Item# insurance

Below are the insurance fees you will be charged. They are based on the total value of the merchandise.

International residents can elect to have quilts shipped without insurance, but they take all risks if the quilt is lost or damaged en route. Please do not ask us to fudge customs declarations; all tax or duty is your responsibility. If you have questions, ASK before you bid.

  Value  Fee
  $0.01 to $50   $1.75
  $50.01 to $100   $2.20
  $100.01 to $200   $2.74
  $200.01 to $300   $4.59
  $300.01 to $400   $5.62
  $400.01 to $500   $6.66

Customers in the US who do NOT wish to pay for insurance may do so by purchasing NO INSURANCE. Yes, it costs a penny, but it's the only way we can know for sure that you understand the following:

By purchasing this "No Insurance" item I understand that the merchandise in my order could be damaged, soiled, or lost in transit. I am indicating that I do not want AAQI to insure my order. Without insurance I have no recourse.
  • I will receive no refund.
  • The package will not be traced.
  • I will be out of luck, up a creek with no paddle, and possibly very unhappy.

This is a risk I am willing to take.