!
Majd Alwan
I was very touched and moved by this exhibition. Now I don't feel so badly that my grandma forgot her favorite granddaughter. Understanding is the best way to cope. Art is a fabulous way to deliver such an important message. Thanks to all and let's hope for a cure.
Cheryl Nesbit
Amazing! Touching!
Judy H.
I really enjoyed "Fading Memories" by Linda Cooper and "A Bouquet For You" by Sue Nickels.
Marti Shick
What a moving visual of the affects of this disease — not just on the individual, but the entire family.
Sylvia Simons
Grand Rapids, MI
A story of this dreadful disease in quilts — better than in voice.
Anna V. Morres
Brookville, PA
Beautiful work!
These quilts are beautiful and bring many emotions of my mother and Alzheimer's. Thanks!
These quilts are great for grandmas and granddaughters because they can share different stories about the titles and quilts.
Kathleen Bloom
Age 9
Truly precious, rare and exquisite — stories of journeys taken and hope.
Quilt exhibit is all I heard about! People raved and were deeply moved.
The quilts are beautiful and extremely moving!
Terri Moore
Life Care Services

Border Quilt Festival
El Paso TX
October 5-6, 2007

A heart-wrenching exhibit. God bless each of you!
Linda Kraft
Just had the biggest cry in a long time. Had to stop and call my sister to "share." Magnificent!
Linda Newman
As an RN I have had the opportunity to care for many Alzheimer's patients. What a horrible disease.
Dixie Sladik
Brought back memories of my husband who died in November 2005 of dementia.
Bernice Frederick
Wonderful exhibition, very touching. Thanks for your bringing this issue to the quilters. Very touching.
Very touching — thank you for making this disease human.
I loved this exhibition. It was wonderfully beautiful!!
Emily Trainer

The Never Sweat Needlers' Annual Quilts Show
Dubois, WY
August 10-12, 2007

I watched a “cowboy” (yes, complete in boots and hats – we have the real thing here in Wyoming) spend over an hour looking at the quilts. He walked quietly away in tears — he could have been partying at the 50th Annual Firemen’s Buffalo Barbeque in the adjacent park, but he was looking at quilts — does that tell you how powerful this exhibit is and how many lives this disease impacts? While we usually have mostly women at our quilt shows there were plenty of men at this special exhibit.

People wearing “I saw the quilts” stickers after viewing Alzheimer’s: Forgetting Piece by Piece then went to the Barbeque and convinced their friends that they had to see the show. People came back for the second and third time! This exhibit MOVES people.
Karen Clark
I was honored to be able to tend the AAQI show when it was in Dubois. I worked several shifts, helped hang and take down the show, and found the sponsor to cover our shipping costs (the show was in part sponsored " memory of Bernard Didier" who died of Alzheimer's several years ago.)

We had great attendance at the Quilt Festival, and thus at the AAQI exhibit. For a town of around a thousand people, we did well — more than 600 people!

It was hard to hang the show. We had to pause several times to wipe our eyes. While tending the show, a few refused to view it - too painful; one expressed fear that it would hit her someday, and couldn't bear to see her possible future. Others came in for a few minutes, but couldn't take much — death of a loved one was too recent. Several came, viewed a few panels and left, returning several times until they had viewed the entire show.

I dispensed almost as many hugs, sometimes to strangers, as I did tissue. I cried with a few of them. We were awed by the workmanship, the creativity, the beauty, the rawness, the passion, the sorrow, the energy of the quilts.

I thought the stickers, "I saw the quilts!" were brilliant. Several folks came in on Saturday or Sunday, because they'd seen someone about town sporting a sticker, and came to see what the show was all about.

Thank you, Ami, for putting the AAQI together, and for deciding that no venue is too small for this exhibit. We looked at where the show had been, where it was going, and marveled that a small town in Wyoming had access to this. Thank you for making it so affordable.
Anna Moscicki
How powerful and to the point — very educational!
Elsie Preslar
This exhibit helps us all understand that learning never ends and that the quilts tell their own story. It reminds us all how to measure our life, and the lives of our friends and family as a true treasure.
Wendy Barket
Thank you for a wonderful exhibit. "Sundown" reminds me of the last days with my father who passed away in 2006 of Alzheimer's.
Thank you for this exhibit. I have been so blessed not to have had this affliction visited upon my own parents, who died five years ago in their nineties with minds intact. But I still resonate so powerfully with these images because to me the loss of memory would be devastating. Strength to all caregivers and may they not feel alone.
Laurie Gunst
My father was one of six children — five of whom ended life with some form of dementia — two formally (autopsy) died of Alzheimer's. The collective experience shown by this powerful art form tracks twenty-plus years of my family history.
Thank you,
Dorothy Remy
We lost Mom 2 years ago from this dreadful disease. Mom's emotions went from scared and agitated to, in the end, an unfamiliar state of confusion. She continued to smile and laugh, and that is how we will always remember her. It was the rest of the family that suffered with helplessness and wondering where our beautiful mom had gone. I pray for you, Ami, and all the caregivers everywhere.
Sandy Frericks
What a wonderful idea.
Leota Didrer
Wow! I needed this info.
Wanda Kennicott
Thanks for the display. It makes me sad and thankful at the same time. It has affected our family also. It is so cathartic.
T. Leonhardt
Loved every one especially #26 and #27. Please God not like #49.
Jeanette Serhoff
This exhibit stirred so many emotions.
Judy Hickman
What a wonderful but sad display.
Mary Kay Burmeister
What a terrific sharing experience.
Barbara Mercy
A beautiful and moving display.
Thank you,
Kay Jacoby
Beautiful and poignant and creative. Love the narratives.
Sheila Bost
Beautiful show - wonderful quilts
Donnabelle Leonhardt
Heartbreaking but beautiful.
Sandra Land
Exquisite! I am glad I got to see this in person.
Linda Garcia
Hard to hold back the tears.
Dorothy Schiff
Emotive art, very important, beautiful stories, so hard to read.
Thank you!
Eric Schift
Thank you for this exhibition. I like especially #43 and #36. Felicitation pour votre treveil.
Claire Girardier
Absolutely wonderful — a tearjerker!
Barb Huhn
Great show!
Cindy Huhn
Amazing! Heartbreaking!
Vickey Lapeyre
Great interpretation of a heart-wrenching disease. Tell all "great job." Thanks for sharing.
Ardi Moll
Thanks - It was neat to see this in my area of Wyoming!
Katy M.
Very powerful!
Glenda Hlavnicka
Thank you for sharing your stories and strength in the dynamic medium.
Cyndi Dugan

