LT95 - Oh Wise One ($85)

LT95 - Oh Wise One  ($85)
Diane Petersmarck
Evanston, IL   USA

Width: 9.5"   Length: 14"

Designer: Adapted from a paper piecing pattern for scrapbooks created by Erikia Ghumm and published in Scrapbooks, etc. Written permission received.

Materials/Techniques: Background is hand painted cotton, using Jaquard Lumiere paints. Owl is appliquéd, using various upholstery scraps. Eyes are black buttons on a scrap of vintage silk blouse fabric. Moon is made of Angelina. Quilt is bound with 8 strands of fiber and ribbon. Mr. Wise One is calm, cool and inscrutable and would love to be hung on your wall to keep you on your toes.

Artist's Statement: Some pictures were just meant to be made into fiber art and this was definitely one!
Diane Petersmarck

Dedication: For my nephew Tim, who is thoughtful and insightful and isn't afraid to speak his mind.

This quilt is displayed with Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $85 for the AAQI.