8149 Japanese Pirate Ships ($41.29)

8149  Japanese Pirate Ships   ($41.29)

Sonia Callahan
Piedmont, CA   USA

Width: 8.25"   Length: 10.75"

Materials/Techniques: Japanese cotton guest towel, collage, fabric reversal, machine pieced and machine quilted with cotton and monofilament thread.

Artist Statement: This Japanese gift towel was too interesting to wipe my hands with so it has become a donation quilt. With repositioning, cutting and relocating images, this little quilt evolved. Notice the pirates tossing the unwanted plunder overboard. These images ought to make someone at least smile and oh what marvelous stories can be told.
Sonia Callahan

Dedication: Dedicated to Marsh as he stands by his mate.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $41.29 for the AAQI.