The Southern New Hampshire Quilt Festival
Nashua, NH
July 20-22, 2007

Amazing, beautiful work!
Donna Phelan
They were amazing — I cried! Beautiful and heartbreaking. I wish there was more information about how the quilts were made. Enjoyed the exhibit enormously.
Pat Butler
Very moving quilts. Heartbreaking and expresses the frustration of the caregivers.
Just a lovely and touching exhibition — very moving. Lovely quilts in many media — all well done.
I was very touched by all that I saw and the personal stories. I am a caregiver and found much comfort in viewing the show. Thanks!
Very powerful - an amazing exhibit. What a touching, emotional way to learn about Alzheimer's — everyone's fear!
I don't know what to say - very moving exhibit!
Very moving - Great tribute to the difficulty of this disease.
Luia Hazzard
Very powerful, very beautiful! My dad had Alzheimer's so I can relate. Many of the descriptions brought tears to my eyes. I hope they will get on Oprah — it will help many people understand.
Kristi Perker
Amherst, N.H.
Now I understand how a beautiful, gentle soul like my Aunt Lucille could slip away from us. A stranger sat where she had been. A maiden lady like another mother to us, she was a brilliant, talented artist. One day I took her some art materials. She shook her head. I said, "The gift is in your hands." She replied, "But not in here," pointing to her head. She knew!
Very eye-opening exhibit. Such a terrible disease! We all need to do all that we can to find a cure.
Kathy Hagen
Thank you for the moving exhibit and support that we are not alone on this journey.
Cyndi Muiznilks
Experiencing these quilts made me realize that Alzheimer's touches many people in many ways. The beauty of these quilts is that they show people have lived it and understand the heartache, humor and eventual loss of a loved one. Beautiful!
Michele Cantu
The families of all Alzheimer's disease patients should see these quilts. It is an awful disease.
Andrea Griges
Great show. We lost our Mother to this disease.
Faye and Bernice Shedd
People come and go / photographs fade / but these glorious quilts will live on forever.
Terry Holder
Wonderful exhibit and quilts. Thank you.
Very moving — beautiful work and wonderful tributes.
What love is shown in these quilts. Truly wonderful tributes to loved ones. Very touching exhibit.
Thank you for this wonderful, beautiful, sad show. It was so impressive.
Beautiful show — interesting interpretations of Alzheimer's.
The exhibit was an emotional journey —very poignant.
This was an incredible exhibit; very moving.
Very touching! God bless!
Very touching! I left with tears in my heart — such a great exhibit.
Emotionally captivating, beautiful testimonies to loved ones.
So touching — brings to life the sadness of the disease.
Having gone through it with both parents, it brings back so many memories; very moving!
This was a very moving exhibit. Our hearts go out to all families affected by the disease. My husband's father has dementia and it saddens us that his sharp memory was fading fast; this is a horrible thing for my husband to think about all the time. The quilts touched our hearts!
God Bless
The Hann Family
So moving,
Touched a real and raw spot in my life. I am not alone as we struggle though this disease.
Henry and Linda
Our family walks the Alzheimer's walk too. Thank you for the quilts,
Brenda Bellerese
Nashua, NH
Stunning, moving, impossible to forget.
Stan Jordan Moore
Conway, NH
I love all of the quilts in this show. They were very beautiful and moving.
Rebecca Rigden
Tewksbury, MA
Quilts say a lot without using words.
The meaning shown by the quilts is exactly the feelings and the vast emotions that I went through. Thank you for this exhibit. I don't feel so all alone with what I went through.
This was such a moving show. So many people are affected by Alzheimer's or some form of dementia. I loved the personal stories mixed in with the facts. I recognize my grandmother, and myaunts who are caring for her in these quilts.
My dad passed away at age 63 from Alzheimer's disease. Little was known at that time back in 1974. He began his downward spiral in his early 50s —a scary thought now that his children are all in our 50s. With research and hope, some day it may help others to not have to say that long goodby.
Carol Poitras
Moving exhibit.
Nashua, NH
Some people moved quickly through the exhibit, looking only at the quilts. I read each story, remembering both my father's and my aunt's "forgetting piece by piece." I have an acquaintance whose mother has just been diagnosed. I shall give the book to her in hopes of helping her…
Manchester, NH
Very moving. Great works!
Mary Brookfield
Thank you; I learned a lot.
Susan Deschenes
I lost a brother to dementia. These quilts are remarkable.
Beverly Jackson
Thank you so much for putting together a moving exhibit.
Laurie Manz
Moving and heartbreaking.
Alice Kebrun
Amazing and very moving.
C. Burns
Amazing and different perspectives.
Ginny Nedved Cook
Makes us think: "Who are we?"
Beth Bartlett
Many women in my family, on both sides, have suffered from this disease. Difficult to view, but worth it.
Dianne Zankiewicz
Excellet!! We should be prepared.
Impressive and informative.
Excellent display, very touching.
Betty Majon
Very moving exhibit.
Cindy O'Neil
Eloquently presented. Excellent, very emotional!
Wonderful exhibit — words that will stay with me forever!
Pat Morearty
My dad is dying of Alzheimer's. Powerful exhibit.
Debbie Rhoades
Amazing, disheartening, hopeful.
Jan Taylor
Very touching, emotional, beautiful quilting
Judy Takata
Beautiful exhibit —very touching and educational
Very impressive
Very touching and informative display. We need to remember caregivers. This is very, very incredible. Beautifully done and so, so touching!!
Wonderful display!
Wonderful exhibit/quilts. Great job!
Fran Wolf
Overwhelming exhibit. Fantastic!
Esther Hanover
Touched my heart as my in-laws are experiencing this sad disease, one as the patient and my mother-in-law as the cargiver.
Faye Tresrik
Wonderful exhibit.
Jeannine M. Regney
Unforgettable quilts and stories.
Terese C.
Beautiful, but sad.
Fran Hesslu
A beautiful way to portray a terrible disease.
Cindy Patterson
A very powerful exhibit. My dad had Alzheimer's, too.
Such incredible sharing. Thank you for showing Alzhiemer's through fabric.
The quilts were so poignant and were also beautifully done in their artistry.
Jeanne Braen
Such an amazing, evocative display. Painful, but so very worthwhile.
Susan Nelson
Woburn, MA
Amazing display. I cried all the way through.
Newton, MA

The Vermont Quilt Festival
Essex Junction, VT
June 28-30, 2007

I was so pleased with the Alzheimer's exhibit hanging at the VQF. The most emotional quilts about sadness, loss, confusion, etc. were at the beginning and middle of the exhibit. Several quilts found some solace, humor, bright memories, etc. and these were hung more toward the end of the exhibit so that you left with rays of hope in your mind rather than rays of sadness. And having lived through having my mother-in-law with us for two years and 7 years in the nursing home as she disappeared into the disease, I saw the balance of humor and sadness that you definitely need to keep in mind. Happiness and hope are hard to keep in sight when you focus on the depressing part all the time, in the world or in your own life.
Marilyn D.
I was struck by the difference in the mood that your show-within-a-show produces. Surrounded by vendors, classes, competitions, the exhibit, Alzheimer's: Fogetting Piece by Piece, creates an oasis of shared feeling. People stop to read, look, and talk quietly among themselves. Everyone has a story. This exhibit brings us together to share memories and loss.
Linda Dunn
Cambridge, MA
I just returned from the Vermont Quilt Festival where my friends and I were very, very moved by the exhibit of the Alzheimer's Quilts. (They provided lots of tissues!) What a beautiful tribute to all who have been touched by this misery! We especially liked Sue Nichols contribution of support and sympathy. Thank you for beginning this project, and thank you for sharing,
Sue Colwell
I had the honor of viewing the Alzheimer's quilt exhibit at the Vermont Quilt Festival. It was stunning, moving, and so important. I had to go through it twice and still could not read all the artists' statements. I cry easily and I didn't stand a chance in the exhibit. I ended up having to look at the quilts without reading the statements just to keep my emotions under control. My mother has Alzheimer's and the write-ups expressed my feelings and frustrations so well. She lives in Maine and I live in New York so I don't see her very often. The last time we spoke I really don't think she had any idea who I was.

One of my friends that went to the show is a home health aide teacher and purchased the book to use in her class. She's going to have each student pick a couple of quilts to read about before they visit the Alzheimer's patients. I was finally able to read about the quilts in the car on the way home.

