7982 Flying Free ($75)

7982  Flying Free   ($75)

Ida Hansen
Odem, TX   USA

Width: 8"   Length: 9.25"

Designer: Modified from the dragonfly sachet pattern in the magazine, Cross-Stitch & Needlework, November 2009, pages 46f, by Carolyn Barrani. Used with her permission.

Materials/Techniques: A hand embroidered bright pink Dragonfly 'flies' from corner to corner of the center beige fabric. Its checkerboard wings' floss includes a strand of metallic thread and dark pink memory thread (new) outlines them. The segments of its long body feature sparkly jewels. Metallic threads add interest to the eyes and the antennas repeat the memory thread in gold. The stippled background makes the dragonfly more prominent. A narrow green piping separates the embroidery from the pink border and darker pink binding.

Artist Statement: When I saw this pattern, it reminded me of the quilts AAQI I sells - rather on the 'flying free' standard. The memory thread from DMC is also new - it was used instead of the floss in the directions. Research scientists also develop new cures by 'flying free'.
Ida Hansen

Dedication: This quilt is dedicated to all the 'free flying' people who advance new products, medicines and improvements into our society.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $75 for the AAQI.