Ewers, Gini (30/30)

Gini Ewers
Madison, WI   USA

Statement: I'm delighted to make the $1,000 Promise to help the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative raise funds for Alzheimer's research. One of my dear friends and quilting inspirations is Susan Youngblood of Florida. Over many years I have had the pleasure of visiting Susan and her husband, Bob, and of being surrounded by her many marvelous quilts. She has always been willing to share her ideas and suggestions and books with me. Now, Susan has Alzheimer's disease and she is no longer able to remember how to quilt. It is so sad to see her struggling trying to piece together the steps in a creative process she loved so much. I am dedicating my quilts for the AAQI as a thank you to Susan for her friendship, in recognition of Bob for his dedication to Susan and loving care, and in the hope that through research the pain and suffering caused by Alzheimer's disease can be eliminated.

Total raised so far: $1,815.76