I-416 - Faded Glory

I-416 - Faded Glory<br>RickyTims

Ricky Tims
La Veta, CO USA

Width: 15" Length: 15"

Materials/Techniques: Hand-dyed cotton fabrics, made by machine.

Artist Statement: I veered from my typical bright colors and used these paler hues as a symbolic reference to how a once-vibrant person afflicted with Alzheimer's fades to become a shadow, a veiled and foggy representation as it were, of their former self. The flower is dropping petals as each memory fails. Only a hint of what was once thriving, strong, beautiful, and vibrant remains. The spirits of others who have shared the same fate stand on either side, patiently waiting - understanding.
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Dedication: Dedicated to my dad, Richard Tims.

This quilt has a Split Sleeve.

This quilt earned $1,560 for the AAQI.

The images below are available for publication IF they include attribution:
Artist: Ricky Tims
Name of Quilt: I-416 - Faded Glory
Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative

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