Comments About The Exhibit

Comments About The Exhibit
These are comments from people who saw "Alzheimer's Illustrated: From Heartbreak to Hope," the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative's second traveling quilt exhibit.

They were transcribed by AAQI volunteer Daphne Stewart.

Original Creative Festival
St Charles, MO
September 20-21, 2013

What an incredible tribute to so many who were loved and lost to this insidious disease.
Mary Kay McCarville
St. Peters, MO
My dad (Bill Wade) had Alzheimer’s and I lived with him for 3 ½ years to care for him. I see his name there with all of the others. Wonderful idea to raise more awareness.
Frances Pierce
Boswell, OK
Very moving exhibit! Thank you to everyone involved!
Martha Merriman
Eureka, MO
Wonderful and very moving exhibit. The quilts are so illustrative. Thanks to everyone —
Marsha Koch
Ballwin, MO
Thanks for the display. It helps even after 8 years of loss of a parent to this illness.

Very touching — awesome display.
Pat Cole
Ballwin, MO

Original Creative Festival
Sharonville, OH
June 13-15, 2013

The quilt display was Spectacular! I have an uncle that is suffering with Alzheimer’s. What a wonderful, inspiring way to get the message out!

Wonderful show! Keep it up!

Beautiful! Makes you stop and remember. Thanks.

I am speechless! Absolutely beautiful. This entire showing needs to be put into publication!! Love it! ♥

I’ll keep walking for the Cincy Chapter of AZ. Keep up the good work!

My husband passed on May 2, 2013 from AD—after 9 years. Good job.

If I came here to see only one display, it would be this amazing array of quilts!!

Thanks for bringing the quilts here—

My heart goes out to all. Bless all who put their time to help.

I love what you have done in the display! The stories are heart wrenching, and some of the quilt blocks really tug at the heart, too. They really make you feel the pain these people experience. I can see that someone really put some time into the name strips as well. Thank you for doing this!

Wonderful pieces of art and very educational. Loved it! but wish this disease never existed.

What an amazing piece! It is so heartwarming to see it in person.

Ecumen Detroit Lakes
Detroit Lakes, MN
October 5-7, 2012

I came to see this display with my sister and niece and friend in honor of my mother who has Alzheimer’s. I could have written some of the stories as my experience is very similar. The exhibit is very tastefully done and the love for those whose names are written shows through.
Sherry Monson
Cambridge, MN
“Wow. This truly is something.”—caregiver of a resident who has died from Alzheimer’s

The most wonderful combination of science, art, life and spiritual experiences all in an informative educational journey! Thank you.

What a beautiful quilt. A story that is familiar to too many families. This quilt display is awesome—someone we all know is there.

It really makes you think what can happen. Knowing early Alzheimer’s is the worst.
Jo Henduk

You have given me so much insight on Alzheimer’s—so much to think about. Thank you.
M. Hoeschen

My mother suffered with Alzheimer’s for 6 years. Each of the smaller quilts expressed some aspect of what my mother went through or my father and our family experienced. Thank you, quilters, for honoring everyone who has had Alzheimer’s or a family member with Alzheimer’s .
Loxley Koshnick
Detroit Lakes, MN
Wonderful display. So many stories touched my heart and made me think of my mother as she goes through the different stages of Alzheimer’s .
Gail Rham
Rugby, ND
The quilts were very beautiful! ☺
Miyah Rojas
They were very beautiful to look at. It was very nice.
Detroit Lakes, MN
They were beautiful to look at. It really touched me!
Stacey Murphy
Detroit Lakes, MN
Very interesting and stories that remind us how little thoughts and memories are important.
Val Kielstrup
Detroit Lakes, MN
Thank you for the very educational and inspiring display that you have brought to our area.
Mavis Klalbunde

Very moving and informative.

I worked at this exhibit for three days. Every day I noticed something new—the stitching of the strips, some new symbolism in the quilt designs. This is a very deliberately designed and intentional sharing. So precious!

This was so wonderful—sad, but wonderfully moving. I greatly appreciate people who can so eloquently present feelings I have so often.
Madelyn Sakle
Detroit Lakes, MN
Very touching exhibit. I’m glad I was able to come to view it. What a sad disease for everyone—and a struggle until the end. Beautiful quilts and stories.
Barb Scherping

A friend at church told me not to miss the quilt exhibit and she was right. Very moving.

I liked the pictures that the quilts had on them and the stories.
Emily Vogt
Detroit Lakes, MN
The designs and pictures on the quilts were inspiring. The stories were touching too.
Aneli Miller
Detroit Lakes, MN
My Mom was Emmanuel’s first Alzheimer’s patient. She lived over 20 years with the disease, starting her 13th year in nursing homes when she died. But the string of researchers, medical professionals and caregivers that our Patti was blessed with! The head of neurology at U of M hospital—the director of Alzheimer’s Research Center at Regions Hospital, St. Paul, where my mother’s brain now resides, and where her (later onset) sister’s autopsy is filed. One could not ask for more gratifying and skilled caregivers that so compassionately and knowledgably gave of themselves to help us—a legion of caregivers— From a grateful recipient—
Sally Hausker

I liked what the quilts had to say. They were beautiful with a wonderful story.
Mady Webber
Detroit Lakes, MN
The quilts showed stories about people with Alzheimer’s the way they struggled. It shows hope and faith.
Marissa Gilbert
Detroit Lakes, MN
I thought it was really creative and interesting. Seeing it was definitely something new.
Amy Roush
Detroit Lakes, MN
I like what people did with the quilts.