So, thank you for all you are doing to help conquer this disease.
Nancy Hullings
(Diane Petersmarck's) Alzheimer's quilt is awesome, and Ami Simms' quilt really spoke to me. I thought the whole exhibit was amazing. Don't miss it if it comes your way. The book or CD are well worth it. Mom (90 years old) went with me and she was nearly in tears after the first two, so I had to stop reading the statements to her so she could get through the rest to see them through her tears.
Marilyn D
The Very Best Exhibit that I have ever experienced. As I roamed through the display I did not see a dry eye!! The methods the quilters used to express love, anger, sadness and even humor......were very well done and each and every story poignant. This is an experience that should be had by all. Thank you so much for bringing that chance to me.
Kathy DeGrassie
Salisbury, NH
We have just seen the Alzheimer's art quilt exhibit at the Vermont Quilt Festival. I had read about it and had seen the warning that it was not an easy display to view. I could not hold the tears back. I viewed the display by myself, and took my husband to it later in the day. He was so overcome he had to walk away. Neither of us has had family or close friends affected by Alzheimer's — but reading what the artists have experienced and seeing how they have translated their experience into quilts was very moving and emotional indeed. I realize Alzheimer's could one day affect us personally. I pray the research continues to determine the causes and to find a cure.
I just returned from the Vermont Quilt Festival where my friends and I were very, very moved by the exhibit of the Alzheimer's Quilts. (They provided lots of tissues!) What a beautiful tribute to all who have been touched by this misery! We especially liked Sue Nichols contribution of support and sympathy. Thank you for beginning this project, and thank you for sharing.
Sue Colwell
Viewing these quilts and reading the artist's statements is like a conversation with a close friend who's gone through the things you are just beginning to experience.
Thank you,
Betsy Habich
Great display. Very moving.
Amazing display of artwork, craft, emotion, and facts on Alzheimer's. It is both educating and illuminating — thank you.
Wonderful display and heart wrenching, as well as educational to those who know little about the disease.
Wonderful portrayal of so many aspects of the disease.
Wonderful, moving, emotional, and sad.
As a geriatric nurse practitioner working with AD residents in nursing homes, I didn't think I would be as moved as I was seeing and reading about these quilts. In each one I can see or think of my wonderful residents who all had lives "before AD." Sometimes this comes through and it is a wonderful time. The lives this all effects are uncountable — no one is immune. Thank you for a moving and wonderful exhibit.
This is a beautiful, thoughtful exhibit — my husband's sister died with Alzheimer's. Very touching.
Very meaningful and nostalgic — my father-in-law suffered with Alzheimer's for over 10 years.
What a wonderful tribute--very moving!
So different, yet so similar--especially the puzzle pieces.
June T. Giroux
Scary…Inspirational…Necessary to experience.
Very touching —is there anyone this does not touch!? Especially the comment "this is such a long goodbye."
A wonderful, touching exhibition. I have walked around with a lump in my throat as I have a husband, age 61, who has had AD for 9 years.
Sue Walters (UK)
I have just begun the journey of caring for a family member with Alzheimer's. Already I understand the raw emotion that doesn't seem to end. In the last four months I have been tortured by the WANT to make her days easier — it is a void in my skills as a caregiver. The raw edge applique speaks to the bleakness of all the raw emotions my mother-in-law feels each day. Coming to this quilt show is the first respite I've had. Thanks for the quilts!
Barbara E. Roberts
Extremely moving—Everyone is touched by Alzheimer's! If we do not have it in our immediate family we have in our extended family or in our friend's families. Hopefully research will find the key to unlock the terribleness of this disease so those in the future do not have to suffer from its terrible debilitating effects.
This display was so close to home and emotional. I purchased the book to read at home in private. The next day I returned and purchased three more as gifts to friends and one for the home my Mom is in.
I recently lost my mom in March, 2007 and these quilts were so emotional for me. I had a hard time stopping the tears. In her last few years, we could no longer converse with her and I missed those mother-daughter talks.
Absolutely amazing — extremely touching.
J Tessier
What a beautiful display of love. I lost my grandfather to the disease. It is heart-warming to see the tribute to all those affected by the disease.
To Grandpa Tony, we miss you still.
Kim Seymour
My father died from multiple infarct dementia — very much like Alzheimer's. It hurt deeply to see such a vital man fade into the mist of this disease. Your exhibit showed a wonderful insight.
Dean Rauch
What a potpourri of thought, intellect, and emotion! The subject matter is very sad. The quilts are beautiful. Thank you.
I have cared for Alzheimer's patients and this exhibit so very well shows all the joy, trial, and tribulations family and friends go through. Thank you.
I have been a nurse for many years; I have had a small interaction with Alzheimer's disease. These quilts certainly depict the terror and heartbreaks of this terrible disease.
The project is extremely emotional. So true, working with Alzheimer's patients is such a challenge. Fantastic to do this and share with all of us.
Cheryl Heneveld
These personal artistic expressions are beautiful and superbly created and shared. Your show is a natural for "Oprah!" Jean
Very powerful — making art is expressing personal meaning. I see my own experience expressed in ways where I had no words.
My mother-in-law is in a nursing facility, on a secure dementia unit. It was an extremely difficult decision for my husband, his father, and siblings.
This is a wonderful exhibit! The images are so powerful and the stories, so poignant. I found myself near-to-tears throughout!
Pat Speller
Wonderful, moving, thoughtful…
Pat O'Leary
Very moving and powerful exhibit. This is such a hateful disease. Seeing the beauty of these quilts inspires hope.
Beautiful, sad, educational!
Judith Seibold
In memory of my beloved cousin,
Joan Haley
Absolutely incredible! Moving--so much emotion--story--feel blessed that I was able to view these up close!!! What an opportunity! Thank you!!!!!!!

38th Annual National Quilting Association Showl
Columbus, OH
June 7-9, 2007

To be honest, my expectations of the exhibit were blown out of the water when I saw it. When we asked where you were in the show, the people directed us to you and then said, "Or you can just look for the people crying and the kleenex". I thought, "They're just quilts! What's the big deal?" But when I saw them, I became speechless. I didn't want to leave. I have a parent with Alzheimer's, but my friend does not and she was in tears, too. The quilts are so inspirational and I felt like I wasn't alone in what I've been feeling.
Susan Robinson
I was privileged to have visited your exhibit twice — once in Paducah and once in Columbus, Ohio. I was most deeply touched by your quilt and that of another woman. Reading the labels to each and every quilt sent shivers through my entire body. I learned that Alzheimer's is a most cruel disease. It is my sincere hope that a cure may be found.
Marie Karickhoff

23rd Annual AQS Showl
Paducah, KY
April 25-28, 2007

I have just returned from Paducah where I viewed the Alzheimer's quilts, They were spectacular and not one of my group had dry eyes by the time we viewed all the quilts. Great job by everyone!
Robin P.
I saw the traveling Alzheimer's display in Paducah, KY last weekend. It was just wonderful. I couldn't read many of the stories that went with the quilts because then I would have mascara running down my face. So many of the quilts told the story of the missing pieces to their lives. It was just so touching to see them.
Centerville, IN
The quilts and the stories were very moving.
Gwen G.
These are wonderful. They really depict what happens to our loved ones!
These quilts are quite moving and emotional.
Jane Powers
These are the most poignant exhibit I've seen.
Saw the show at Road To California, Chicago, and now Paducah. Loved Sonia Callahan's quilts.
This exhibit touches many lives - very moving - made me laugh and cry!
It took me three times to make it through all of them.
Each quilt was very touching.
A very powerful exhibit. Touches the soul.
Quilts are involved with formalistic issues — this exhibit combines formalism with content —very strong and moving.

Quilter's Guild of Dallas Showl
Dallas, TX
March 16-18, 2007

I have just seen the incredible exhibit at the Quilter's Guild of Dallas Show & I am so moved by the power of the quilts. No one is exempt from experiencing this horror & you have touched us all today. I cannot remember ever seeing anything more moving. Thanks for bringing it to a national audience's awareness.
Pat Mills
Dallas, TX
Very moving. Thanks for bringing this exhibition to Dallas.
Something everyone needs to see – thanks for telling the stories.
Please, please make a book of all the quilts – soooo moving.
This exhibit does so much to honor so many who have experienced Alzheimer's. Thanks!
Ronnelle George
My daughter, Naomi Adams, told me that everyone is touched by this exhibit. She is right.
Very powerful show!
The display of the creators of the quilts feelings shines through. I laughed and cried. The caregivers will be rewarded in Heaven. Thanx
Thank you, it is great.
The exhibit was visually beautiful and the explanation of the creation of parts, etc made the disease very “visual” to audience. The Black Heart was the most striking emotional visual effect!
Very moving. Thank you for sharing it.
Very moving exhibit – some quilts are hard to look at because they are painful!
This has been amazing and healing. Thank you.
Melinda Hoffman
Very moving. The artists did a brilliant job of expressing what Alzheimer's is. Thank you.
They are all so beautiful and memorable.
They were all very heart warming.
The quilts are beautiful.
This exhibit made me cry. My mom, 91, has this awful disease.
So sad and frightening! Will it happen to me?
Fabulous, what the journal entries added to a sad and losing battle by loved ones.
Thank you – a very moving exhibit.
Great show – powerful, touching.
Ginny Eckley
Too close to home.
So precious!
Hard to look at……a dark beauty….
Allison Hicks
Very powerful…..sad tribute to loved ones.
Jeannine James
Sad and beautiful. Judith Brumm
These come from the heart.
The quilt with the poem really speaks to me.
My aunt died from Alzheimer's. I miss her.
This is the most incredibly moving gesture I’ve ever seen for Alzheimer’s.
The quilts with the holes are powerful…because there are such gaps in memory.
I am amazed how all the quilts are so different, but each is true.
It is so beautiful and moving. Thank you.
I saw the same exhibit in Missouri, but today there is so much information on your table about Alzheimer’s. I’m glad my husband was able to see the exhibit today.
Many people clutched their hearts or just cried.
“The Crooked Path” looks like black lightning to me. I am impressed by these quilts.
I find “Mourning Too Soon” extremely powerful in its use of the Victorian mourning colors of purple and brown.
I like that the show ends with Sue Nickel’s quilt, "A Bouquet For You," which has a hopeful message.
How amazing that the quilt A Day with Beebe, is made with fabric that Ami’s mom, Beebe, designed.

