Buying A Quilt? Read This First

All the little quilts featured here were donated by supporters of the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. They are one-of-a-kind, small pieces of art to hang on the wall! They make perfect gifts for all occasions, or "just because."

Please note: 2013 is our last year of fundraising. On December 31, 2013 quilts on this page will be removed and will not be offered for sale. Read more here.

Here's How It Works:
1. When you purchase a quilt online, your credit card is not processed immediately. You will be emailed a receipt, generated by our online store, but it won't include insurance and it doesn't always know how many quilts we can safely put into a flat rate priority envelope, which is why postage is always estimated. AAQI volunteers actually process the orders.

2. Our web site now has an inventory feature! The instant an order is placed for a quilt, it becomes impossible for another buyer to put that same quilt in their shopping cart. Between the time a quilt is ordered and it is processed the only way you will know if the quilt is "taken" is to attempt to put it in your shopping cart. You will get an error message if somebody else beat you to it.

3. AAQI volunteers generally fill orders on Monday, and Friday. Two or three quilts will ship within the US for the estimated $5.60. If you order more quilts we may have to box your order. It will cost more. We will email you if actual shipping is more than $1.00 higher than estimated shipping and ask you how you want us to proceed. Obviously, this will delay your order. If you trust us to make the best decision, write "OK WITH HIGHER SHIPPING" in the comment section of your order. You will be emailed a revised receipt when your quilt(s) ship. (So ignore the automatically generated e-invoice sent to you when you complete your online order.)

4. After orders are processed buy buttons will be removed from purchased quilts. This part is not automated, and neither is moving the sold quilts off the Quilts For Sale page onto the Sold Quilts page.

IMPORTANT: Insurance will be added to your order, unless you opt out. If you opt out you take all risks if the quilt is lost or damaged en route. Please do not ask us to fudge customs declarations; all tax or duty is your responsibility.

Note size of quilt before you purchase.
All sales are final.
All profits fund Alzheimer's research.