How To Bind Your Quilt (1)

How To Bind Your Quilt  (1)
Not all of the Priority: Alzheimer's quilts must be bound. Many people prefer to frame them. Personally, I like to bind.

Step #1: Bindings will be EASIER to stitch down if they are cut on the bias (less raveling.) But, they will be FASTER to make if cut cross grain, or Width of Fabric (WOF). Measure the outside edge of your quilt. To that measurement, add a few inches for overlap and fudging. That's how long your binding strip must be. Rotary cut it 1" wide. Note: If your quilt is LESS than 9" x 12" you will probably be able to squeak the binding out of ONE CUT. Lucky you!

Step #2: Lay the binding right side down, aligning the edge of the binding with the edge of the quilt top. (Some quilters prefer to "square up" their quilt with their rotary cutter and ruler, then bind. I find it easier to stitch binding with batting and backing still attached. Whatever blows your skirt.) Starting in the middle of a side of the quilt, leave a 2" tail and begin sewing with a walking or even-feed foot, 3/8" from the edge.

As you approach your first corner, PIN 3/8" from the edge of the quilt top.

Step #3: Stitch all the way up to the pin.

Step #4: Backstitch, then take the quilt out of the machine. (If you're a neat freak, you can trim the threads.)

Step #5: Bring the binding straight up making a fold at a 45 angle to form the "miter." Finger press if desired.

Step #6: Now, keeping the fold in place, bring the binding strip back down and even with the raw edge of the quilt top again. The new fold should be even with the edge of the binding along the top. Starting off the quilt, drive onto the binding, again stitching 3/8" from the raw edge.

Step #7: Repeat for remaining three corners. Join the ends together. Trim the edges of your quilt even with the edge of the binding and turn under and sew the binding with the applique stitch of your choice, using the sewing line used to attach the binding as your guide. (The fold of the binding should cover the stitching.

I fogot to show you how to join the ends. (Silly me!)

Step #7a: Here's a picture of another quilt, with black batting. Find the middle of the side of the quilt and mark it with a pin. Take the binding "tails" and fold them back so that the folds butt up against each other, at the pin. Press.

Step #7b: Remove the pin. Fold the quilt out of the way. (I use a plastic coated, wire clip to hold it out of the way.)

Step #7c: Pin the two tails, right sides together, matching the fold. Stitch on the fold. (HINT: draw a line on the fold with pencil, on the wrong side, if you can't see the fold.)

Step #7d: Trim the seam allowance to " and press open. Finish sewing the binding to the quilt.

But WAIT! There's MORE! Before you stitch the binding down, don't you want to add a sleeve!?