8517 Stacked Stars ($80)

8517  Stacked Stars    ($80)

Audrey Arno
Tuttle, OK   USA

Width: 9"   Length: 9"

Materials/Techniques: Several blue fabrics made into star blocks beginning with one only a half inch in size that was fused, then quilted with clear thread.

Artist Statement: I once had a book with pictures in a picture, where the picture eventually became so small it was hard to recognize. This is what I wanted to do on this quilt. I started with an 1/2 inch block, then a 1 inch, 2 inch and then 4 inch block, it just got too big too fast. The next block would have been one with a 4-inch center, so a border of 3/8" strips with cornerstones was made of the fabrics to frame the "picture".
Audrey Arno

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $80 for the AAQI.