I-414 - Return to Provence
Diane Gaudynski

I-414 - Return to Provence<br>Diane Gaudynski

Diane Gaudynski
Waukesha, WI USA

Width: 14.75" Length: 14.75"

Materials/Techniques: Original whole cloth design; silk dupioni, wool batting, silk thread, free motion quilted on my Bernina 730 home sewing machine. No sleeve; use straight pins through top corners to hang. Fabric sleeve included if you want to use it.

Artist Statement: A variation of my miniature quilt, A Visit to Provence, this tiny silk dupioni quilt combines original motifs, freehand feathers, folk art animals, and traditional backgrounds found in Provence quilts along with my signature sleeping cat. Made in memory of my mother, Erma Hinterberg (1923-2008), who could do anything she set her mind to and inspired me to try and do the same. The last stitch was put in on July 9, 2013, what would have been her 90th birthday.

Dedication: Dedicated to my mother, Erma Hinterberg, with love and remembrance.

This quilt has a Plain Back.

This quilt earned $7,500 for the AAQI.

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Artist: Diane Gaudynski
Name of Quilt: I-414 - Return to Provence
Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative

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