Marcia Gilson

Gilson, Marcia
Marcia Gilson (Philomath, OR) was a homemaker for many years, raising five children and volunteering in her community. Her passion for working with and helping people led her to become a paramedic. She has worked in the EMS field for over 30 years helping members of her community and teaching classes on first aid and CPR.

Marcia and her husband, Charlie, also own a small family winery. Marcia has also enjoyed being a quilter for over 35 years. She enjoys making traditional quilts and has begun to explore the world of contemporary quilting. Marcia is a charter member of the Marys River Quilt Guild (Philomath, OR) and Loosely Bound (Corvallis, OR).

Marcia's mother is currently in a care facility for dementia patients and Marcia assists her father with her mother's care.