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival
Hampton, VA
February 22-25, 2007

I too saw these quilts in Va...and found them to be absolutely and phenomenally touching. A touch of sad reality shown in fabric! This disease touches so many lives in so many families. And these quilts will no doubt bring hope and funds to those working on a cure.
Thanks to you, Ami, for starting this initiative!
Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed the Forgetting Piece by Piece exhibit at Hampton. I was so moved by the exhibit and felt that making these pieces must have been so therapeutic for their creators. I am so inspired by your success at raising funds for research. It’s amazing what one woman with a vision can accomplish. I’m sitting here looking at my mini-quilt that I won on one of your silent auctions about a year ago. I hope to add to my collection soon with another. Thank you again for all that you do,
Linda Mawhinney (quilter and golden retriever groupie!)
The exhibit was wonderful. Your white-glover, Helen, from New Zealand was wonderful to talk to. But the CD with the quilts and quilters expressing why they did their quilts is phenomenal. A friend let me borrow her CD because I did not have an opportunity to buy it at Mid-Atlantic. I am buying one to watch over and over again when I am having a pity party. It reminds me "it could be worse". I could not stop crying while watching the CD. I encourage everyone to buy a copy of the CD for their quilt library. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful exhibit and oral history with the world.
Jan S,
Williamsburg, VA
I was privileged to see the quilts in Hampton. My husband and I are currently caring for his 98-year-old father, who has the beginning symptoms of dementia. We are trying so hard to care for him while helping him care for himself as best he can. I did buy the CD of the quilts so that my husband (who was on various golf courses in VA during my days at the quilt show) could see the exhibit and hear the words of the quiltmakers. Both of us viewed the quilts with tears in our eyes. Though Dad does not have Alzheimer's, the affects of his dementia are much the same and coping as caregivers, is as well. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share in this project which affects so many.
HelenMarie M.
Fort Washington, PA
Thanks to all of the quilters who portrayed the sadness, the devastation, the heartbreak of Alzheimer's disease. It's been 15 years since my mother died, after about 6 bad years with it and, when we looked back, 10 years of its development. Nasty, horrible disease that takes the person away from herself and from us. The quilts are very moving. I met a friend there and she said, "I can't read any more," as tears rolled down her cheeks. She would look at the quilts, but could not read the stories. I told her about the beautiful bouquet quilt that was made to honor all those who care for the stricken ones, and steered her to where it was hanging. She smiled then.
Beautiful exhibit.
Thank you,
Leslie B.
Bridgewater, VA
I went to Mid-Atlantic in Hampton and thought the Alzheimer's display was amazingly powerful. I cried as did several others I was with. POWERFUL is the best word I can find at the moment.
Mary Beth Baker
Lexington, VA
I went to the Quiltfest Show in Hampton Virginia and had the honor of viewing the exhibit. All I can say is WOW. Awe inspiring, beautiful, sad, funny, humbling, and gracious all in one. We laughed at some of the panels (the car stealing daughter was great), and teared up with many. If you have the chance to see this traveling show, take the time, read the stories and study the intricate work that was done on each quilt. They were truly done with love and I am sure were a cleansing and healing part of the grief process. My Aunt has this disease and it is so very hard on her children and loved ones. Thank you to each of the quilters for sharing this with the public.
Mary Schiano
Chester, VA
I had such a memorable day white-gloving the quilts in Hampton. They are incredible in person! Sherry (the On-Site AAQI Volunteer Coordinator) did a marvelous job with the exhibit and the helpers and the viewers! It was very emotional and satisfying and you should be so proud of the living memorial to your mother and all of the others stricken with this disease. I did get the disturbing question several times, "Were these quilts made by the Alzheimer patients." Well, speaking personally, I sincerely hope not!

I spent some time with your quilt (as did many quilters) and admire the workmanship and design aspect and "Ami humor" in the background squares. It's very powerful.

Thanks for all that you are doing and congratulations on a super well-organized beautiful endeavor!
Linda Cooper
Burke, VA
I came away from the quilt show with renewed strength and commitment to carry on with the education for Alzheimer's disease! The quilts are beautiful, and the reaction of the people who saw them was priceless. I talked to a number of folks, and was so moved by their ability to recognize their own journeys. So much healing taking place!

I was particularly impressed with the "technical" explanations that accompanied the stories, and my mind raced with teaching possibilities! Folks understand and connect with the emotional aspects of this disease, and to take that emotion and use it for knowledge is marvelous. Nicely done!!

Ami, thanks for this wonderful exhibit. It touches a lot of hearts and minds and I know renewed a lot of spirits.
Sue Stone
Outreach Coordinator,
Alzheimer's Family Day Center
Fairfax, VA
We looked at the Alzheimer's Quilts…you could see in the quilts the turmoil, pain and heartache of the caregivers, family members, etc. These quilts brought some to tears. They were not perfect, artsy, full of color and beauty quilts, they were so "real" in what they conveyed. Amazing how quilters can get their feelings into cloth so clearly.
Rosalie in VA

Road To California Quilters' Showcase
Ontario, CA
January 18-21, 2007

I visited the show in Ontario, California. I'm not a quilter, but the husband of one. When I saw this exhibit I felt like I was standing on sacred ground. Deeply touching. Thanks for the vision to share this.
David T.
Fullerton, CA
These were the most emotionally moving quilts I have ever seen. The stories were so heart wrenching, I couldn't contain my emotions. I cried so hard, I had to leave the building.
Santa Barbara
I just saw the show at Road to California and was particularly touched by the quilt dedicated to the caretakers. The hourglass shaped like a heart really made the point about the drain this disease can have on those around the patient.
Thank you,
Carol A.
Los Angeles, Ca
The heartfelt designs are inspirational and glorious. God bless caregivers!
Marla B.
This was amazing. I cried, smiled, and loved it!
Cynthia T.
Very moving exhibit---thank you!
I want to say that I just came back from the 'Road to California' show. The traveling Alzheimer's exhibit is really something. The quilts are so meaningful and sad. Made me realize even more how devastating the disease really is.

The Greater Chicago Quilt Exposition
Schaumburg, IL
November 9-12, 2006

Wonderful Collection! Loved the purse, Mom collected everything.
Thank you for doing this quilt exhibit for the benefit of the Alzheimer’s patients and their families.
Of all your contributions to our world—books, teaching, humor, countless smiles and laughter, this exhibit is by far your greatest contribution.
Thank You
Thanks for all the work on this! My Grandpa died in 1979 from “Hardening of the Arteries.” I wonder……
Wonderful collection! I was inspired by every piece.
Christine Popoff
Very inspirational! Great Work!
As the child and caregiver of an Alzheimer’s victim, I found this most comforting in that I am not alone.
Thank you.
There is no favorite – they are all so poignant. They need to be in a book for more exposure to this debilitating disease – Please!
Tears Of….. Yes, my heart also feels as yours. You have explained it so well in your quilt. Thank you for the privilege to see what is in your heart.
Very moving.
Donna Fox
It is a very moving exhibit.
This exhibit is beautiful! I am moved by the beauty of these tributes.
Thank You!
Wooster, OH
This is wonderful!
Phyllis Bedmarek
A very powerful exhibit.
Renee Beer
So moving and so evocative in cloth of the terrible toll on person and families this disease exacts. Cathy Dillon
Arlington Heights, IL
Beautiful quilts! I hope it encourages people to find a cure and spend time with those they love before Alzheimer’s or dementia sets in.
Sandy Starkron
A very moving exhibit.
An awesome exhibit. The stories are very moving.
Great Exhibit – Thought provoking
Great and moving exhibit
This is like living inside the lives of these families for a few moments.
Having been a caregiver during my career, I appreciate the thoughts and thoughtful quilts – Just Great!
Sharon McDonnell
Very touching. Beautiful Job!
Mary Wussier
Stunning, amazing, touching!!
Joanne Everett
Western Spring, IL

