9263 – Fractured Memories ($36.95)

9263 – Fractured Memories ($36.95)

Brenda Chauvin
Dixmont, ME USA

Width: 11.75" Length: 9"

Designer: Original design

Materials/Techniques: 100% cotton fabric & batting, pieced in the crazy quilt method. Using only one hand I utilized all the fancy stitches of my machine. With oversized backing I finished the quilt with a double fold wrap to the front binding.

Artist Statement: I recently had hand surgery, so my quilting was at a standstill. While reading my email, I clicked on a link which in a roundabout way lead me to the Alzheimer’s quilts and then to the AAQI site. When I saw all the little quilts, I thought I might be able to do that with one hand. I tried, and found that I could manage the small pieces. I love doing work for charities and my dear mother in law suffered with Alzheimer’s. I have committed myself to making at least one quilt a month in her memory for as long as I am able.
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Dedication: My mother in law, Lena Sorbo.

This quilt has a Traditional Sleeve.

This quilt earned $36.95 for the AAQI.