9084 - The King Speaks ($55.43)

9084 - The King Speaks  ($55.43)

Diane Petersmarck
Evanston, IL USA

Width: 11.5" Length: 8.75"

Designer: Original design

Materials/Techniques: The lion and the flowers are upholstery fabric, the background silk curtain fabric. Batting and fabric are reinforced with Lutradur.

Artist Statement: I am the lucky recipient of some upholstery fabric donated by Michael McNamara of Interior Effects in Evanston, IL. I wasn't sure how I was going to get the lion on a 9x12 quilt without crowding him, but I started playing with angles and it worked out nicely.
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Dedication: To my father, who motivates all my work for the AAQI. I miss you Dad!

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $55.43 for the AAQI.