Nancy Astle (31/31)

Nancy Astle
Las Vegas, NV   USA

We honor quilter and philanthropist Nancy Astle, who put aside her own problems and made quilts to support Alzheimer's Disease research.

Statement: I have always loved making miniature quilts. When Ann Pugh told me of Ami Simms fund-raising for Alzheimerís research, I knew I would join her cause. My father and my mother-in-law both died of Alzheimerís. I make these small hand quilted pieces in their memory. The shop where I worked did a lot of die-cutting and there were always tiny strips too small to use. So I brought them home and turned them into beautiful little quilts. Alzheimerís takes away bits and pieces of a person. To me, the bits and pieces of cloth I use become whole-as I know that someday my loved ones will be whole again as well. I fight a battle with ALS but, thankfully, my hands have not been affected, so I will continue to piece and quilt and help Ami with her cause.

Total raised so far: $1,193.26