Carter, Shirlee (4/4)

Shirlee Carter
Navarre, FL   USA

Statement: I’ve always believed that God gives each of us special talents, and how we use those talents become our gift back to God. My special talent is sewing. My Mom, Aunt, Grandmothers, and even my Grandfather influenced me as I perfected my skills over the years. And some of the same ones who taught me to sew and quilt are the very ones who were stricken with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Making quilts for AAQI is my way of honoring these loved ones, gifting back to God, and in some small way moving Alzheimer’s research a step closer to a cure. Thank you Ami for the outstanding work you have done raising funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s research, and for making this avenue available to quilters.

Total raised so far: $220.00