Ellis, Lisa (12/12)

Lisa Ellis
Fairfax, VA   USA

Statement: One of my passions is making the world a better place through my love of quilting. Ami Simms is one of my heroes. I appreciate the work she is doing to help find a cure and raise awareness for Alzheimer's. I consider myself fortunate that none of my family members suffers from this terrible disease. Yet I have seen its affect on my sister-in-law whose father and step-father both were diagnosed with Alzheimer's. My promise is dedicated to my closest encounter. A women in my church named Debbie. She has early onset and is a young woman. Her son, a twenty-two year old, has to care for her and make life wrenching decisions about her care. I hope my small contribution will help get us closer to a cure.

Total raised so far: $1,094.66