8104 - Lewy ($110.10)

8104 - Lewy   ($110.10)

Susan Rhudy
Ash Grove, MO   USA

Width: 9.675"   Length: 7.875"

Materials/Techniques: Various digitally filtered neurons, plagues, tangles and Lewy Bodies were printed on 100 percent treated cotton. The quilt was stitched with gold and silver metallic thread along with cotton thread. The color was adjusted with oil pastels and decorated with red beads. The quilt was quite thin when finished so additional batting and Peltex were used to give the quilt more presence and allow the edge to be painted with oil pastels and metallic thread. Hanging rings were placed on all four sides to allow the purchaser to decide how it is to be hung.

Artist Statement: I have a Medical Technology background and I am fascinated with microscopic pictures. I used gold metallic thread within the neurons to represent neurofibrillary tangles. Red beads are the amyloid plagues and the raised circular areas are the Lewy Bodies.
Susan Rhudy

Dedication: I am dedicating this to my grandmother, Alma, and mom, Marquerite. At the end of her life my grandmother didn't always recognize her daughter. My mother, who later suffered from Alzheimer's, was a constant source of love in my life. I also dedicate this to all those who suffer from Lewy Body Dementia who have episodic dementia, visual disturbances and Parkinsonian symptoms.

This quilt has a Hanging Ring.

This quilt earned $110.10 for the AAQI.