Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work with a partner?
No, this is an individual challenge.

Can I make/buy more than one quilt in a month?
Of course, but only ONE quilt (made/purchased) will earn the badge for each month. Please only report ONE quilt made or purchased each month.

Can I buy 6 quilts in one month, or make 6 quilts in one month, and give you the numbers one month at a time?
No, the purpose of the Quilt-A-Month Club is to participate each and every month.

Can I make a donation instead?
Nope. You've got to make a quilt or buy a quilt. But if you want to slip a check in with your Priority: Alzheimer's Quilt or overpay for a quilt purchased from the AAQI web site, we're totally OK with that.

Can I buy ANY quilt?
Yes, as long as it's from the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. This includes purchasing quilts you win through bidding in our monthly online auctions.

If I do one of the challenges and I don't finish in time for that month, can I send in the quilt the next month?
Sure! But you won't get credit for the month in which it was started.

Can I register the quilt before the deadline to get credit and then put the finishing touches on it and mail it a week later?
Absolutely not. Quilts should only be registered AFTER they are completely finished.

What happens if I miss a month?
You start over again with the next month and try to build 6 in a row.

Can I "double dip" with the $1,000 Promise
Yes! In fact being a member of the Quilt-A-Month Club will put you well on your way to fulfilling your $1,000 Promise.

How strict are those "important" dates on the other page?
Very. Your lack of planning should not be someone else's emergency. Our volunteers would like time to quilt too.

Have a questions not answered here? Email and ask Kathy.