Hilston, Paula Carhart (1/1)

Paula Carhart Hilston
Raynham, MA   USA

Statement: I would like to join the group of quilters who have pledged to help earn $1000 or more for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. Most of the reasons for choosing to join this part of the project are in my artist statement and dedication on Fog and Hedgerows (quilt #7028). It was heart breaking to know that my father succumbed to the one illness that he most dreaded even before it had a name. My Mother-in-Law also died during the end stages of the disease. While my DF was so ill there was nothing I could (or was allowed to do) to help in his care. I’ve spent many hours working and/or volunteering in dementia units at our local assisted livings and nursing homes.

Like my father I too dread the possibility of dealing with the loss of my memory. So my pledge is also somewhat self serving...someone has to find the cause and then treatment for this brain and spirit stealing disease.

Total raised so far: $45.00