9442 - Fractured Glass ($36.95)

9442 - Fractured Glass  ($36.95)

Kerry Leslie
Brant, AB Canada

Width: 9" Length: 11"

Designer: Original design

Materials/Techniques: Inspired by the stained glass panels of Frank Lloyd Wright and then broken up and reassembled haphazardly.

Artist Statement: Stained glass is a wondrous thing. Looking from outside at night, the light inside creates a glow that warms your heart. From the other side, the light coming in brings the glass to life and spreads its colors through the air. From either side, however, looking through the glass gives you a distorted view of reality.
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Dedication: Dedicated to all the caregivers - God bless you all!

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $36.95 for the AAQI.