9499 - Butterfly Kisses ($60.05)

9499 - Butterfly Kisses  ($60.05)

Leslie Frost
Trego, WI USA

Width: 9" Length: 12"

Designer: Original design

Materials/Techniques: This quilt is 100% cotton fabric and batting. It was machine pieced and hand quilted and is red, white and black -- one of my favorite color combinations. I also love fabrics printed with stars!

Artist Statement: The block design in this quilt is called Exquisite. It is a simple rectangle with small triangles on two opposing corners. Assembled, the triangles just barely touch on the edges of the blocks. This 'barely touching' aspect is the reason that it is named "Butterfly Kisses." I have wanted to use this block for a couple of years. I make little quilts because I love them and what they can do.

Dedication: This quilt is dedicated to the millions of loving folks who care for persons with Alzheimer's and others with dementia. Theirs is a heavy burden. Only research can relieve this burden. If my quilts can push this research forward, I am satisfied.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $60.05 for the AAQI.