Pacific International Quilt Festival
Santa Clara, CA
October 12-15, 2006

What an amazing exhibit! The staff who volunteered from our office was moved to tears, as was I. This was a wonderful exhibit and I am thrilled we were able to have the opportunity to support you in your fight against Alzheimer’s disease — as we all strive for that cure!
Angel Duncan
Alzheimer's Association of Northern CA & Northern NV
Thank you for initiating the Alzheimer's quilts display. It was an amazing experience to be there with others viewing it. My usual volunteering is being a spiritual caregiver at a local hospital, and in many ways these were the skills I was using while white gloving. I heard many stories, saw many tears, and saw much comfort coming from the quilts. I thought people were quite generous with their donations and many bought the CD..some, including myself, because we could not take in the whole exhibit at once; it was too emotionally powerful.
Pam Giffin-Brees

Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza
Harrisburg, PA

The Alzheimer's exhibit was stirring. It was hard to read one account and then go on to another one but you could not walk away. My friend got the CD for her college roommate whose mother has Alzheimer's.
Carol Hillegas
New Cumberland, PA
We weren't allowed to take pictures of the Alzheimer's exhibit, but I can assure you that they are deeply moving. There were people sobbing, and white glove folks handing tissues around. One of the members of The Fiber Alliance, Barbara Campbell, had a wonderful, poignant piece hanging there called "Remember Me". She has quilted the word 'remember' all through it. Her piece, and many others like it, were highly evocative of the complicated emotions involved with seeing a loved one slowly coming undone as they suffer from this heartbreaking disease.
Sue Kaufman
Drums, PA
I, too, spent a great deal of time admiring the Alzheimer's Exhibit at the PNQE in Harrisburg on Friday. Kudos to Ami and all the quilters. This was a tour-de-force of fascinating storytelling, visually and text-wise. As an editor, I particularly loved how the bits of Alzheimer's education served as appropriate footnotes to the personal statements. What a great way to do consciousness raising as well as fundraising for a good cause!
Eleanor Levie
My husband & I traveled to the Harrisburg show and I did volunteer for white glove duty on Friday. It was a very emotional experience. I was surprised at the number of people who read each and every story….I had to see it in small spurts of time as I couldn’t read everything at once. I started to listen and look at the CD this morning, but again, only could do so much at once. The stories are passionate and real and sad. It must have been a difficult task for you to put all of this together. Thank you for making a difference.
Barbara Campbell
The beauty . . . the sadness . . . the feeling . . . from every one was astounding. Thank you to all your artists, the quilts were lovely, the stories profound, and thank you, Ami, for putting it all together. I think it made the whole show meaningful.
Judith Biondo Meeker
How to describe the exhibit? I started crying a quarter of the way down the row, as did my husband. I was very touched by the exhibit and bought the CD so I could have a remembrance of the exhibit and study the quilts more closely. My mother, who died on February 14, 2005, of pneumonia, was diagnosed with dementia but not officially Alzheimer's. However, so many of the comments of the quilt artists rang so true with the experiences I had in my mother's final years. My prayers are with everyone who has a loved one experiencing this disease, and thank you, Ami, for coordinating this grassroots effort to bring awareness to it. I haven't been able to get through the entire CD yet. It's taken me two sittings to get through probably half to two-thirds of it so far. Can someone send some tissues my way?
Beth in Pennsylvania
Thanks for the warning about Kleenex. I needed them. The Alzheimer's Quilts are beautifully staged, located in the center of the entire show so everyone can find them. And everyone did. First time that I've ever been to a show where people stopped to read about each and every quilt. (Like everyone else, I usually read just about the ones that catch my eye.) While I was there this morning, there was a steady stream of people stopping at each quilt….People were very respectful of the quilts. And now I'm going to look at the CD so I can see all the quilts again. Congrats on a job well-done.
Flo Jolly
I really enjoyed all of the quilts at the Harrisburg Quilt Show for the Alzheimer Art Quilt Initiative. They were all so interesting and had such a great depth of feeling.Then I came home from the quilt showy and eventually sat down and watched the Alzheimer CD. I can't tell you how much more depth the quilts had once each person's story was added to it. It brought out such emotion that was unbelievable. I believe my mother is in the early stages of Alzheimer and some of the things people said and put in their quilts stuck so close to my own heart. I just wanted to tell you I think this is a wonderful thing that was created and I'm glad you took the energy and time to do it.
For seven years I watched my beautiful mother slowly fade away. The exhibit in Nashville was amazing. I read every word that every artist wrote. When I got to the halfway point, I saw you and knew I had to say thank you. I also knew if I opened my mouth I would loose it, but had to say something. So I opened my mouth, burst into tears, gave you a hug and you handed me a tissue, so I'm sure I wasn't the only one to do that. The exhibit was so moving. Ami, thank you again.
Jeanie Sakrison Velarde
Very powerful……moving.
Made me think of how we “lost” my dear mum to this terrible illness. Thank-you.
Very overwhelming. I can’t even think anymore. God Bless you for sharing so much of yourselves.
This exhibit is very emotional. I do not have anyone near to me that has Alzheimer’s; these quilts bring this disease to life and makes it real for all who view them.
Nottingham, PA
A wonderful exhibit, but too sad for me to read more. It’s one of the things we all fear.
God Bless them all.
Pedriktown, NJ
Dear Friends, your message and work are most powerful and lovely at the same time.
Wayne, PA
Very nice- makes one think!
Cumberland, MD
This is a very moving display of emotion for me.
Nancy, PA
My mother has Alzheimer’s and I miss her everyday. I miss the talks, but the love and smiles remain. This exhibit has truly touched my heart. I am strong supporter of the cause.
Elaine Brown
Philadelphia, PA
Amazing that so many others can see into my heart.
As a nurse who works with geriatric people, I found the quilts and stories very moving. Thank you for your message.
The intense depiction of the progress of the disease gets one intimately into personal stories. Quilts are also beautifully made, unlike some “message” pieces.
Barbara Gay
Alexandria, VA
Wonderful show. Very emotional. My dad passed away from complications of Alzheimer’s. I can appreciate much of these feelings expressed.
Joan Joy
Liverpool, NY
Incredible insight into a disease that “kills two people” as my Dad describes caring for my mom. I am a nurse and take care of many lovely wonderful folks with Alzheimer’s. I was petrified a loved one of mine would join this terrible journey. It is so hard for family, friends, care givers, nurses…. A wonderful exhibit and vision.
Thank you,
Gail Rae
Brondtip, PA
My second trip to this amazing display. The quilts cover all aspects of this debilitation, the fraying of fabric examples of frayed and fried nerves of patient and caregiver is so wonderfully expressed. Having a mom with this disease magnifies these feelings. Bravo! Great job to boast awareness and understanding.
Kathy Burk
Dellsburg PA

