I-423 - Memories
Marsha McCloskey

I-423 - Memories<br>Marsha McCloskey

Marsha McCloskey
Eugene , OR USA

Width: 15" Length: 15"

Materials/Techniques: Cotton prints, mostly antique fabrics dating from 1890-1910. Batting is wool, small scale design fabrics, machine pieced by Marsha McCloskey, machine quilted by Loretta Orsborn with custom free motion patterns, feathers and flowers, narrow applied binding.

Artist Statement: Prints used in this miniature quilt are over 100 years old, dating from 1890-1910. Collected over many years, most of the patches are from orphan blocks, unfinished quilt tops, or collections of scraps and cut pieces handed down by quilters who would have been contemporaries of my great-great grandmother. The prints are dark indigo blues, more medium cadet blues, black on white shirtings, a caramel and navy woven, and a caramel colored flannel print. With each print came awareness that this piece of fabric had been chosen, cut and sewn by another quilter 100 years ago and that I was sharing her experience. There are memories in the cloth. To be able to reuse the patches, I reduced the Evening Star and Meadow Lily designs to a " scale. In freehand machine quilting, Loretta Orsborn created pumpkin seeds and feather plumes beautifully scaled to the pieced design. Color of the quilting threads was matched to the different patches for a delightfully subtle effect that is visible upon close inspection.
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Dedication: My thanks to Ami Simms and all the AAQI volunteers who have made a difference in Alzheimer's research.

This quilt has a Traditional Sleeve.

This quilt earned $1,200 for the AAQI.

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Artist: Marsha McCloskey
Name of Quilt: I-423 - Memories
Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative

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