How to Hang A Priority: Alzheimer's Quilt

"Fast Finish Triangles"
Fast Finish Triangles are the preferred method of preparing Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts for display. Invented by Terry Chilko to quickly create a place for a small dowel, the quilt can be hung on a single nail behind the quilt. The nail will never be seen, it is super easy to get the quilt to hang straight, and it is fast and easy to make.

To display, simply insert a small dowel, chop stick, skewer, or stiff plastic drinking straw under the top triangles. Pound a nail in the wall and balance the quilt on the nail.

Four Fast Finish Triangles can sometimes make curling quilts behave. A second dowel, chop stick, skewer, or stiff plastic drinking straw goes under the bottom triangles to keep the bottom of the quilt from flipping up.

Note that the triangles can be different sizes. They will still work. Learn how to make Fast Finish Triangles.

Split Sleeve
The next best option is a Split Sleeve. Think of two traditional sleeves sewn with a small gap in between.

This is a one-nail hanging operation and the nail won't show. It eliminates the need for the fishing line, but takes longer to make.

Traditional Quilt Sleeve
Traditionally, a sleeve is a tube of fabric, or casing, stitched to the back of the quilt, running from side to side. It is sometimes called a "rod pocket."

A flat piece of wood or dowel is inserted through the sleeve. In small quilts it is best to drill a hole through each end of the wood and tie fishing line to the wood. The fishing line (and your small quilt) can be hung on a single nail. (The nail, however, will show. So will the fishing line.)

Hanging Ring
Hanging rings are usually just plastic drapery rings stitched to the back of the quilt. Pound a nail in the wall and hang the quilt. The nail will be concealed behind the quilt. The quilt will only hang flat if the ring is stitched exactly in the middle of the quilt. Measure twice; sew once.

Soda Pull Tap
A snap-off pull tabs from a soda cans works the same as a hanging ring.

Picture Hook
A buy-it-at-the-hardware-store metal picture hook can be sewn to the back, but it can be clunky.

Plain Back
If your quilt has a plain back it can be displayed in an inexpensive plate stand, if the quilt is stiff enough to support its own weight. Or lay it on a table or other flat surface.