AQS 2006 Quilt Exhibition
Nashville, TN
August 23-26, 2006

I took my mother to the AQS show at Opryland last year and had no idea the Alzheimer's exhibit was there. That was the first exhibit we saw. At the time my mother and dad were caretakers for my aunt who had Alzheimer's. Obviously on viewing these very poignant quilts which bring the message home so clearly, my mom had a mini meltdown. My aunt has since passed away, but the exhibit has long left its impression on my mom's soul.
After viewing this wonderfully poignant exhibition at AQS, Nashville I was speechless. Those of us who have lost a parent to Alzheimer’s can identify with each quilt in the exhibition. When you first see them, they are overwhelming and you leave the exhibition, simply because it is too painful. But, then you are drawn back to these powerful quilts. As you read the stories that accompany the quilts, you begin to remember…. You remember the sad, the difficult, the unpleasant, and then all of sudden you smile. You understand that you are not alone, here is your family. You didn’t want to belong to this family, but, here you are. I must say after view this powerful exhibition I did not feel alone anymore. The sisters I do not have were their sharing their stories and yes, even smiling with me. You see you cannot always feel sad there is great humor in life and just knowing that someone somewhere is sharing their most private thoughts though a quilt, had a dramatic effect on me. And, I wanted to share that feeling to all who are walking that road today.
Muriel Corcoran
New Hampshire
Recently I had the opportunity to see your exhibit at the Nashville Expo and I was moved to tears as I read the words attached to each quilt. We have a very dear lady in our church who was recently diagnosed as in the early stage of Alzheimer's and we are at a loss as to what we can do to help. She is so brave and lets us all know that she has no fear but I think we must be more afraid for ourselves. Regardless, I trust that your project will continue to grow for it is truly a worthwhile cause. Thanks! Hazel D.
Leesburg, FL
The exhibit in Nashville was so overwhelming - emotionally and visually. So much of what I read and saw in the quilts sent arrows through my heart, and tears tumbling down my cheeks. It was as though you and other artists had felt and thought my exact sentiments…How can something be so painful and yet so hopeful at the same time? My sister, Moira, and I could view and read just a few of the quilts at a time and then we needed to leave for a while and regain our composure.
Rose Schreck
I was in Nashville last week and had the privilege to view the Alzheimer’s quilt exhibit. It was one of the most powerful and emotional moments I have experienced in a very long time. Because of the emotion involved in viewing and reading about the experiences of these quilt makers I could only view 6 or 7 at a time. Finally when on emotional overload I decided to purchase the CD so I could hear the stories and reflect on them over a more extended period of time. As a result of experiencing this exhibit I daily want to thank my Lord that as of this time I have not been personally touched by this tragic disease and ask that if I should have to experience this with a loved on that I would have the courage and grace to face it just as the makers of these quilts did. Thank you Ami for putting this exhibit together. I live near Harrisburg, PA. I was not planning to attend the quilt show there next week having just been to Nashville, but now that I know this exhibit will be there I will have to reconsider and will certainly encourage others to go just for this exhibit.
Suzanne B Maryland
I cannot begin to describe all the fantastic quilts. And the Alzeimer's exhibit was incredible — difficult and inspiring all at the same time. I went through the exhibits several times in two days.
Lorraine Layne
I have also just returned from the AQS Expo in Nashville. I have been meeting my mom and aunt at this show for the past few years and have always enjoyed many aspects of the show. I love seeing work up close and personal, somehow a picture never does a quilt justice.

This year, in my book, the GRAND PRIZE of the entire Expo goes to Ami Simms' exhibit— Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece. The exhibit was very emotional and one could not help but be moved by the artwork, and artist statements. I had to view it in three separate sessions. The work was fabulous and it was incredible to see this powerful body of art quilts at a traditional show.
For three days, all over the convention center, as my aunt and I were shopping, looking at quilts, or people watching, we heard women talking about this exhibit. They were encouraging others to go see it. They talked about how emotional the work was, how unusual it was, and how important this exhibit was. That, my friends is the POWER OF ART. When we make a quilt that evokes emotion and leaves a lasting impression on a viewer, then we have succeeded.
Congratulations to Ami Simms and everyone who participated in this Exhibit. And Kudos also to AQS for having this exhibit at their show.
Rebecca Reasons-Edwards
Contemporary Quilt and Fiber Arts Alliance
My sister and I saw the Alzheimer's quilt exhibit in Nashville. We were so moved by the exhibit. We saw every quilt and read every story and got really emotionally caught up in the exhibit. Thank you for all that you are doing to help find a cure for this dreaded disease. My grandmother suffered from Alzheimer's and watching her decline was so painful. I know that making these quilts was a very emotionally difficult but, also therapeutic, experience for each of these artists. I wish I had pictures of each story and quilt so that I could share them with friends and family. For us, the Alzheimer's exhibit was the best part of the entire Nashville quilt show and we were blessed by the love and gentleness and care that this exhibit displayed.
Kim L.
Do be sure to bring plenty of tissues as you walk Ami Simms' Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece — it is probably one of the most moving and emotional exhibits it has ever been my honor to view. Please allow yourself the time to read the stories which accompany the pieces.
Wheat Carr
I saw one of the most visually powerful exhibits I believe I've ever seen, second only to the American Holocuast Museum in Washington. There was an exhibit of quilters who interpreted their experience with Alzheimer's (almost all of it first hand with parents) into quilts. I guess because my mother has some sort of early dementia, it really "hit" me. I viewed it with tears the entire way through. I bought the CD, but haven't been able to get all the way through it. The CD displays the quilts and the quiltmakers do a narrative of basically the story that was posted next to the quilt.
…Seeing that exhibit was both saddening AND very much uplifting for me. It might do the same or others. It definitely provided an emotional release. Some of the artists (AKA quilters) talked about how they loved the quilts, but also found them difficult to look at. It's an exhibit that I wish everyone could see.
…But, if anyone wants to see an absolutely incredible display of art interpreting a horrible illness creatively, I recommend getting the CD of that program.
Phyllis in AL
I had the opportunity to see the Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece exhibit this past week at the AQS show in Nashville. I went to the show with my mother who is a caretaker for my aunt who is presently suffering with Alzheimer's. I can't begin to tell you the impact this visual presentation had; very emotional and not something we will likely put aside.

We were wondering if there will be some sort of publication to include these quilts?

Thank you for your wonderful effort. It speaks volumes.
I returned from Nashville last night, and want to comment on the Alzheimer 's quilt exhibit. It was very impressive. I couldn't finish the whole exhibit because I would have been sobbing and thought that would have been unseemly. My sister and I walked through and decided we had to stop because we could barely see through our tears. We had to go back and bring her daughter out because she had tears running down her cheeks. I'd like to say I wish I had another opportunity to see it again but I know the outcome would be the same. The artists who participated did a superb job of expressing the anguish of watching their family member slip away.
Madeline Hawley in Georgia
I cannot tell you how the exhibition touched me. It is very personal.... I can remember my dad the on his 68th Birthday when I showed up with ice cream. He did not know who I was any longer, but this day he said, "I knew you would come by with something." And my heart jumped, then I asked him who I was, and he looked at me and say, "Why are you asking that silly question, Mother"... I told him it was his 68th Birthday, he looked puzzled and said, I'm not that old.... I asked him how old he was and he said very proudly, "why I am 11 today"... I just remember smiling and telling him how every smart is was for 11....

I had not thought of that for 16 years, until I walked through the exhibit. Thank you for putting this exhibit together, both my husband and I were overwhelmed. He bought me the CD, but I have not been able to open the package yet. Soon maybe. My dad died that October and my grandson was born in January. These 16 years I have really appreciated him everyday. He was the "replacement" that was sent to me.

I think the most important feeling that I had, was all the quilters felt like sister to me, being an only child is very difficult when you have no one to share your pain. You realize that your childhood is over. (Mother died 26 years ago.
Murial C.
After seeing the Alzheimer's exhibit at the AQS show in Nashville I had to have the CD. I viewed it last night. It is wonderful, the stories of the quilters are told by the quilters, and there are details of most of the quilts. It is truly wonderful. I will be sharing it with local friends who have parents with Alzheimer's and make a purchase for a Christmas present for another friend.
Many have already written about the power of the Alzheimer's exhibit curated by Ami Simms. My only complaint is that they supplied only a single box of tissues. Among many moving pieces, the one by Ann Pugh stood out for me on pure artistic merit.
Scott in NC
Very touching, especially the ballerina.
Malad, ID
These quilts & comments make one very emotional. Great quilt work.
Beverly H.
Carrolton, GA
It brought tears to my eyes and love to all those who have it, or who have passed on.
Helen S.
Ami Simms' quilt, Underlying Current, touched me.
Barbara P.
My mother had Alzheimer's disease and my husband had dementia from Parkinson's. These quilts are very moving. Almost too much.
Myra C.
Awesome project.
Candace N.
Alzheimer's quilts are quite moving and moved me to tears.
Melody r.
Covington, VA
Great project!
Carol P.
Paris, TN
Some of the quilts are so expressive they give me chills.
Stories are too sad for those of us who have experienced this with loved ones.
Susan M.

The exhibit is very deeply emotional for me. It is a most interesting description of the disease. I especially like the ones devoted to caregivers.
Richard C.
Humbolt, TN
The quilts brought back memories of my mother who died two years ago.
C. Thomas
Lebanon, KY
Thank you for these moving and wonderful quilts. This disease robs our loved ones and tears at our hearts leaving frustration, anger & grief. It's become the greatest fear of so many.
Knoxville, TN
Enjoyed the exhibit. Brings tears to my eyes.
Ten Mile, TN
How wonderful to show such beautiful quilts in memory of people.
Very thought provoking and inspiring.
Larry G.
Very interesting and good way to get people's attention.
Thank you for the art, love, and warmth.
Dickson, TN
Thanks for Mom and Charlie
Tucson, AZ
Nevelyn quilt is fantastic.
Anita E.
Beautiful quilts.
Connie H.
Phenomenal, powerful, more than an eye-opening experience.
Very moving exhibit.
Elsie J.
Nashville, TN
I found myself coming back again and again to the Forgetting Piece by Piece exhibit. Each time, I focused on 3 or 4 of the quilts, because I, like many others, couldn't handle the whole exhibit at one time.

