Joanne Cunningham

Cunningham, Joanne
Joanne Cunningham (Phoenix, AZ)

Joanne has been a fabric-aholic for as long as she can remember. She thanks her Dad, aunt, and most of all, her daughter for bringing out the "quilter" in her. Her Dad, a pattern maker in the clothing industry many years ago, instilled in Joanne a love of sewing and passion for fabric at a very early age.

As a young mother she made quilts for her children and occasionally a baby quilt for a friend. At first, that was the extent of her quilting.

In the 1980's, however, an elderly aunt gave Joanne two unfinished quilt tops started in the 1930's. The tops were for her because she was the youngest in the family and her aunt hoped she would finish them. (She did!)

In the 1990's Joanne received a birthday gift from her daughter, and Joanne made her first trip to the International Quilt Festival in Houston. She's been hooked ever since.