I like how the quilts visualize different symptoms and aspects of Alzheimer’s.
Alice Steffi
Detroit Lakes, MN
I thought that the quilts helped to give a better understanding of it and the true fear of not knowing what’s going on, constantly being taken care of by who we think are strangers. It would be hard to face everyday life.
Lacy Ballard
Detroit Lakes, MN
It was very unique. It displayed Alzheimer’s dark side in a beautiful, elegant, public variety. I loved it and would tell friends and family about it.
Quinn Schweigart
Detroit Lakes, MN
What a wonderful exhibit. Thank you for allowing us to see it.
Karol Carlson

Very moving and thought-provoking. Also educational and helpful information.

Beautiful. Amazing artists, such talent. What great memories of people who suffered a very confusing disease.

This is an amazing piece to keep the memories of friends and families alive.

This was a very emotional thing to go through and made me think of my grandma.
Carlea Edwards
Detroit Lakes, MN
This was very emotional and in-depth. It’s hard to see what others go through.
Megan Dady
Detroit Lakes, MN
Amazing! Amazing artistry—amazing thoughts and amazing, caring exhibit.
Lynn Durward
Detroit Lakes, MN
I had no idea it would be like this. It is fantastic.
Margaret Durward
Detroit Lakes, MN
This was a very thought-provoking display. Thank you to all the quilters and presenters.

Having recently lost my hubby to this tragic disease—this brought more home to me. I’m so inspired with the love displayed here. Thank you to all for their diligence, caring and craftsmanship. ♥♥

This is a very moving display of the suffering so many people are going through. I found it very emotional and thought-provoking.

I lost my Mom to this horrible disease so can relate very much to this exhibit. Thank you very much.

This was a very eye-opening experience. It was fun to come and see everyone’s stories and all of the different quilts. I enjoyed coming here and hope people do also.
Andrea Tibbetts

I found out I have Alzheimer’s because I have bad “jeans”. (a sketch of a pair of jeans with “quilt idea”)
Steve Score

Alzheimer’s is like a “spinning” children’s toy—how do you stop?

Great exhibit!! Brought to light many unexpressed feelings in my family.
TL Nelson
Detroit Lakes, MN
I learned a lot and the stories were so real and close to home.
Detroit Lakes, MN
The most profound statement is that there are no Alzheimer’s survivors.

It has me speechless—
G. Thompson

Lore Edwards was a resident here at Emmanuel. His daughter Connie Edwards visited today and she said her Dad had dementia and his comment was, “I feel I’m going down a One-way the wrong way.”

What an extraordinary project for someone to think of and plan etc. What a wonderful way to honor one’s loved ones.
Helen Hause

Heart-wrenching but also heart-warming. We all need to be educated in this disease.
Sonji T

A very heart-rendering lesson.

A beautiful way to tell the story of such an awful disease!

They were beautiful for a terrible disease. The stitching was amazing. The story was interesting in most.
Anna Nicholauson
Detroit Lakes, MN
I never knew so many people had Alzheimer’s. I think this is a great way to show all the people in the country who have Alzheimer’s. It was very beautiful.
Karlee Stalberger
Detroit Lakes, MN
This is very touching. My great-grandma died after having Alzheimer’s for many years. Very beautiful.
Emmalee Hinrichs
Detroit Lakes, MN
Very heart-breaking to me. Unique in every way.
M. S.
Detroit Lakes, MN
Very sad stories, yet meaningful.
Dara Molander
Detroit Lakes, MN
Sad, it affects a lot of people.
Ellie Vnalberer
Detroit Lakes, MN
Shocking. I didn’t know it was so common.
Sam Baumgarden
Detroit Lakes, MN
I thought the stories on the quilts were really sad and was a shock but the quilts were also interesting in how the people designed them to go with their emotions.
Teresa Starmer
Detroit Lakes, MN

Northwest Quilt Expo
Portland, OR
September 21-23, 2012

I can't begin to tell you what it meant to see my mother's name (and Uncle Kenny's, too) on panel 114. As soon as I saw it, I started to cry! Even though Mom's been gone over 5 years, it just was such a powerful reaction to it. My husband was with me at first (he had to go and sit down for a while later on), and of course wrapped his arms around me. But even strangers came up to hug me when they saw the emotion!! I told my ASG group, I've never been hugged by so many strangers in my life! We took pictures, and I have to review how to send one to you so you can see, or post on my FaceBook page. I had brought along the little quilt I made a few years ago, "Memories of Momma", and borrowed a white glove from a helper so I could hold the panel with mom's name on it up near my upper body (her name is near the bottom of the panel, and I have really bad knees....) with that hand, and my own little quilt next to it, and had someone take a picture.

I also looked at all the little quilts on display, reading the descriptions of what each portrayed. Very interesting, and really enhanced the impact of all those name panels.

It was an experience I will never forget, and I so appreciate all the volunteers who made it happen.
Charlotte Trayer
Mountlake Terrace, WA
I am so very touched by this exhibit. I lost my Mother last July and then my Dad, her caregiver, 2 months and 9 days later. Keep up the good work.

Thank you. I cried for my mother all the way through.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this display. We have a loved one who is just beginning his journey.

What a wonderful tribute to loved ones lost.