One lady turned to me and said "these are really quite touching, aren't they" (she must be one of the "lucky" ones who had not been personally affected by AD, or she'd have used a much stronger word than "touching"). But, the quilts reached her and that's what it is all about.

I hope you were thrilled by the response to your exhibit. Thank you for everything you're doing!
Julie S.
Very moving exhibit.
Elsie J
Nashville, TN
An amazing display.
Shery McConner
Wonderful exhibit.
Janice E,
Sad, but so true. Judy B.
Feel very sad. Barbara O.
This overwhelms the heart! Mureil
New Hampshire
A very moving and meaningful display. Thank you for the information and tissues!
Debbie W.
Brandon, FL
It makes me so sad; it’s what my husband passed away from.
This exhibit is hard to look at your website can’t begin to tell us even to inform us. Everyone needs to see these quilts!
Your exhibit was very heart wrenching & so true.
Nikki C.
Your exhibit was thoughtful, beautiful and heart breaking. I pray it will lead to much money raised for research. God Bless you all.
Kathy B.
Powerful! I don’t think I can do this now!
Impressive—thought provoking. Thank you for sharing.
Donna D.
Wonderful, poignant, sad—
Omaha, NB
Nice display showing how Alzheimer’s affects people. My 91 year old Dad is still with me. I’m lucky.
Carol Ann White
Such and emotional display. Janet C.
Thank you for organizing this wonderful exhibit.
Lynne S.

How moving!
Tammi C.
The quilts are bringing poignant memories—sad yes, but beautiful memories.
Mary of MI
My mother-in-law has had this for 15 years. Is still going strong at 96. Her body functions well but her brain is empty.
Louise L.
Sallye G.
Nothing has touched me as deeply as these stories and quilts in a very long time. Prayers and blessings, Ami!
Debbie O.
Wow! Thanks for the powerful exhibit.
Helen W.
How powefull! And what diverse methods of expressing emotion. Thanx for the show.
Betsy S.
The quilts are beautiful & very moving.
Pat R.
North Dakota
The most incredible exhibit! Thank you for not having chains or ropes so we could read the words and observe the intricate stitching and embellishments.
Pat LaPierre
It hits too close to home! It is beautiful
So sad to lose the very fabric of your soul! Dementia/Alzheimer’s devastates not only the person but the family and friends.
LR Bruce RN
Very powerful.
The most moving exhibit I have ever seen. Thanks to all contributors and to artists who have experienced such sad times.
These quilts are a natural progression for most quilters. Most of our first quilts were made out of love-for a new baby, a wedding. And they are an outpouring from the heart.
Amy S.
There are no words—very moving.
After buying the CD: It is my second time through and I know I’ll come through again.
The quilts really touched me as my aunt suffers and I am going to get the CD for my mom.
Wonderful exhibit enjoyed every quilt.
“A Tribute to a Man & his Family” – my husband has Alzheimer’s. It started as a brain injury and at age 67. I’m afraid of what the future holds. He has always been a picture of health, but no longer. Thank you!
What a fabulous tribute to such a crippling disease. Thank you.
Fabulous quilts—very moving.
Madeline H.
What a Beautiful, emotional experience of bringing attention to a heart wrenching disease that affects everyone connected to the person experiencing it. Thank you. You bring awareness and some hope of helping others who are still around.
Valire White
Thank you for having this show, it really touched me since my father-in-law died of heart failure but he had Alzheimer’s and was in the final stages. The last time my husband, son & I had seen him was after Christmas 2 years ago on our way back to Georgia from Ohio. He was a great man and a wonderful father-in-law.
Terry Kelly
Rydal, GA
These quilts really express the emotions that people and families go through.
Nancy D.
Kennesar, GA
I read every card and every word on every quilt. I really wish my sister could see these. I would like a book. I think it would be easier to view all quilts. Please include the Alzheimer’s info that is on the cards along with the artists statements. And I want to be able to read the words on the quilts. Especially the house quilt by Ami Simms. This is a wonderful exhibit.
Debra B.
Ida S.
Wow! What a wonderful presentation. The idea of memorializing your loved one is overwhelming. I would love to have all of the tributes presented in a publication.
Thank you so much.
Jo Ann Fare
Wonderful exhibit. The factual info on the sheets were a wonderful touch the family stories are sad but encouraging.
Gail Vaulkrser
So many of the quilts capture the disease— having been a caregiver, I understand. Thank you for such a fine emotional exhibit.
Pat W.
My friend of 47 years recently died of Pick’s disease, which is a form of Alzheimer’s. He went very fast as he lost his ability to remember and also to navigate. His wife of 58 years was by his side every minute until the end. He was a chemical engineer and a captain in the Army in WWII. It hurt so much to see this man who was so very smart be reduced to what he was at the end.
Jo L.
Darin, IL
Ami, I retired from UAB where I was an MRI tech. I worked with many Alzheimer’s patients. Although I had a brief glimpse at the struggles of these patients, I didn’t have a really true insight into the family’s struggle. Thank you for bringing this incredible exhibit.
Patty B.
Birmingham. Alabama
Thank you for doing this. It’s by far the most emotional art exhibit I have experienced!
Barbara I.
This exhibit is the most incredible I have been privileged to experience. It touched me in the deepest part of my soul. I feel changed for the better. The only thing missing is the Nashville Alzheimer’s Association. Where are you? What possible reason could you have for not being here? Unbelievable!
Ami, deepest gratitude for WHO you are and all you continue to do.
Monira M.
This exhibit brought back many memories of my beautiful mother Lois Bush Puckett. She died of this dreaded disease in 1997. She was a lovely southern lady and would have been horrified if she had realized what she became as her disease progressed. I pray that research will find a cure in the near future.
Kathy B.
This was very beautiful exhibit and look forward to seeing it again.
Doris B.
Thank you for such an inspiring exhibit.
Gail S.
St. Louis, MO
Ami- it made me cry even though I have no one with Alzheimer’s. Darlene G.
While a beautiful exhibit, one of the saddest things I’ve seen. It made me want to cry.
T. Voss
Very poignant displays. May we soon find a cure for this debilitating disease.
Loretta C.
Emly M.
Powerful, touching exhibit.
Mary Jo M.
Heartwarming stories and quilts.
Peggy K.
Thank you Ami for this beautiful exhibit – it was hard to look at but moving just the same.
Jeannie V.
I couldn’t read all the stories- too much. The quilts themselves are beautiful, moving, revealing. Thank you for drawing attention to the tragedy of this disease.
Very touching. Names of quilts are so poignant.
Helped me anticipate what we’re facing with my mother-in-law. Thanks!
Very touching. Thankful my parents never got Alzheimer’s.
I was very pleased to be a hostess in this Alzheimer’s area.
Patti S.
Crossville, TN
Very moving. Quilts bring tears to the heart.
Thank you.
Great show.
Great Expressions of a disease that touches many.
This quilt exhibit is wonderful—my father died of Alzheimer’s in 1989 and Mena Mudd is my good friend. Her quilt is here. Thank you.
Marilyn G.
Heart breaking.
Ruth Z.
Very emotional. A big impact and very well designed and made.
Diane S.
Very interesting display. My mother has the disease and I see some of the struggles she has gone through from the various quilts.
Very sad to see and read what happens to us as we age. Wonderful idea to be creative with this in mind.
Marge V.
My friend had a stroke and lost her memory. I have a friend who has Alzheimer’s. I find the Bouquet quilt touching that even those [who] haven’t had contact with people with Alzheimer’s you can still make a difference.
This was a very sad, yet moving exhibit. What a tribute to the loved ones.
Sharon M.
Marvelous – brought tears.
Elvia E.
Very beautiful display- my grandmother had this before it had a name…
Beautiful but at the same time very sad. Very thoughtful.
Jeannette A.
Glasgon, KY
Moving and scary—Who will be hit next? Joan Hansen told me about this exhibit. My dad had dementia so I understand the problems.
Martha E.
Rolla, MO
Wonderful!! What a great presentation of art.
Rosemary S.
Wonderful exhibit, lovely quilts with expression.
Diana T.
Lebanon, KY
Amazing a great idea for an exhibit. Very touching.
Wonderful exhibit!
Cookeville, TN
Very nice show.
Jan A.
So sad—so beautiful—so true…
Linda G.
Speechless—they are great.
Takes our breath away. As a nurse it is particularly poignant.
An RN for 26yrs
Very moving, beautiful exhibit.

