If you have a question, please email AlzQuilts@aol.com or call (810) 637-5586 for assistance.

A human will respond to your question/call between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Eastern time, Monday-Friday.

Credit Cards
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We're doing our very best to reduce shipping costs. Here are your choices and what they mean:

  • Inside US-Priority Mail/UPS (ESTIMATED-At least $5.60)
    If we can safely pack all your merchandise into one flat rate envelope we'll charge you what the post office charges us: $5.60. If we have to use a box and go by distance/weight, we'll charge you what the post office charges us. Sometimes it is less expensive to ship by UPS, so we'll do that and charge you what UPS charges us. After we ship your merchandise we'll let you know the TOTAL PRICE we charged to your credit card. We will email you if actual shipping is more than $1.00 higher than estimated shipping and ask you how you want us to proceed. Obviously, this will delay your order. If you trust us to make the best decision, write "OK WITH HIGHER SHIPPING" in the comment section of your order.

    Please note: Michigan residents will be charged Michigan sales tax, except on donations. This is calculated on the total amount of the order, including shipping. (I know. It's a bummer, but we don't make the rules; we just try to follow them.)

  • Cheap Ship
    You will be charged $5.60 if you live in the US for shipping when your order is processed on-line. Thankfully, a real person reads each order. If you want us to try and find a less expensive method, write CHEAP SHIP in the comment section of your order. Cheaper means slower. With the new postal rates, we can't save you much unless you're buying flat, lightweight items, some of which can go first class mail. CDs can go Media Mail. (NOTE: THEY CAN NOT BE MIXED.) And, since priority mailers and labels are free from the post office, if we have to provide envelopes and labels we have to pass the cost on to you.

  • Outside US - Priority International Mail
    If you live outside the US, we only ship Priority International mail. Shipments to Canada start at $19.95. Everywhere else starts at $23.95 We will email you if the charge is any more than the estimate to make sure it's OK.

  • Insurance
    Insurance will be added to your order when we process your credit card, manually, when we process your order. (So ignore the automatically generated e-invoice.) Real people will fill your order on Monday and Friday, and email you a revised invoice when your quilts ship.

    We acknowledge all orders with an e-mail telling you when and how we shipped your order.