Thank you for bringing this to Portland. I’d love to see it at other Alzheimer’s events.
Wendy Bond
Lake Oswego, OR
I’m so glad to finally see Momma’s name on the quilt (panel 114). It’s been a very emotional morning for me—lots of tears, but lots of hugs, too. Quilters are the best!
Charlotte Trayer
Mountlake Terrace, WA
Thank you. My Mom was in foster care about five years though her symptoms were manifesting for ten or so years earlier—if only we had realized. So many of the quilts’ comments describe my experiences with my Mom. Thank you.

Thank you for remembering and caring.

Best display ever! Saw your show at Houston a few years ago and this one is much improved—stunning stunning quilts!!
Cher Smith
Portland, OR
It was so overwhelming to actually see them in person. The opportunity to share my quilts, see them on display and tell the stories to viewers was so meaningful!
Michele Bilyeu
Salem, OR
Amazing and moving and so beautiful. Thank you all.

I am a speech-language pathologist who sometimes works with Alzheimer’s patients … and my mom is starting to show signs of some kind of dementia. It is all very puzzling, and so hard to find answers/be heard by doctors. Very moving.
Lake Oswego, OR
Thank you for the opportunity to curate this exhibit. It is beautiful, haunting, and effective. People’s responses have been amazing. Healthcare providers, caregivers, and family members seem touched and relieved that someone is doing something. Thanks.

AQS Quilt Show & Sale
Grand Rapids, MI
August 22-25, 2012

I was very touched by this exhibit yesterday. I had not heard of it before. I got to see it in person in Grand Rapids Mich. My dear father-in-law passed away this past Feb. He had Dementia. His wife is currently in a nursing facility with Alzheimer's disease. My husband and I had taken care of them for 3 1/2 yrs before we had to place them in a facility (Oct 6, 2011). There were several stories that hit home to me as I read thru them with many tears in my eyes it was hard to read them, but at the same time its a familiar story to many and unfortunately ....we are not alone. This is such a terrible crippling disease. My goal is to try to do my part and try to get this exhibit in my area and to help by purchasing this CD and also by contributing a quilt or more to be auctioned. Also, I would like to present this to my quilt guild to see f they can join me on my crusade against Alzheimer's disease. Thank you AAQI.
LaFontaine IN
Beautiful, moving tribute to a terrible blight to the human spirit. Thank you.

Very moving. My dear mother died of Alzheimer’s after a 10-year struggle and this wonderful exhibit makes me weep. Wish I could participate.

Wonderful project. And who knows if it will happen to any of us?

What a great idea, beautiful to see.

I am absolutely in awe! What an amazing show of compassion. Fabulous!

We need a box of tissues in the booth. Very moving!

This is the most eye-opening exhibit about this horrendous condition and the great love.

Brought me to tears. I love you, man.

I remember my vibrant sister-in-law, Nancy Marvin, concert pianist, composer, English teacher brought down in her prime.

My dad died from Alzheimer’s and I support their research monthly. I would like to know how to get my dad’s name on a quilt.
Robbi Buckles
Coldwater, MI
My Dad died from Alzheimer’s--He was a tall, strong, intelligent man who loved his family. I would like more info on how to get his name on the “purple quilts “.
Barb Taylor
Grand Ledge, MI
This was awesome! My dad had this disease and it was devastating for all who had to deal with the devastation it created. Thanks so much for an opportunity to fight back.
Michelle Hudson
Holly, MI
Well done!
Bonnie Bus
Lansing, MI
Wonderful method of explaining the unexplainable — it’s beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.
Karen Gora
Grandville, MI
Absolutely beautiful way to remember those who were plagued with this disease.

“Awesome”. This is soo-o-o true. Love the lost.

A very moving, sensitive and beautiful exhibit! [Remembering Stella Ward]
Valerie McHugh
Pentwater, MI
Very nice.
Mark and Karen Polczynski
Standish, MI
Tissues are a necessary and very nice touch!
Judy Lowery
Franklin, NC
Very moving and personal.
Carolyn Maynard
Sanford, MI
This is so touching and meaningful. Thank you so much.

This project is beyond compare — what an insight it gives for such an awful illness.
Kathy H

Wonderful exhibit. I have a quilt to send I just finished in honor of my uncle we just lost to Alzheimer’s.
Jennifer R
Santa Maria, CA
Very touching.

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s shortly after she returned from Europe with my dad, for his retirement. She lost her ability to drive, then work, then she wasn’t able to identify her children. She passed away in 1993.
Margaret McGuinness
Berkley, MI
Unbelievable. But please help us who still have our mind. Luv.
Cathy Wilkinson

Heart touching. I work with dementia almost every day. Nice to see this tribute paid to them, thank you!
Susan Hallifax
Kentwood, MI
I’d like to be a part of the next quilt that is made, with new names.
Blondie Wintersteen
Alliron, MI
This says it all -- nothing was left out. Touched my heart -- will remember it for always!

This is without a doubt the most moving exhibit I have ever seen at a quilt show. It reminds me of the Viet Nam War Memorial in Washington D.C. Are the small quilts being put together for a book? They should be.
Evanston, IL
This is amazing and moving — what a great way to remember and honor those who are touched by this illness (most of us). ? Thank you.

This is so special to me. On my father’s side of the family are 11 and 6 of them had Alzheimer’s, one aunt for 25+ years. Ami, this is so touching, I will keep you in my prayers.

So moving! A great way to put my own feelings about my mom and Alzheimer’s. I’ll share the pictures with her. She is why I quilt.

So hard not to cry. My grandma and great grandma both had/have the disease. So it’s scary to think I might one day have it.

