Finegan, Maria (7/7)

Maria Finegan
La Selva Beach, CA   USA

Statement: I like the idea of hundreds of quilters around the world pooling their altruism and creativity to raise research funds. Alzheimer's disease is so horrific in the way it takes down whole families and there is virtually no relief or treatment. The Art Quilt Initiative is a positive force in the face of such despair. It has already proven that the combined efforts of so many can add up to make a significant contribution in research. God's speed to all the scientists trying to unravel the terrible tentacles of Alzheimer's.

I dedicate my efforts to the caregivers of Alzheimer's victims. It is a tough role, often frustrating and exhausting, no matter how much you love and adore the "patient." In my case, I felt such sorrow, anger and futility. It is so horrible to watch someone fade away, not like a clock winding down, but more like a car wreck every day for years.

I applaud Ami Simms and all of her colleagues in their great work supporting the research needed to combat Alzheimer's disease.

Total raised so far: $610.00