Krysan, Terri (14/14)

Terri Krysan
Lakeville, MN   USA

Statement: Three years ago I discovered Ami's Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts during the Houston Quilt Festival. I was amazed at the generous and talented quilters that had created what seemed like an endless supply of quilts to raise money to find a cure for this heart-wrenching disease. I've seen Alzheimer's up close with both my Great Grandma Hattie and my Gramma Hazle enduring their private battle with this horrible disease. I would love to see this sneaky disease erradicated in my lifetime and making this promise seems like such a small thing to little quilt at a time. I made the commitment to purchase an Alzheimer Quilt at Houston each year....and now I'm committed to hitting the $1000 mark and pray that the research teams can hit their goal of finding a cure!

I love to design the blocks, pick the fabrics, add some bling/embellishments.....but I machine quilt like a 5 year old. Luckily for all of us, I have a pal in our quilt posse that is an AMAZING machine quilter and she's done the majority of the quilting on my I would like to say a special thank you to Suzy Webster of Apple Valley, MN!!

Total raised so far: $605.57