Amazing and heartrending exhibit. Thank you --

Amazing, moving, heart-wrenching. Thank you.

Great display -- we loved it. Wonderful idea.

Wonderful, tasteful and meaningful exhibit! I found my relatives’ names on panel #34.
Nancy Borgeson
Grass Lake, MI
What an awesome piece of works -- so heartfelt and a real loving testimony to such memorable loved ones!

A moving tribute.
M. K. Shaw
Manchester, MI
Ami -- Thanks for all you are doing for Alzheimer’s awareness. Your displays bring tears for all those suffering this horrible illness. I admire your work so much -- also your wonderful spirit. God bless you. Love --
Willie Pfeiffer
Romeo, MI
Having a directory so names can be located would be helpful.

Ami, great exhibit to see in its totality.

Beautiful and heart-felt.

Wonderful exhibit. My mother-in-law has dementia and is difficult caring for her.

Ami, thanks for getting this started -- the battle continues.
Peg Kechner

My great-grandmother, my grandmother and my mother have all suffered from Alzheimer’s. Thank you for this!

My mother-in-law suffered from Alzheimer’s. The toughest years were the beginning ones -- with his denial and the cover-up she did. This is a very moving exhibit. Thank you very much.
Jackie Iannsielli

My father died in 2007 at 91 years old--lost language even. Mom (now 93) still enjoys phone calls. They are very uh uh uh repetitive but she knows who I am for now. Thanks for the Kleenex.

My father was a very very angry man. When he forgot a lot of stuff the anger lessened. He had to forget everything so he could forget what he was angry about.
Mary Pierce
Dowling, MI
I was very impressed with the quilt exhibit. Keep the good work up.

AhhhhMazing! Wow, this is powerful. Thanks.

Amazing display. Really gives a lot to think about.

Very moving … such sadness and heartbreak … Thank you for sharing …
Leah Peters
Kalamazoo, MI
Very Moving, not a bright moment, but very real. Thank you for sharing this.
Tammy Hastings
Chelsea, MI
So moving -- so impressive a collection. I love the mission statements. So personal.
Louis Rosen
Norton Shores, MI
So interesting -- the expressiveness of the quilts is like poetry and the viewer is truly touched.
Morganne Gallagher
Saginaw, MI
Made us think of friends and loved ones with Alzheimer’s and the good memories. The little quilts were beautiful and inspiring.
Beth Schoone-Jongen
Grand Rapids, MI
It’s awesome!! But does make me sad to think of all those affected!
Bobbe M Lehr
Saginaw, MI
This was very moving. We have and are living through this disease with family. Thank you so much for this exhibit.
Julie Kurtz
Portage, MI
The Alzheimer’s quilts captured the disease so well. Thank you for the exhibit and your work.
Laura DeBoer
Port Huron, MI
Amazing -- the loving support given to those stricken with the disease. Thank you.
June Terkoski

Very touching. My familymas been touched by Alzheimer’s and it is always comforting to know that we are not alone.

Beautiful! Thoughtful! Daring! Graphic! Loving! Thank you --
Barbara Freed

Powerful -- haven’t experienced this first hand, thank God, but know others who have!

So very special! Thank you so much! So good to learn. Just like a story book. Take away the fear.

Very sobering — a touching tribute.

To think that this is just a fraction of the people suffering from this disease is overwhelming. Thanks!

Thank you Ami and Kathy. This is a very touching display. I will share the poetry with my caregivers -- sister-in-law.

Thank you! I have a sister-in-law who hasn’t known us for years now. What a loss!
Kent and Judy Owens
Springfield, IL
What a moving display; the mini quilts are beautiful and moving. Thanks!?

Quilt Colorado 2012
Loveland, CO
July 10-15, 2012

Wonderful way to become familiar with the projects. Go to to learn more about this opportunity to support a meaningful organization. Spread the word!

So glad for this exhibit to come to Colorado—I’ve made over 20 of these!
Maureen Supple
Littleton, CO
Wonderful exhibit—everyone here can participate in the quilt challenge. Join us …
Peggy Herring

Very moving exhibit—perhaps even more so third time around.

The Colonial
Hamilton, OH
June 7-10, 2012

Found your display so very wonderful as we all have family members.

Beautiful! Thank you for displaying the exhibit. Please continue to do more!!

Stunning, informative, thought-provoking. Thank you.
Hamilton, OH
Wonderful display.
New Carlisle, OH
Much different than I expected but very touching and informative. I quilt larger pieces and do appreciate the time, passion and talent that goes into each “small” piece. Thank you for sharing your stories.
Sonya Larson
Hamilton, OH
The Alzheimer’s Prayer is beautiful. Would make a good fundraiser.

The Alzheimer’s Prayer and Unraveled are my choice of the best. My friend passed away with Alzheimer’s and his mom and brother also had it.
Lois J
Hamilton, OH
No one could spell it out BETTER!

This is an amazing quilt show. We have been in the antique business for 40 years but know and handled many old quilts but nothing like this which brought tears to my eyes — I have not had but two friends who came up or down with the awful disease — May God bless all who helped.
Harriet and Ted Sclemitt

I’ve known people with Alzheimer’s and these quilts really express how it affects them and their loved ones. Wonderful display. I hope it helps.

Great presentation — Ami knows how to raise money and put it where it will do the most good. Thanks, Ami.

