Carlson, Caron (4/4)

Caron Carlson
Batavia, IL   USA

Statement: My grandmother was a teacher, and a wise and patient woman. When her husband, My Grandpa, died suddenly of a heart attack at 58, she came to live with us and became my "Nana." As I grew, I noticed she came to be very forgetful, unable to find the words to say what she wanted, and very frustrated with herself.

Eventually she became bedridden and was finally, at age 71, put in a nursing home. After that she never knew me. I would go to the home and sit by her bed and cry. Where was my Nana??

So, this is a small way for me to remember her. She was my sewing and crafting mentor, and sometimes I hear her whispering in my ear "Make sure the back looks as nice as the front..."
Caron Carlson

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