Beyond belief…
Absolutely wonderful.
Fabulous quilts – a great idea for dealing with the helplessness of the disease.
Great Show!
Such a great idea. My mother-in-law has Alzheimer’s.
Janet E.
Very moving – and poignant.
A beautiful display, but so sad.
Beautifully done quilts. Very sad subject.
Carla D.
Great exhibit. Some pieces are very so poignant.
Holly A.
Becky O.
Touching, heart wrenching show, so many lives touched.
Desiree H.
Great idea – Keep up the great work.
Donita M.
I’m moved to tears. This touches my heart. We lost my mom to complications of dementia/Alzheimer’s.
What a powerful exhibit. It made me want to call my parents. Tthey are older and I worry about this happening to them.
What a powerful exhibit. Touched my heart!
Dianne D.
The best quilt exhibit for specificity I have ever seen. Better than the AIDS quilts.
Becky H.
It was a very wonderful and moving exhibit, touching and beautiful. Deborah F.
My mother-in-law, Julia, suffered from Alzheimer’s for about 15 years. She would stay with us during my “off time” from my elementary library job. We always had to check her luggage when we picked her up. She would load up on silverware and towels and hide all her clothing! HA! Our saddest moment… we stood in the hall and watched her turn her bed covers back and then remake her bed about 20 times. Our skin pricked as we watched, and finally stopped her. First inkling!
Donna H.
This was an awesome exhibit. Very moving and emotional.
Thank you! Magnificent!
Paul M.
Thank you!
Luann B.
Brought back so many memories of my mother.
Foy G.
Thank you for a beautiful exhibit. What a beautiful way to express a very painful journey to many people’s lives.
Donna D.
Wonderful project for a needy cause.
Ami---you are so cool! It was a honor to meet you! You go girl!
Lisa T.
Very moving exhibit. I hope your efforts make a difference. I know it has helped me to understand.
Ami--- Great exhibit! What a wonderful collection of perceptions. Many thanks---My mom too is a sufferer.
Barbara B.
Ami---Thank you! There are tears in my eyes but joy in my heart. People understand and share my grief. My father-in-law suffered from this disease and your project has helped.
Sue D.
Ami – what a wonderful project to undertake.
Best to you,
Lynn A.
This was a very unique exhibit. Working in a nursing home I see this everyday. I’m happy to see memories are not forgotten.>br> Brenda N.
I loved the display. It moved me so much.
Thank you,
Roberta R.
So amazing, so emotional—Blessings on all involved.
Rev. Carol Landry
Great idea!
So very moving and beautiful.
Marti H.
Thank you for all your work. Quilts are hugs which can help heal the broken hearts of those who surround victims of Alzheimer’s. The statements and quilts are very powerful.
Rebecca R.
Good work.
This is wonderful- to share what Alzheimer’s is really like—please, God, lets find a cure.
Butchie, OH
This was a wonderful and sad exhibit—very hard to view because it hits close to home.
Sad but helpful!
Sad and difficult but up lifting too.
It’s awesome! Would like to see a book.
Very moving exhibit! I have two friends who are in the beginning stages of this horrible disease.
Wonderful and awe-inspiring.
Linda S.
What a wonderful display! Very emotional and worthwhile.
I’m so impressed with the show and think it was beautiful. My husband is in beginning stages of the disease.
Katherine C.
Heart wrenching and heartwarming at the same time.
I can not think you enough for all the help. My mother was diagnosed 11 years ago and the Alzheimer’s Association and others were only a phone call away to help us.
Thanks. God love you all.
Tells the story well. Thanks.
This is an incredible event— moving, emotional and beautiful. Our dear sweet and loving mother passed away a year ago and the pain is still unreal. Our dear sister Mena made a quilt to honor Mom and her struggle with this dreadful disease. Helping Mena with the quilt was so healing. Thank you for all your fabulous work. You are a person who has made a positive difference in many lives.
Thank you,
Rose Schreck
Louisville, KY
This was a wonderful, moving exhibit. The stories moved me to tears. Susan Congdon
Aiken, SC
These are very touching scenes on the quilts. B. L. Arche
Millington, TN
I am a hospice RN and your quilts were very poignant. What a wonderful thing you are doing.
Nancy Shaffer
This is a great show—with some very special needs for Alzheimer’s. Edith York
Topeka, KS
This is my first year here and I loved this area. My grandmother died from it 20 years ago. Each quilt here showed different aspects of her later life. Thank you so very much.
Lucinda Arnold
Very moving- wonderful.
Jane Ann Wheeler
My former neighbor had Alzheimer’s. It was so painful to see her slip away. Laurie Seels
Downers Grove, IL
My mother’s adoptive mother had Alzheimer’s. What a tragedy.
Amy Drongowski South Lyon, MI
We lost a mother and some friends. These quilts, particularly Tears of Love, should bring everyone to the awareness of the terrible toll of this disease.
Joan Skoglund
Huntsville, AL
Very touching.
Angie Walker
Very wonderful!
Deane Inness
Shalimar, FL
Sandy Jackson
Wonderful, moving…
Sharon Coleman
Exhibit touched my heart and soul and made me cry. Exhibit is a wonderful expression.
Betty Godbee RN (Psychiatric nurse)
Decatur, AL
Wonderful exhibit for wonderful people.
Fran Fister
Alpharetta, GA
My heart goes out to all the families who have this disease. God will bless all who tended these families and friend suffering from this unforgivable disease. God bless them all.
Marilynn Kennedy
What wonderful memories.
Penny Symington
You have touched my heart today—thank you.
Sandy S.
So inspiring to remember and appreciate others.
Kathy Caudill
Really awesome quilts!
Maxine Hicks
As a nurse I’ve cared for many Alzheimer’s patients, and lost a piece of my own heart to each one. God Bless all the caregivers.
Linda McElwee
Cowgill MO
So nice to meet you Ami. Love your newsletter. So great of you to help with Alzheimer’s disease.
Sherry Hayes
Haydon, AL
Its really great getting to meet you. Thank you for the Alzheimer’s info. I know it will help my mom with her sister. God Bless you!
Barbara Pol
Morris, AL
This was heart wrenching to view the quilts and read the stories of the lives touched by this disease. Thank you for sharing and making those of us who have not been touched how horrible it is for not only the people affected but also the caregivers. I cried though the whole exhibit.
Susan Beebe
Thanks do much for putting the exhibit together. My closest, dearest friend died of dementia. Our hearts broke for her because she so enjoyed life. I cried all through the exhibit. God bless you!
Nancy Banks
Adamsville, AL
Thank you for you quilts that depict your experiences with Alzheimer’s – my heart broke as I looked at these precious quilts that share your pain of loss and suffering of a loved one. My prayers are with you that one day a cure will be found.
Aurori Lowell
Arvada, CO
If the quilts won’t come to Westlake, we’ll come to the quilts!! Wonderful!!
Sharon Morton (Illinois)
Great show.
Linda Hancock
This was a tremendously moving experience! All of the quilts touched me. Thank You, Ami
Jean Smith
Wonderful collection, very moving. Thank you for sharing.
Sheleene Helrik
Beautiful works of art and emotions.
Winter Park, FL
I learned more about the terrible disease that “just keeps taking.” Thanks to the Alzheimer’s Association for giving accurate information with this wonderful quilt exhibit.
L Leeson
Prescott, AZ
Thank you for your sensitivity and beautiful work. Bless all your stitches!
Carolyn Dillon
Pittsburgh, PA
I am so moved and pleased you’ll be taking this on the road for others to see and hopefully gain recognition of Alzheimer’s.
I am so proud to be a part of this awesome Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative. This has been a life changing event for me which is always a great adventure!! Seeing the entire show at one time was so moving and overwhelming. I hope our future brings a cure for this destructive disease—To the future of Research— PhiloMena Mudd (creator of Silent Tears)