Rather emotional to see my quilt and the thousands of names, including my father’s name, Al Nelson. I still miss him. Thanks.
Vickie Paullus

My best friend of over 50 years was diagnosed with advanced dementia a year ago at age 60. This was a very emotional experience — beautiful

Quilters Guild of Dallas
Dallas, TX
March 9-11, 2012

Very sad, the quilts are a great outlet for emotions. I’m not a quilter yet but the ideas, colors, materials, etc give me lots of ideas to convey what’s in your mind to a material expression.

Very powerful and moving exhibit. I love the names banners. Maybe the exhibits or stories could be published and the funds could go to research, too.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a book to preserve the stories of the quilts — or posters to hang.

I walked alone yet felt my Mother’s presence in every name and quilt. She died at 95 years (2006) and we shared so much and yet so little.
Rose Bartholomew
Richardson, TX
So meaningful yet so creative. Thank you to each quilter. I was touched.
Rosalee Weiler
Grapevine, TX
The exhibit stirred deepest compassion and tolerance for the victims of Alzheimer’s, their families, and caregivers.
Frances Jennings
Beaver Dam, WI
I was almost in tears as I am living this life. I was a caretaker of my friend of 30 years. She is now in assisted living. I am devastated every time I see more progression robbing of her by Alzheimer’s. The moments of her lucidity are moments for rejoicing.
Helen M. Beggane
Duncanville, TX
The stories with the quilts are remarkable and I can relate to most of them. My husband had Alzheimer’s before he died.

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival
Hampton, VA
February 22-26, 2012

Wonderful! Touched our hearts ♥ May it travel well and be seen by many!

Very powerful and sad. A wonderful idea.
Richmond, VA
My mother had Alzheimer’s so I lived it with her.
Bowie, MD
Saw my father’s name that I had submitted on line. Brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful and very powerful.

A beautiful and moving exhibit. It brought memories of my father and made me cry.

Awesome and emotionally choking.

I learned a lot about the disease — via the little quilts — very good. Thank you.

Please make a book of these beautiful quilts and stories! My father passed away 10 years ago from Alzheimer’s and these so capture all aspects of this disease.

So powerful! We are not alone caring for our loved ones.

Great exhibit — very moving —

The stories on the small quilts: they break my heart.

Beautiful — my 84-year-old mother has Alzheimer’s. Very touching.

My mom has Alzheimer’s and I see her in several of the little quilts here. It is always a privilege to share the stories and the wealth of expression these quilts represent.
Helen Marie Marshall
Fort Washington, PA
Very heart wrenching. Brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. My sister has dementia and I see her fading away. So-o-o sad. The variation of art quilts to capture the feelings is fabulous!
Gretchen Kemmer
Greenville, NC
Thank you. My mother is 93 and in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s. It’s helpful to know that I’m not alone in my struggle as I face this day after day. Thank you for this exhibit and reminder that we all have to remember to fight for a cure.

Thank you, Ami, for all of your wonderful, loving works. My friend Dot passed away three weeks ago after a five-year battle. She’s free now.
Mary Williams

First time quilts have brought tears to my eyes —

Very inspiring.

Great reminder that people are not difficult because they want to be.

Amazing and heartbreaking.
Ann W
Hampton, VA
I’m very touched. Thank you for this wonderful exhibit. Because I am a physical therapist who works with older adults, I know the disease too well. Because I teach physical therapy students about working with older adults with dementia, I struggle to accomplish what the texts accompanying the small quilts are able to accomplish — to teach both implicitly at the feeling or “gut” level as well as explicitly, sharing practical information about AD and how to help persons with AD. THANK YOU for this inspiration!!!
Leslie Allison
East Carolina University
Great information for all the gals — really enthused about all they do!!

Quilt Expo
Laconia, NH
October 1-2, 2011

Marjie Gorman
Bristol, NH
Awesome!! Keep up the great work.

Broke my heart. Wonderful exhibit.

The quilts and stories have great impact. Lost my mother to Alzheimer’s.

I was lost in it. I spilled a few tears and found myself saying, “Oh, my!” quite often. How extraordinary.

I wish I had more time to spend here. But it’s off to work. So proud BMQG had this national show! Thank you!

Absolutely gorgeous and a very touching remembrance.

So very moving. Seems everyone has a story to share. Thank you for listening.

Thank you for your wonderful efforts. My mother Sylvia is an Alzheimer’s patient. This is such a wonderful tribute — God bless you all.
Maria Cross
Braintree, MA
Thank you for having my mother’s name on your quilt. It is a good feeling to keep her memory alive.
Ann Markunas

What a way to capture the heart of the disease.
Laconia, NH
This is a wonderful exhibit and so informative about the progression of the disease. Thank you for bringing this to our community.
Gilford, NH
Very moving and emotional experience — Thank you.
Whitman, MA
Very moving! Thank you for such a wonderful exhibit.
J. Lauder
Warner, NH
A wonderful exhibit, moving.
This is a wonderful tribute. Thank you.

This is truly a work of love. Thank you.

A very ‘real’ compilation of the thoughts and feelings of the ‘victim’ and the caretaker. Very moving.

Awesome exhibit. It was so emotional!
Laconia, NH
This was a very compelling exhibit. My Dad died of Alzheimer’s and many of the quilts illustrated many aspects of our experience. I especially related to the one about music/song being remembered after all else was gone.
Diane Beaman

So moving. What a wonderful way to use quilts to help people understand a devastating disease.

