Leathers, Judy (36/36)

Judy Leathers
Hoover, AL   USA

Statement: I first learned of Ami's idea for supporting Alzheimer's research by quilting (!) when my mother-in-law, Frances was suffering from this disease. I made my first art quilt for donation--#287 (Had to look up "art quilts" to be sure what that meant). This project was the gift of a lifetime for me and for Frances and all the victims of Alzheimer's; past and future. Feeling useful is the gift Ami gave me. Being useful is the gift I want to give forward. AAQI has led me to many other chances to help the cause by voting or emailing, etc. Thank you, Ami. All you've endured will be your legacy because of all you've created in the midst of it. I will be forever grateful and forever making 9x12 s!

Total raised so far: $3,250.69