Burns-Dyson, Jennifer (11/11)

Jennifer Burns-Dyson
Brick, NJ   USA

Statement: When I was a teenager I worked in an Adult Day Care Center and cared for many men and women who had all sorts of illnesses - most notably Alzheimers. I wanted to do so much to help them, but it seemed that the best thing I could do was to be there and listen - and be whoever they thought I was. It saddened me to think that these once vibrant people had such dim memories.

I am making this pledge in honor of all the men and women that I had the pleasure of caring for when I was a teenager, and also for my husbands grandmother, who passed away at age 92 of Alzheimer's. All of the quilts that I make are crafted with love and prayers that our daughter will never have to know the disease of Alzheimer's.

Total raised so far: $382.45