Very overwhelming what people have gone through with their loved ones. Touching stories with breathtaking and emotional stories with quilts.
Rebeka Morse
Alton Bay, NH
I brought my Mom with me to her first quilt show — simply wonderful and moving — I will cherish every moment from this day on.
Sheila Becks
Woodstock, CT
I have just loved spending the day with the exhibit. People have shared their stories with us all day!

Amazing and overwhelming at the same time.

Thank you so much. A chance to learn of the heart wrenching need for research in all aspects of Alzheimer’s.

Very informative and thought-provoking. Interesting panel quilts.

Overwhelming — clearly indicates the need for continued research. Thank you for allowing us to have this show.
Sandy M

Quilt Expo
Madison, WI
September 8-10, 2011

Outstanding and emotional. Thanks for giving me a new perspective on this disease.

Wonderful exhibit! I understand more now.

Great exhibit! Very emotional.

Thank you!

Wow. This is heart-wrenching — we lost one aunt to this disease, and are losing my father.
Judy Van Schoyck
Oxford, WI
A powerful and touching display. Thank you.
Donna K
I enjoyed working the exhibit! (my sister is your twin)

What a beautiful tribute to the victims of Alzheimer’s and a labor of love from the people who contributed to the tribute. Thank you.

I came just to see this quilt. It is amazing. As someone that works with Alzheimer’s and having family with the disease, thank you.
Cassie G
Oregon, WI
I was so moved by these mini-quilts and their messages. I’ve watched my mom and mom-in-law go through this. I couldn’t believe how this display was able to stir those old bittersweet memories.
Janna F
Houghton, MI
The quilt is very moving and beautiful. The smaller quilts were great!!! It reminded me of my husband’s grandmother.
Jonnie Egleston
Beloit, WI
Please email me with how to get a “strip” of fabric to put my father’s name on. Thank you.
Deb Z

Seeing all the names, made me remember that all these people are someone's “someone”! I love the hippo campus reminder. Will be praying for all families.

My father died last year from this terrible disease. I was so grateful when he passed that I hardly cried at all. Today looking at your quilts I couldn't stop crying. They are very moving. Thank you for the Kleenex.

What a wonderful idea. I wish I could have added my grandmother's name. She had dementia and I miss her terribly.

Lost my mom on Good Friday after 10 years of AD — finally she knows us and remembers.

Wonderful! My mother had Alzheimer's, but in the end, she was truly “care-free” and smiled at us all! ♥

Lost two family members and a cousin is currently dealing with this — keep up the great work, Ami!
Very hard for me to see this but it's wonderful. My husband is suffering from this horrible disease. Thank you.

I can't say how much this exhibit touched me! What a wonderful way to remember and raise awareness for those touched by Alzheimer's and their families. Both my mother and mother-in-law suffered this disease, living well into their 90's.

Amazing! My father-in-law had Alzheimer's. Any attention to this plague is so appreciated.

This is a great idea! My grandmother died with Alzheimer's. Keep up the good work!

What a wonderfully powerful exhibit. Each of us knows someone struggling with this insidious disease. Thank you for this!
Sara Rehring

Very nice exhibit. Truly worthwhile.

Excellent display of a very emotional disease. The person it happens to and the family who prays some day for a cure. Thank you.
Deanna Luther

Wonderful display — riveting and emotional.
Joyce Hach
Middleton, WI
This is a powerful teaching tool that deeply touches each observer. The honesty and love so beautifully expressed moved me to tears repeatedly. I have been changed and enriched by this marvelous exhibit.

Amazing! I was so touched! Made the whole Expo worth the time —

American Quilter's Society Quilt Show
Knoxville, TN
July 13-16, 2011

I did see the exhibit at the AQS show and it was wonderful and heart-breaking at the same time. I was so taken by the strips and strips and strips of name blocks. I had written the name of a dear lady and friend on a block when I was given the opportunity at our local guild meeting in Huntsville. Finding her name, and consequently realizing she and I were both a part of the initiative, was very moving. I do hope it continues to provide comfort and hope. Thank you for sharing it with us in Knoxville!
Denise Fowler Panter
Knoxville, TN
I have had the privilege of working some with Alzheimer’s patients — seeing the amount of names here is staggering. God bless their hearts — heaven will be full of them!
J. Roth Franklin
West Virginia
My dad has Alzheimer’s. He still remembers our core family but grandchildren — no. It is sad he doesn’t do any of the activities he used to, and repetition in conversation is all that’s left.

My mother has this horrible disease, but she lives with it with such grace. She, in an advanced stage, still will pray and say thank you and start singing a line of a hymn or a nursery rhyme she sang to her babies. She still loves even when she doesn’t know whom she is loving.

Have many friends with this. I was lucky to purchase a quilt in Houston — I pray for them every day.

Hard to read the words by each small quilt … Made me think of what one of my favorite aunts just went through (and her family). She was cared for at home till the day she passed,
C. Ryan
Dalton, GA
Forever in my heart ♥ ♥ Donnie and Pearl. My loving, faithful husband passed so quickly. This is amazing. It brought tears of joy and so much appreciation now at his care.
P. Masser
Powell, TN
My mother has late stage Alzheimer’s. I found this exhibit very moving and exact.
Bonnie Holmes
Friendsville, TN
My dad died a year ago from this terrible disease. My mother did an amazing job taking care of him until his death. He was 90 years old. She is 80. This is an amazing tribute to the patient, caregiver, and family. Thank you.
G Cochrum
Knoxville, TN
Best part of the quilt show!
Kay Meredith
Knoxville, TN
Just lost a wonderful woman, Christine, this morning in Chapel Hill, NC.
Laura Lloyd
Chapel Hill, NC
My Mom passed away in March, 2011. This is the best healing for me and my sisters.

