8228 With You All the Way ($64.23)

8228  With You All the Way   ($64.23)

Michele Bilyeu
Salem, OR   USA

Width: 12"   Length: 9"

Materials/Techniques: Machine embroidery, free pieced cottons, selvage strips, prairie points, and ceramic beads.

Artist Statement: My mother and father lived as a team. They worked together, played together and raised children together. When my mother developed Alzheimer's disease, my father stayed by her side, day and night, helping her through it every single step of the way. Even when my father died, my mother remained peaceful and content. I knew she could still feel him next to her, always by her side and with her all the way.
Michele Bilyeu

Dedication: Dedicated to all who remain steadfast and true to those they love, trying their best, no matter what that might be, to stay with them and help them through all of the challenges of life.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $64.23 for the AAQI.