Guillemette, Joanne (14/14)

Joanne Guillemette
Shelburne, VT    USA

Statement: I guess I'm the one that started this $1000 challenge, but feel so strongly about what everyone is doing. It is just one simple way that I can make a difference and have fun at the same time. I could not personally donate $1000 but I can easily keep making quilts till I reach my goal, and I may continue even after I reach it. It is inspiring me to be more creative each time, and they are going together so quickly. I don't have anyone in my family with Alzheimer's but I have had a private client that I have worked with now for 7 years, and I work in a Memory Impaired Residential Care Facility as a receptionist, so I see and meet people every day with this illness, and we can find a cure, one quilt at a time...

Total raised so far: $1,040.59