This exhibit has made me more aware of the heartbreak of Alzheimer’s. Painfully aware is a more true statement.
Patricia Vaughn
Maryville, TN
Very touching!
Margaret Kiern
Franklin, TN
Amazing exhibit! Thank you for lifting up the awareness.
Bonnie Barthelemy
Murfreesboro, TN
Until we meet again, Dad. I love you!
Dana Hogan
Loudon, TN
Very moving. So expressive.
Jan Darnell
Knoxville, TN
Extremely moving and so important to learn what I have ahead of me with my dear husband. Slowly he walks away, farther every day.

As I view these quilts I think of my beloved sister-in-law, Toyoko. As my brother said, “She just evaporated.”
Jane Brown
Cullowhee, NC
My sister was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2008 and she is already in the last stage. She is only 65. This is a wonderful thing you are doing.

Touching, good idea, amazing.
Rose Hedges
Knoxville, TN
Incredible. Helps mourn my grandfather’s loss to this disease.
Diane Early
Charlotte, NC
Wonderful, touching, sad, happy, purple — my mother-in-law. Thank you, Ami! The exhibit is stunning. You should allow photography.

What can I say. I’m in tears. Know too many people affected over the years! Lovely display.
D Stecker

Exceptional and moving. I cried. Thanks.

You captured the essence of the impact of Alzheimer’s on the individual and family through this artistic rendering. What a beautiful memorial to beautiful people!

Very moving quilts/stories. Will teach people what they don’t know.
Knoxville, TN
What a beautiful way to educate people about this debilitating disease — the words were touching and memorable.
Arden, NC
I am profoundly moved by your exhibit and vision. You evoke through art the often slow loss of a loved one’s mental faculties and the physical shell that remains. For me, this was my mother-in-law’s demise in the first 11 years of my marriage. Yours is a powerful tribute to the loss of many.

This exhibit moved me very much! I lost “Mother” on January 1, 2011 — age 94 years. She used to love to come with me to this Quilt Show!

I have tried twice to walk through this exhibit. I am moved to tears and have to walk away to compose myself. My Daddy is in early stages and it breaks my heart. Thanks for bringing this exhibit to this show. The loss to so many is heartbreaking.
J. Funderburk
North Carolina
Very moving, touches places very deep in my heart. Thank you for featuring this exhibit.
C Cross
This beautiful exhibit is so touching. My dad knows who we are and is always glad to see us but he can’t remember where to find the dishes to set the table for dinner. He can’t remember the thing he did yesterday or this morning. I love him so.

This is remarkable, and such a good way for the survivors to express their feeling. It must be very good for their soul.
R.S. Shovlin
I’m speechless!! So many folks hurting from this horror. What a wonderful memorial!
Carol Roberts
Dandridge, TN
This is a very moving display honoring those who have fought the fight of the frightening disease of Alzheimer’s. My mom and mother-in-law both had it and it’s just a dreadful disease and frustrating for them and the ones who care for them.
Brenda Mitchell
Sheffield, AL
I am beginning to see the signs in my husband at age 63. It is hard for him to see those same symptoms. I hate the anger that ensues when he doesn’t remember. Alzheimer’s robs not only your loved family member of reason but yourself also. The tragedy includes everyone around you.

Great exhibit — emotions and thoughts exhibited are common threads when family member has Alzheimer’s.

Awesome exhibit! I’ve gone through so many of the same experiences as my mom passed a couple of years ago from this horrible disease — Hope we will find a cure very soon!
Kodak, TN

Hand Across The Valley Quilt Show
Amherst, MA
March 26-27, 2011

Fantastic and heartbreaking — so wonderful.

Thank you so much — so much excellent advice delivered so tenderly. Everyone should have a chance to be educated by these masterpieces.
Diane Ramsay
Westfield, MA
So beautiful and moving and I shed so many tears! Such a sad disease.

Amazing! Artistic — moving — can’t find good enough words to describe.

Beautiful — moving — wonderful exhibit.

I lost both of my grandmothers to Alzheimer’s/dementia within 10 days of each other this past July. This exhibit is beautiful and illustrates so many of the experiences my grandmothers, my family, and I have had with this disease.
Sarah Stafford
Springs, CT
Thank you to all the contributors for remembering. As a music therapist, I know that music is a powerful tool to help Alzheimer’s patients.

I facilitate a caregiver support group for families, friends, and individuals who suffer. 75% of attendees care for or suffer with dementia related conditions. This exhibit is sadly and warmly familiar. Beautiful work. Thank you!

Thank you for caring and remembering.


Made me cry remembering my mother — she would be 108 March 28 —she died at age 91 after several years of being lost to Alzheimer’s. Lost her twice!
Adele Levine

Powerful. God bless.


Very moving, brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful presentation. Thank you.
Springfield, MA
A wonderful exhibit — very moving.
L. Scranton
Springfield, MA
A very moving exhibit — while it worked to stir my emotions, especially having a family member dealing with this tragic disease, it was a good sadness.
Southampton, MA
Many are singular — ‘Memory Walk’ [by Susan “Smitty” Price] was exceptional.

All of these mini quilts touched me deeply!
Amity Giard

Beautiful piece! Thank you for all the people who shared their stories.

Moving, informative, heartbreaking, inspiring!

What a wonderful statement of caring.
Pat Pauly

Thank you for all you are doing.
Sara Fredette

Profound and evocative. Thank you.

