Edwards, Kathy (19/19)

Kathy Edwards
Alexandria, VA   USA

Statement: I began making these quilts after I broke my ankle in March 2006 and I couldn’t drive. I was cruising the Internet and stumbled on Ami’s web site. Both of my parents were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I felt helpless that I couldn’t drive to visit them for two months. I made my first two quilts and then my father died. A third quilt was halfway completed when I had to shelve it to deal with moving my mother to a nursing center after breaking her ankle. It was then that a woman from New Jersey contacted me after seeing my “Bow Ties” quilt on Ami’s site. She said her father had Alzheimer’s and her mother had just given her his ties to dispose of. She emailed me and asked if I would make some Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilts with her dad’s ties. What could I say?

After sharing my Priority: Alzheimer’s quilts at Show N Tell at my guild meetings, members became interested in making quilts for this effort, too. Their quilts will be sent to Ami after they appear in our quilt show (Northern Virginia Quilter’s Unlimited) in June 2007.

Thanks, Ami, for beginning this effort. It has not only provided an opportunity to raise funds to support research for a cure for this terrible disease, but provided me with an excuse to stretch my creative ability to other mediums I wouldn’t have otherwise explored.

Total raised so far: $826.59