Martin, Erin (26/26)

Erin Martin
Bellingham, Washington   USA

Statement: When my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s I can’t say that it came as a shock, but putting a label on it made it so much more real. I felt so compelled to do something, but didn’t think there was any way that I could help. As soon as I discovered the AAQI, I knew that was my answer. My mom is a beautiful quilter, who passed on the tradition to me. I love that I can take what she has given me and use it to make an effort to fight this disease. When I saw the $1000 promise club, it was daunting to think that my small contributions could fulfill such a promise, but I am willing to try. I am so amazed and inspired by all of the quilters who have dedicated themselves to fighting this disease. I thank Ami so much for creating this opportunity for all of us. It has eased my feelings of helplessness, and that is a wonderful gift.

Total raised so far: $2,189.49