So difficult to comprehend, but so important to understand. Thank you, Ami, for all you do!

Very emotional and amazing, so many names.

Profound — important to see. Thank everyone who shared their personal experiences.

So wonderful and so sad. Thank you, Ami!

What a tribute — beautiful.

Wonderful, emotional, overwhelming show — It reminds me of the Vietnam wall in Washington, D.C.
Susan Hayes
St Agawam, MA
A lovely and very moving exhibit.

Amazing — Touching — Wow.

This is awe inspiring — the numbers are staggering.

I was so moved to view this solemn exhibit. I saw tears and hugs as we read the notes. Thank you for your commitment to our loved ones dealing with Alzheimer’s.

Very informative and moving. Hope it helps find a cure.
Irene Clark
Belchertown, MA
A powerful, wonderful exhibit. The first exhibit made me cry — I had to stop looking. This one is just as moving, but better, in my opinion. Thanks!

Extremely moving to see my own powerful experiences reflected back to me by others. Metaphor and color and texture can communicate better than only words. Thank you.

Profound exhibit. Quite moving. I work in healthcare with children, yet see the commitment and dedication of families every day and know that there are also so many wonderful, caring family members caring for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s.

Extremely moving exhibit. I have been a caregiver for 15 years to many family members. The last two had dementia. The talk was excellent. Ami is to be commended for her caregiving. Thank you!

Stunning! Very emotional for me walking through. Thank you to all.
Guilford, Vermont
More powerful than words can really say — it was an honor to see and read your journeys. Thank you for that —

Absolutely beautiful, so thoughtful. I’d be glad to help by making some of the small quilted hangings.

Beautiful but hard to look at. My Mom just died from complications from Alzheimer’s and younger sister-in-law was diagnosed in her 50’s.
Jean C. Miller
Springfield, MA
How moving. Remembering friends and loved ones. For Alliette Fitzgerald and Mae Hartzell Drew.
Linda Fitzgerald
Springfield, MA
Thank you!
Diane DeHippolytis

This is just unbelievable — the small quilts and stories are so beautiful. It made me take a moment to pray for a cure.
Debby Whidden
Belchertown, MA
Thank you so much … it was moving.
Marcella and Beverly Jackson
Belchertown, MA
Beautiful and thoughtful. Thank you.
East Hartford, CT
Excellent exhibit.

This exhibit really shows the far-reaching affects of Alzheimer’s. Beautifully done.
Lara Kline
Springfield, MA
This exhibit is so helpful and educational. A fantastic learning tool and presented with great dignity. Thank you.
Kimberly Lambert
Northampton, MA
Great exhibit — thank you!

What an incredible display of emotion expressed by superbly fashioned quilts! Thanks to all —
Nancy Kalin
Florence, MA
Bring tissue. The individual quilts and the stories make us know we are not alone. Thanks.
Tina Tyler
Turners Falls, MA
Moving exhibit. Yes, you need to get this out to public view. Thank you for all your hard work in making this happen.
Julie Amherst

Wow! What an awesome exhibit! At a loss for words!
Michelle Plourcle

Very moving exhibit. The names quilts are amazing. I first saw an Alzheimer’s exhibit at Vermont Quilt Festival.

It’s overwhelming — such an incredible amount of work and love this represents!
Marion Kennedy
Orleans, MA
Beautiful representation of all the emotions we have dealing with this disease.
Susan Laford
Bernardston, MA
An extraordinary exhibit. Thank you.

So special. Saw the display 2 years ago. Just as impressive and moving now. How wonderful a tribute.

Beautiful show — brought me to tears …

So inspiring.

I was so moved! Beautiful and sad!

It’s beautiful. One of them reminded me of my mother.

The simplicity and directness of this display only enhances its moving power. The little quilts are all powerful but especially the ones depicting loss. Very impressive.
Katie George

This exhibit is truly a beautiful and “overwhelming” tribute to “all” the victims and families who are touched by the cruel hand of this disease.

Wow! An amazing, informative, moving, gorgeous, incredible exhibit! Thank you.

A very beautiful and moving tribute to our loved ones with this disease. I remember my husband’s mother fondly viewing these awesome works of art.

I am so moved! Being born a care provider (Mother with vascular dementia) plus RN/NP who trains people regarding dementia, this hit so many chords with me. Thank you so much!

Awesome display of reality done very artistically. Great job!

Amy W.
Pelham, MA
Ami, thank you for all you have done to make more people aware of this disease. Mini quilt coming.
Patty B

Creative, thoughtful, touching; a reminder to be aware and to be more compassionate … you could be there one day.
Cindy Watson
Granby, MA
Most impressive — beautifully displayed with much reflection and reverence for each individual.
Cathy Alsims

A powerful and evocative exhibit.

Thoughtful, tearful color-memories of loss and gains from disease. Well presented.

This quilt exhibit reminded me of the AIDS quilts I saw in 1986 on the mall in Washington, D.C. This show is as powerful! I’m moved to tears and fears! Thank you.

Powerful and moving! Thank you.

Incredibly powerful! And touching and inspiring. Thank you for all the work —

Beyond words — so moving, sad and yet so inspirational. Thank you.

Number 44 [“Memory Walk” by Susan “Smitty” Price] moved me to tears.

A beautifully presented show, very moving. These quilts should travel widely.

Thank you for sharing them though they are emotionally trying.

Thank you — beautiful, moving, emotional.
Williamsburg, MA