Bruce, Carol (20/20)

Carol Bruce
Las Vegas, NV   USA

Statement: So many solutions for problems involve sacrifice, but Ami has come up with a way to raise money for Alzheimer’s research that rewards the giver.

Here we are, individual artists tucked away in our studios, quietly fondling fabric and enjoying the creative process, trying new techniques and working on pieces actually small enough to FINISH. And then, Ami displays them in the company of other quilt artists where we can appreciate each other’s work. And our work has a goal.

The experience is priceless. Not to mention fun! While I haven’t had to personally deal with the devastation of this particular disease in my immediate family, too many friends have struggled with it. It is so frustrating to feel powerless to help someone you love. Yet, perhaps our little quilts will help someone else.

Total raised so far: $1,671.32