I-0410 - Joy Remembered (Diane Gaudynski)

I-0410 - Joy Remembered (Diane Gaudynski)

Diane Gaudynski
Waukesha, WI USA

Width: 17.5" Length: 17.5"

Materials/Techniques: Cotton and silk fabrics, silk and metallic threads, wool batting, original design. Free motion machine quilted on my Bernina 730.

Artist Statement: Remembering joy, happiness, even the little things in life are slowly lost for those with Alzheimer’s. I chose to fill the entire quilt’s space with an abundance of flowing designs, adding one small bird singing just for the joy of it. It reminds all of us to embrace each moment, look for joy in life and help work to find a cure for those who no longer can remember joy.
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Dedication: In honor of my mother, Erma Hinterberg.

This quilt has a Split Sleeve.

This quilt earned $3,135 for the AAQI.