Brisbin, Donna (38/38)

Donna Brisbin
Winter Garden, FL   USA

Statement: Fran Brisbin was my mother-in-law. She passed away on March 27, 2009 after a 15-year struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease. She was well-educated – she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education and was consecrated as a Diaconal Minister in The United Methodist Church. She helped countless teenagers and newly-ordained pastors find their own Christian path. She was also a loving and devoted mother and grandmother, until she no longer remembered her loved ones. Eventually she didn’t remember anything.

My father-in-law, Bill Brisbin, was her sole caregiver until the last two weeks of her life, when Hospice crisis care took over. He did everything for her. Alzheimer’s robbed him of a big portion of his life, too.

I want to do a small part toward finding the cure for this horrible disease!

Total earned so far: $1,447.62