7986 Things Keep Disappearing ($68.81)

7986  Things Keep Disappearing ($68.81)

Ellen White
Saint Augustine, FL   USA

Width: 11"   Length: 8.5"

Materials/Techniques: Fusing and hand-dyed fabric, machine quilted.

Artist Statement: I bought the hand dyed, fused fabric shapes from Frieda Anderson some time ago. As I was looking for something to inspire me to make my quilt this month, the cut-out circles reminded me of all the lost items and memories that disappeared as Alzheimer's took over my Mom's brain.
Ellen White

Dedication: Made to honor my sweet Mom, Opal M. Eiford, who died from Alzheimer's 5 years ago. How I miss her!

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $68.81 for the AAQI.